A whitlow prevents tuberculosis.

Wasumaro Umeki

I think people of today are stuck in ‘spell of medicine’ and suffer for it. Once they have a temperature, they immediately take medicine. Although their bodies naturally run a fever, medicine forces them to stop it. Therefore, it puts an enormous burden on their bodies.

People also frequently kill and eradicate germs and as a result, they kill even bacteria necessary for human beings. O-157 is a good example. It is said that such a person who picks and eats grains of rice off the tatami mat would hardly suffer from O-157. We shouldn’t overlook that people are said to suffer from O-157 because they overdose antibiotics and fall into renal failure. This is the same principle as I suffered from critical renal disease at the age of 4. It is possibly considered that people don’t suffer from O-157 but the side effect of the medicine.

I do hope that many people come to know the power of Johrei and introduce it to as many people as possible in order to let them release from ‘spell of medicine’.

The reason why I do hope so is that I suffered from a whitlow with the right thumb. At that time, my graduation from high school was coming soon. Although a whitlow is said to be one of the three most painful diseases, Meshiya-sama says that it is the purification action to prevent tuberculosis. Since my mother suffered from tuberculosis, I thought I might suffer, too. However, I was convinced that I would no longer suffer from tuberculosis, once I suffered from a whitlow. I received Johrei while thanking for even its sharp pain.

When a whitlow became swollen enough to burst, it had a small hole and started coming off bloody pus. Nothing happened when I performed Johrei towards the affected part of my thumb but bloody pus was immediately come off when performing Johrei towards the back of my neck. I started to worry if I might have anaemia. However, since Meshiya-sama says performing Johrei is also the action of giving a blood transfusion, I continued to perform Johrei until all bloody pus came off.

Once all bloody pus came off, I felt no pain and much lighter in my body. Although the bone of my thumb was chipped and my fingertip was a little bit deformed, I was filled with joy as I would never suffer from tuberculosis. I will never forget how to feel when performing Johrei towards the back of my neck over my life.

[To anybody who doesn’t make sense of ‘Johrei’_6. A whitlow prevents tuberculosis.]

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