Why don’t you try Johrei? 

Wasumaro Umeki

First, please try Johrei.

‘Wakemitama’ or the soul* derived from God resides in every one of us and ‘Hikari’ or spiritual light always flows into it from Meshiya-sama.

We are satisfied when we can do kind things for others. We are pleased when others are pleased with what we do. We feel as if our hearts are purified as listening to birds’ singing and viewing beautiful flowers. We feel fulfilled after completing the work which others are unwilling to do. We are moved by the sunset. We instinctively pray for the sunrise. The soul is shining at every time of them.

In this way, human beings are ‘Ikimiya’ or living receptacles of the soul derived from God. Therefore, they are naturally connected with Meshiya-sama.

However, please understand that “Hikari” flowed from Meshiyasama in itself doesn’t have the power of salvation. Only when “Hikari” passes through the human’s body by performing Johrei, it produces the power of salvation.

It is up to you whether you perform Johrei or not and this is the great freedom of choice which human beings are given. The more you help people, the more Johrei becomes powerful. Please try to perform Johrei to as many people as possible.

Apllication for ‘Johrei

*A human being consists of the spirit and the body. There is the heart in the spirit and there is the soul in the heart.

[To anybody who doesn’t make sense of ‘Johrei’_8. Why don’t you try Johrei?]

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