Healing Art for Tomorrow Part Ⅱ
Written by Mokichi Okada, 1943

I tried to analyse modern medicine from every aspect and frankly point out and criticise its faults, which leads to the following conclusions;

  1. Modern medicine didn’t understand that the disease is a purification action.
  2. On the contrary, the disease is understood as an action that negatively affects humans, which causes a misunderstanding that it is cured by stopping purification action.
  3. All kinds of medicines are toxic. They not only stop purification action but also remain in the human body and become a pathogen. However, modern medicine doesn’t realise this fact.
  4. The Disease is a purification action. Therefore, as Hippocrates said, “The natural healing power in our selves cures our diseases.” Modern medicine ignores his words and values artificial therapies. That is wrong.
  5. Modern medicine misunderstands that medical treatments work permanently. However, they are only temporarily effective.

I think almost all of the faults are included in the above five points. I have already explained from the top to the fourth point. So, I think that readers fully understood them. As for the fifth point, I think I need to explain it sufficiently.

To begin with, all medical treatments have a temporary effect. However, people misunderstand that they are true treatment methods. They don’t even know either that they cause the opposite effect afterwards, which worsens and complicates the disease. Here I will explain these issues with some examples. As I fully explained earlier, people temporarily feel better when they get treatments such as taking medicine, cooling with ice, applying a compress and so on. Therefore, they think that they are cured with such treatments. Other than those treatments, washing the ears, the nose and the stomach, eye drops, injecting cocaine into the nose, mouthwash, all kinds of ointments and plasters temporarily relieve patients’ pain. Antipyretic, diuretic, laxative, sleeping pills and morphine injection are all the same. In addition to them, mouthwash for teeth weakens them. Antiseptic toothpaste is terribly bad for teeth. Interestingly, dentists sterilize the tooth before filling it with cement. That is also a big mistake as the filled tooth hurts in most cases. It occurs because the used sterilizer decays and tries to be eliminated as toxins. Therefore, the patient feels pain. When a patient has the tooth filled, they won’t feel pain if anything such as sterilizer, is used. My teeth have never hurt since I told the dentist never to use a sterilizer. Therefore, I always think how patients would be relieved if dentists knew this fact and stopped using sterilizers.

Let me tell you another one. It is all right if you take Jintan* a little but is harmful if you take it regularly. I treated a patient before, who was addicted to Jintan. He always took it for more than ten years. When I met him first, therefore, he lost fresh and his face was so pale. He also had very poor digestion. I found the cause of all his symptoms was Jintan. He was very surprised to hear that but immediately stop taking it. After that, he gradually recovered.

Then I explain the poisoning of a medical bath. People are unaware of this fact. Originally, pure water is good for the bath. Nothing should be put in. Nevertheless, if a foreign substance such as medical hot water is mixed, its medical toxin enters the body through the skin and a person becomes a kind of addiction, which harms their health. For this reason, a person who often takes a medical bath looks pale. People often say that a medical bath warms the body. Let me explain why they think so. A person who has a slight fever always feels a little chill. They are cold-natured. When they take a medical bath, toxic medicine enters the body through the skin. As a result, purification action stops and a slight fever is temporarily gone. They consequently don’t feel chill, which makes the body feel warm. Some people put Yunohana or hot-springs mineral deposits into the bath. Taking a bath with Yunohana is different from getting into a hot spring. It is because a hot spring contains aether of mountains, which has a good effect on the body. On the other hand, Yunohana or hot-springs mineral deposits no longer contain the aether. Then I explain tonsils and appendicitis operation. As I described them before, a good condition continues for a few years after surgery but it gets worse after that. When a person with stomach disease takes digestives and has digestive food, their stomach gradually gets weak. People worry about fatigue or lack of sleep. Everything I mentioned above is an example that aims at a temporarily effect. They are wrong. As I described before, nutritious food is also the same.

Regarding those facts, you will understand that my theory is not wrong. Look at children in the upper class and those of doctors. They constantly receive enough nutrients and enforce western medical hygiene as much as possible. Nevertheless, they look all fragile and most of them are delicate.

