Having a cold improves in health

Wasumaro Umeki

Since then, I’ve been informed about the harmful effects of medicine and the fault of today’s medical treatment through my body.

When I was a child, I often caught a cold. I ran nose, followed by having fever, and I found the colour of runny nose turning to yellow form white and then it changed into the colour of medicine. Still more, it smelled like medicine.

After I discharged a certain amount of runny nose, my cold was cured and got well. I thought the poison in medicine in my body was dissolved by fever.

Meshiya-sama taught us that “Catching a cold maintains one’s health.” I was convinced of this teaching of Him through my childhood experience.

Another experience is that I got 10 boils one by one when I was a schoolchild in the lower grades. From the beginning, I had one on the thigh. It became so swollen that my parents took me to the hospital and I had surgery there. What made us surprised was the boil ran almost the same amount of bloody pus as half of the basin. However, the surgery trace could hardly disappear and then I had another boil right next to the previous one.

I thought the former boil must have not run all poison in medicine and surgery would not cure me. I, therefore, decided to completely depend on Johrei. No matter what others said, I never went to the hospital again.

I performed Johrei and waited until the boil became swollen. The swollen boil was naturally opened and ran bloody pus. I found something green like a lead in its aperture, which has a diameter of 2 millimetres and 1 centimetre long. When I picked it out, the boil was soon cured even before the previous one cured. Afterwards, boils appeared on my both knees, inner thighs and arms, then the back of my neck and nose. At each time, I picked out such a lead. I comprehended a boil works to run poison in medicine from the body.

After all, boils were healed, the result of my tuberculin test turned into positive. It was in my third grade in elementary school and I was allowed to swim. I vividly remember swimming in that summer and cherishing the thought that I would get better and better by depending on Meshiya-sama’s teachings and His Johrei.

[To anybody who doesn’t make sense of ‘Johrei’_2.Having a cold improves in health.]

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