Contribution to the Nation

Healing Art for Tomorrow Part Ⅱ
Written by Mokichi Okada, 1943

I would like to describe how Johrei is contributing to the nation at present. I don’t directly treat patients now but many of my disciples, whether they are trained or not, concentrate on curing a disease for the country. For example, some people, who were given up by a large hospital or noted physician or doctor, were saved by Johrei. They were overjoyed with their rebirth. Some, who had given up curing a chronic disease or disability, were completely healed from them by Johrei. They completely became healthy. Some parents were losing their child or unborn baby but they were saved in a short period by Johrei. The grief that they once felt turned into joy. They are glad to be blessed with children. We have numerous cases like those. In this emergency situation, I especially would like to exert myself to return the Imperial favour as much as possible. Here let me introduce what we are doing for that.

Now, all soldiers, sailors and generals are taking on an important national mission. We completely cure their serious or incurable diseases and wounds with Johrei. Therefore, they are healthy enough to devote themselves to military service with confidence. Besides them, even their families were cured of their diseases by Johrei. They completely got back their health, too. We have numerous examples of those. In addition to them, Johrei has improved or is improving the health of numerous people who are involved in key departments of all levels of society; ministers, people of ministerial calibre and their families, the executives and engineers in the key industries and so on. In other words, we could say that Johrei is newly producing those who work for the national key departments because they would lose their lives if they didn’t know Johrei and had no chance to receive it. It is, of course, important to give birth. Before that, it is needless to say how important it is to create the adults who are responding to this emergency right now. I think that nothing is more important than the authorities know this fact in today’s urgent situation.

However, the reality is that they extremely oppress folk therapies. That is most regrettable. I think that they do so because they don’t know how folk therapies work in practice as I described above. Needless to say, the regulations of today’s health organization were made on the basis of western medicine. Therefore, it is inevitable that folk remedies are treated secondarily under such circumstances. They tend to keep an eye out for even the slightest mistake and punish it by using the regulation of medical obstruction as a shield. So, folk therapists are trembling with fear. Oh! We are making achievements as I described above but not rewarded like that. What sin did they commit? I want to ask for the consideration of the experts. In any case, I feel strongly that we have to encourage the awakening of authorities somehow. When looking at such circumstances from a broad-minded viewpoint without any selfish narrow-minded idea, I do hope that doctors, as well as authorities, evaluate the effect of Johrei together with all kinds of folk remedies.

Translated by N.H.