A new lease on life  

Wasumaro Umeki

I recall experiencing Johrei when I was diagnosed with a critical renal disease. I was only 4 years old at the time, and could do nothing but wait to die.

I was born just after my mother had finished two years of recuperation from tuberculosis, as she had two miscarriages, once before and another time after she gave birth to me, but somehow I miraculously came into the world. However, as my mother had to depend on various medicines for her treatment, it seems the drugs had also affected my body.

I was extremely feeble from birth, often running a high fever and had occasional convulsions. I was taken to the hospital so often that my family thought this will continue to happen throughout my life, which made them worry about me all the time.

At the age of 4, I overdosed on too much medication, which caused renal disease and I could not discharge fluid and urinate. There were no such treatments as artificial dialysis at the time. Following a doctor’s advice, my parent decided to take me home without any hope.

It was only at this time, that my aunt told my parents to take me to her house, and she performed Johrei on me for the first time, and after her performance of Johrei, I finally passed urine. I, who had been completely given up on by the doctors, could easily pass urine by only one performance of Johrei. This was a big surprise and joy for my parents!

As time went by I gradually started to recover, and was given a new lease on life.

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