Johrei Saves America, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


Here I conclude. I theoretically and practically described what disease is so far. Therefore, you would fully understand how wrong the present medical science is. In a word, God created human beings to be in good health and able to work continuously. This is an eternal truth. Despite this, if people suffer from disease and cannot fulfil their duty, there must be an irrational point. Hence, correcting this point is the only way to cure disease. There is no other key point than this for cure and health. However, human beings don’t realize such a clear reason. I wonder why they do such a careless thing. On the contrary, they have an unbelievable idea and try to cure disease with a toxin which is so-called medicine. They would never dream that it contrarily creates the source of disease. Because of this false, there would be countless people who were damaged today. I have one more thing to say. Taking medicine doesn’t keep human health. People can work in good health without medicine. This is a natural and usual state. Nevertheless, I don’t know why on earth they made a mistake but they try to cure disease with medicine. That is completely irrelevant. I cannot help but be surprised at such delusion. From generation to generation, people have taken a lot of medicine. Therefore, no one knows how much toxic medicine human beings have in their bodies. If medicine truly healed disease, the disease should disappear long before. However, everywhere is full of sick. The history proves that people in the era without medicine were in good health and most of them lived to be more than a hundred.

As I described at great length, the present medical science has only two types of treatments of curing disease after all; one is to harden the melting toxins and return to a patient to the previous condition of falling ill and the other is to cut an affected organ with a scalpel and remove it. There’s nothing else besides those. Worse still, the medical science increases the sick and shortens human life. Nevertheless, no one notices it. Worse still, general people as well as a government rather trust and appreciate it. Therefore, the damage caused by medical science is much greater than wars.

Let me give another example. When looking at recent sporting events, you would see that black people are physically stronger than white. It doesn’t mean that black people became strong. On the contrarily, white people became weak. If it owes to the progress of medical hygiene, it is such terrible progress. Therefore, unless realising this fact, the only pessimistic future would await people of culture.

Hence, when this truth becomes known all over the world, medical workers naturally lose their job or out of business. We need to think of a plan for that. When thinking about it, that is too bad. However, it is a very important issue for the eternal happiness of all humanity. Therefore, it is like sacrificing something small to save something great. I hope that related parties fully understand it and do their best.


Translated by N.H.