Infantile Paralysis

Johrei Saves America, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


The causes of infantile paralysis are divided into two types; the spiritual and physical causes. In the U.S.A., the most infantile paralysis seems to be caused physically. Let me explain it in detail. If a child has difficulty in walking since birth, it is, needless to say, caused by toxic medicine which is inherited from parents and taken after birth. Either of toxins solidifies in any parts of the foot. If you carefully examine, you can find the affected part as it hurts when you press it. The affected parts are mostly the part of the sole, the side of the instep, an ankle and toe but occasionally the groin. In any case, when you leave it as it is without any treatment, it takes time but infantile paralysis is cured little by little. Nevertheless, people don’t know this fact, they apply ointments, electrotherapy, phototherapy and so on. As a result, the infantile paralysis becomes incurable.

Now I explain the spiritual cause of infantile paralysis. This is common in Japan but relatively rare in the U.S.A. When a child suffers from this infantile paralysis, they become paralysed on their side of the body. In short, the hand and leg have become dangling. They also decrease in mental ability and unable to speak. The child became like a paralytic. A child becomes paralysed after they have a high fever for a few days or suddenly becomes so. It often happens that a child, who goes to school, as usual, is found to be paralysed when getting up in the morning and their parents are shocked. It is a terrifying disease. This infantile paralysis is caused by the possession of grandparent’s spirit. They suddenly died of a cerebral haemorrhage. That is clear as a child become like a paralytic. Then why does the child become so? It is because that the grandparent has no spiritual knowledge of death. Therefore, they don’t realise they have already died but believe they are still alive. However, they don’t have their bodies so that they desperately want for the body. Since they cannot possess a stranger under the spiritual law, they want for somebody who has the same spiritual line as theirs. In this case, the spiritual lines of children are easy to be possessed and the spirit of grandparent possesses their grandchild in most cases. The fact proves it well. Therefore, in the case of spiritually caused infantile paralysis, when closely examining it, there must be grandparents or old relatives in the rare case who died of cerebral haemorrhage and possesses their grandchild. Obviously, this type of infantile paralysis is never cured without faith.


Thank-You Report for Curing Infantile Paralysis


Translated by N.H.