Result-Oriented Therapy versus Method-Oriented Therapy

New Philosophy of Life
Written by Okada Jikan Mokichi, 1950

I am resentful because our Johrei therapy is easily misunderstood by the world today. Let me explain this point in detail. Recently, the curative effect of Johrei is considerably being known. However, I hear that most people, especially specialists, still misunderstand Johrei very much. Here, I would like to educate them.

When I listen to their criticism about Johrei, they rarely mention that it is less effective than medical treatment. Then, what do they criticize? They say that our method is wrong. They criticize that the method of Johrei is non-scientific and superstitious because we don’t use any substances such as equipment nor medicine. Here, I refute their criticism. However, it is not unreasonable. It is because they consider the human body, which is the object of treatment, as an animal or a substance. On the other hand, we consider that the human body consists of not only a substance but also an invisible soul. It means that human beings consist of the elements of both spirit and body. In that case, the spirit takes the main role. The human body is controlled by its spirit. Obviously, we spiritually understand human beings but they materialistically do. In a word, the former follows the principle that spirit is followed by body and whereas, the latter follows the one that body is followed by spirit.

In this sense, they cure substance with substance and whereas, we cure spirit with spirit. Then, which one is true and which one is wrong? How can we decide them? This is the key to the solution of the matter. In that case, we should judge by whether they are actually effective or not. There is no other absolutely right way than this.

Regarding this, everyone easily understands the materialistic interpretation because its object is visible. However, the spiritual one is invisible and almost non-existent so that people can hardly understand it. This is our disadvantage. Using this, they blame our method. In that case, they never mention its result. They just criticise Johrei in terms of its method. This criticism is easily understood because they blame visible matter. In terms of the effect, however, once we hold our hands towards the sick who are not healed with medical equipment and medicine, we exert the miraculous healing power without using such substances. In other words, our method doesn’t make sense but heals the sick well. On the contrary, their method makes sense but doesn’t heal them. We focus on the result but they focus on the method. You should pay attention to these differences. It is clear which is right and which is wrong, the result-oriented therapy or the method-oriented one.

Proceeding with this issue, we can draw the following conclusion. If a visible method doesn’t bring an expected result, it is useless even though it is scientific. Therefore, it is concluded that this method is not truly scientific. On the contrary, if an invisible method brings a good result, it means that it works and would be truly scientific. The difference between them is just visible or not. The former is visible but would be not scientific and whereas, the latter is invisible but would be scientific.

In this sense, specialists should refute us if my theory is wrong. If they were not able to do so, they should withdraw their method-oriented idea. Then they should argue with us about materialistic medicine and spiritual medicine only in terms of method-oriented therapy. That way, we can expect the development of a new culture, which is truly valuable for human beings.

Translated by N.H.