Medical Art for Heart

Healing Art for Tomorrow Part Ⅱ
Written by Mokichi Okada, 1943

The next important part to the kidneys must be the heart. When the heart becomes healthy by Johrei, it has a positive effect on diseases, general body functions, mental aspects and so on. Let me explain how it works.

As I previously explained, the excess urine due to renal atrophy mostly accumulates between the spine and the shoulder blades. That part is just the backside of the heart. It means that the toxins press the heart and disturb the heart activity. Then let me explain how heart activity affects the human body. Please remember what I previously explained. In the human body, the heart is comparable to fire, the lung is to water and the stomach is to earth. According to this principle, when the toxins that press the heart are dissolved by Johrei, the heart activity becomes vigorous. As a result, the heart absorbs the spirit of fire more, which promotes lung activity because it works as the function of water. It is as if the heat that heats water gets stronger. When the lung activity is enhanced, the toxins that solidify in the lungs of the patient with tuberculosis is more smoothly dissolved, which accelerates the healing. When the lung activity becomes vigorous, the stomach activity also becomes vigorous and the patient consequently gains appetite. The combined effect of them promotes the healing very much.

When the heart activity becomes vigorous, it also has a positive effect on the mental side. It means that the patients become brighter. We shouldn’t miss this fact. Since the heart function works as the source of heat by nature, it raises the feeling of love. Therefore, if the heart activity becomes vigorous, love arises in the human mind. As a result, personality changes completely. For example, patients with lung diseases tend to have a disposition with fewer feelings of love. They are rather reasonable. I have treated so many patients with lung diseases. From my experiences, it is obvious that they had such a personality. In this sense, if the heart is healed by Johrei, the patients with lung tuberculosis get better and the number of them decreases. Therefore, it is obvious that Johrei effectively solves the tuberculosis issue.

Translated by N.H.