Progressive Religion

New Philosophy of Life
Written by Okada Jikan Mokichi, 1950

When looking at the present world thoroughly, everything has rapidly progressed. There seems to be no exception to this. Strange enough, however, we cannot see any progress in the religious field. This field is closely related to human beings but it remains unchanged or rather undergoes degeneration. It is shown by the fact that established religions always advocate their believers to go back to the right course; the founder’s starting point. It means that a person is put back to the original course when getting it off. Suppose they repeat it many times, they never progress. This contradicts cultural progress. That is well shown by the current situation of established religions. They don’t attract people and struggle to keep things as they are.

Every existing religion was persecuted or pressured when they were found. That might be destiny as a new religion. Even so, they brought a new life to people at any rate and rapidly developed. They once became at their peak. However, most of them seem to be gradually stagnating as time passes. If that is the case, we should consider why it happens.

It is, needless to say, because they don’t keep up with the progress of the times. They are unknowingly out of touch with times while sticking to the founder’s teachings as a golden rule. The gap between them gradually widens. They consequently become criticised for being useless. There are reasons and causes for all matters. Therefore, it is important for established religions to reflect on themselves. They can never be detached forever. Compared to them, our religion is based on the principle to make progress, which meets the needs of the times. Therefore, we disregard the form of established religions. We avoid unnecessary costs and times to maintain such a form, too. In fact, the burden for the form never brings benefit. Even gods and deities would not be pleased with it.

In that sense, the true mission of religion is to improve modern people’s life and to take and carry out its leading role. In a word, only progressive religion can deserve to save people in the present world.

Translated by N.H.