Be Grateful to Disease

Healing Art for Tomorrow Part Ⅱ
Written by Mokichi Okada, 1943

I said before, “A disease is the greatest blessing given by God.” The readers would have fully understood why I said so. However, people often use the word ‘fight against disease’. They understand that the key point to cure the disease is to fight against and overcome it. Needless to say, that is terribly wrong. Here let me think about how such an idea affects the disease. Until now, a disease has been a synonym for agony. Therefore, fighting against the disease means to fight against agony or look it upon as an enemy. It is as if you try to conquer and eliminate an enemy when it invades your country and wield its power. However, what if you don’t get what you expected? If you were not able to beat the disease, you would naturally feel agony and frustration, which would make you suffer. Therefore, in addition to suffering from the disease itself, you would have to suffer from the pain caused by trying to eliminate it.

On the other hand, I say that a disease is the greatest blessing of God. Purification action called a disease eliminates or reduces the toxins in the human body. When thinking about that meaning, you would feel grateful to God. You even wish that the disease could be more severe. You would also expect to improve your health after recovery from the disease as the toxin in your body is reduced. You would look forward to it.

I told you two interpretations of disease as above; one is the object to fight against and the other is the greatest blessing of God. Then how do those two ideas mentally affect people? The former idea inspires fear in them and causes a sense of anxiety and frustration. On the other hand, the latter brings feelings of gratitude, hope and joy to them. It means that you step into the world of happiness when you know Johrei. Please imagine what happens if all Japanese people understand what disease really is as above. Needless to say, they will know what was the biggest anxiety for them is actually the greatest happiness. Therefore, they all will engage in work with peace of mind, which not only increases efficiency but also creates a bright society. How wonderful that would be! I believe that Japan will become a 20th century Isle of the Immortals in that way.

Translated by N.H.