How to Perform Johrei

Healing Art for Tomorrow Part Ⅱ
Written by Mokichi Okada, 1943

As I previously described, Johrei is a healing art for kidneys. Then I explain how to perform Johrei. You first perform Johrei to the head, neck and shoulders. After that, you perform around both kidneys. It would be said that all Japanese people today have toxins that accumulate and solidify in the region of the kidneys. Those toxins may cause pain but most of them don’t. Let me explain the most important part to perform Johrei in the kidney region. You first draw a triangle with the spine and the lowest rib as two sides.  The most important part is the centre point of the triangle and below that. It is all right if those parts are soft and dented when pressed with fingers. However, no one probably would have such a condition. Most people have a widespread hardening around there. In the worse cases, it rather rises. That hardening is, of course, the excess urine that moves to both sides of the spine and solidifies. A large amount of the excess urine solidifies especially between the shoulder blades and the spine. This hardening affects the stomach. Therefore, if it is dissolved, the stomach activity is promoted and a person will gain an appetite. This can apply to a patient with stomach cancer. They will get better if that hardening is dissolved. The solidified toxins move to under the kidneys and further to the hipbone region. If the solidified toxins touch the hipbone, they often cause ill effects in the legs. If they are dissolved, therefore, they are healed well.

As described above, Johrei should be performed to the kidney region first and then the part of the shoulder blades from the backside. After that, it is performed on other parts of the body. People generally have a larger amount of toxins in the right kidney region than those in the left one. Even so, we shouldn’t underestimate the toxins in the left kidney region. As for appendicitis, it occurs because the right kidney becomes atrophic. When the solidified toxins in the kidney region are dissolved, they infiltrate the kidney and discharge with urine. These discharged toxins are called protein. It means that urine is sure to be mixed with more or less protein. If the solidified toxins in the kidney region are dissolved, self-purification actions occur to other parts of the body on average. The more the toxins are dissolved, the better all diseases in the body get. Surprisingly, when the toxins in the kidney region dissolve, those in the other parts of the body become easy to dissolve.

When the kidney functions perfectly work, purification action vigorously occurs on the whole body. Therefore, I would say that all diseases are cured if people just have healthy kidneys. People would consequently become healthy both physically and mentally and have a long and happy life. In this way, an ideal world that people think is impossible would come true. In this sense, I think that our healing art for kidneys is an unprecedented great discovery in human history. Here I must tell you about the patient with purulent peritonitis. If you perform Johrei only on the kidney region for them, purification action generally occurs on average and causes abdominal pain and diarrhoea. Therefore, you should perform Johrei on the peritoneum region as well as the kidney region.

Translated by N.H.