My grandfather was cured of lung cancer by Johrei.

Wasumaro Umeki

I had permission for performing Johrei when I was 7 years old. At that time, my mother, who is in as good health as me now, was sickly and troubled with the occasional headache. When I came back from school, I often found her lying down under the kotatsu*. She told me to perform Johrei to her. I wanted to play outside soon but couldn’t leave her in pain so I performed Johrei.

It was a little tiresome for me so I performed Johrei to her while putting the elbow on the kotatsu. Although it looked a little rude, this posture made the hand relaxing and I was consequently able to perform Johrei right down on her head. I kept performing Johrei for about 30 minutes until she got to feel better.

In this way, I increased my chance of performing Johrei to my mother, family, relatives and acquaintances. I gradually learned ‘the absolute power of Johrei’ thorough these experience and finally came across a decisive miracle, when I was 15 years old.

My grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer and told to live no longer than 20 days. Since he looked after me very well, I thought I should see him every day while he was alive. Besides, my grandmother was a good cook and I looked forward to having dinner with them. I willingly visited my grandfather’s house by bicycle after school to perform Johrei to him.

About 2 weeks had passed since I started visiting him and I thought that there would have been no meaning if I had had any purpose to perform Johrei to him.

It means that I would have regretted unless I wholeheartedly had performed Johrei to my grandfather who was dying.

I considered what was a sincere attitude towards him and I thought it was to perform Johrei by following the basics. I narrowed down the three basic points of performing Johrei as below and I decided to completely follow them.

  1. Sitting at the place of honour
  2. Relaxing of the shoulders, arms and fingers
  3. Performing and believing that Hikari goes through the receiver’s body

Since Meshiya-sama taught us that relaxing arms is one of the practices in Meshiya-kyo, I especially cared for it. Relaxing arms means not one’s effort but salvation so I tried to perform Johrei while imagining Hikari went through my body without any disturbance.

Meshiya-sama also taught us that those who have great love and are sincerer and competitive have a strong power of Johrei. I decided to perform Johrei to my grandfather with heartfelt love and sincerity. A few days had passed since then and even 20 days had passed but he was still alive. He, moreover, sat while I was performing Johrei. He even sometimes waited for me while sitting under the kotatsu and at last, he put away his bedding in two months.

My grandfather had got along well for five more years and lived out his natural life. He celebrated my graduation from high school and gave me life lessons. This is my precious memory.

My uncle and aunt appreciated my effort but it was me who was full of gratitude. It is because that I mastered the secret of performing Johrei. Through this experience, I became fully depend on Johrei and convinced that Meshiya-sama could exist.

*kotatsu: a small table with an electric heater underneath and covered by a quilt

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