Johrei Saves America, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


This disease is obviously caused by toxic medicine. The toxin mainly solidifies in the back of the head and the groin. This toxin or toxic blood all over the body are melted by purification and about to come out of an anal region, which causes prolapse, haemorrhoid, bleeding, pain and itching and so on. As for anal fistula, its cause is slightly different. It is caused by intense toxic medicine which accumulates and solidifies around the anus. It becomes a small swelling to be excreted, which very hurts. When it is left as it is, toxins will be steadily discharged from the torn mucous membrane or the small hole which is naturally made. Then anal fistula is cured. Without knowing it, a surgical operation is undergone in medical science. That is completely wrong. It is because, when the hardening is removed with surgery, the next part which the surgery was undergone surely becomes swollen. Then it is cut but the next part of it becomes swollen again and so on. It finally becomes like a honeycomb and a patient cannot endure the continuous pain. Here I have one thing to note. When not only anal fistula but also any kinds of swellings are left as they are, they become red and flabby. In the end, a small hole is made, bloody pus comes out of it and they are cured. Therefore, you don’t have to worry no matter how big the swelling is. Far from surgery, making an even a needle-head sized hole stops toxins from concentrating. If doing so, the next part of it becomes swollen. When touching that part, the next part of it becomes swollen again and so on. In this way, it never stops swelling as long as a person has pus. When this process happens to the cervical lymph node, a person becomes difficult to breathe and is in danger of losing life. You should be very careful about this.


Thank-You Report for Curing Haemorrhoids


Translated by N.H.