Doctors have had a short life, which is a recent remarkable phenomenon. I think that medical doctors have the shortest life in all kinds of doctors. I think it would be interesting if someone takes the statistics of those. A medical doctor should have at least a long life as long as they cure diseases and promote human health. Their family should be also healthier than general people who have little knowledge of medicine. If they don’t meet such conditions, they are not truly qualified as doctors. Even if I said so, I don’t think I would insult them. Please just imagine, no matter how a person preaches morals, others cannot follow them if they cannot carry out their words. The same is true of medical doctors. The number of intellectuals with a pale face increases in proportion to increasing in those who think the theory of present medical hygiene as the best. This fact proves what I describe.

As written above, I think you roughly understand how different Japanese medial art that I created is from the existing one. The most important thing is how remarkably ours cures diseases. If I speak of our therapy as it is, I have to sing my own praise. Having said that, I dare to explain it as I must speak of it. Needless to say, the cause of the disease is a toxin, which is hardened pus or toxic blood. Even western medicine recognises it. However, the toxin is regarded to be grown by bacteria in medicine. On the other hand, I say that toxins are accumulated by purification action. In other words, medicine understands that toxin is infected, whereas I understand that it is induced. Medicine also understand that all kinds of diseases are caused by toxins, which are generated by bacteria, invading the body from the outside and developing when a person reduces their resistance to them. As for my theory, diseases occur when toxins, which are accumulated and solidified in the body, are dissolved and excreted by purification action. As for therapy, the theory of western medicine aims to harden toxins in the body. My theory contrary aims to excrete them outside the body by dissolving them. One aims to harden toxins and the other aims to dissolve them. In conclusion, if toxins are hardened, the pathogen remains and causes recurrence. On the other hand, if toxins are dissolved, the pathogen is excreted and the cause of recurrence is eliminated.

In this way, medicine and I have contrary theories. Needless to say, it is clear which is true, the theory of the existing medicine or that of mine. However, especially specialists would say about mine, “We agree that diseases are caused by toxins but in reality, it is just ideal and impossible to dissolve and excrete them. Therefore, the second-best way is to perform surgery or harden toxins. In this sense, it is inevitable hardening treatments have been developed.” They would say so but I did succeed to find the way to dissolve and excrete toxins and create this Japanese medical art called Johrei.

They are proud of how advanced modern medicine is. However, it cannot remove even a drop of pus, which is accumulated under the skin, without a surgical operation. On the other hand, Johrei can dissolve and remove a lump of pus freely without any pain no matter how deeply it accumulates in the body. Appendicitis is cured with one treatment. The toothache is immediately removed by performing Johrei from the outside. Any kind of pain can be removed completely with several treatments. Pulmonary tuberculosis can be cured completely and cancer can be eliminated. In addition to them, Johrei can cure most children’s dysentery, mental diseases, asthma, heart diseases, anal fistula and other diseases that are difficult to cure in medicine.

However, I think that Johrei is difficult to cure patients who received too many medical treatments, especially those who took a large amount of medicine or got an X-ray, deep electric stimulation or radium therapy dozens of times. As for debilitated patients after receiving various medical therapies, they cannot maintain their lives until all the causes of the disease is removed. For this reason, it unavoidably happens that their condition doesn’t get better. In this sense, it is not too much to say that all diseases are completely cured by Johrei if a patient receives it just after they develop one. Therefore, there is no word “study” in our dictionary because we know the cause of diseases clearly and have a definite way of curing them. So, we don’t need to study them.

Another important point is that anyone can perform Johrei if they practice it. Even if they don’t have any medical knowledge, they can perform it regardless of gender or age. Furthermore, they usually need only about a year to acquire Johrei. Then they cure the disease that even several medical doctors couldn’t cure. Such cases countlessly occur every day. I am going to describe the facts as they are but worry that readers might think I exaggerate them. I think that they seriously question why humans have not realised such fundamental faults in medicine for thousands of years. They also wonder how I, who has no medical knowledge, have found those faults. Everything will become clear when those two points are explained thoroughly. Needless to say, the explanation should include the substance of the universe, the transition of history and culture, the relationship between spirit and material, the truth of the spiritual world and even the ultimate truth that human life and death are the two faces of the same coin.

Right now, an unprecedented great war is going on. We are all in great turmoil and no one can escape from it no matter what race they are. As everyone says, a great transformation is happening in the world. The point is the fundamental principle that causes this great change very much corresponds to that of Japanese medical art I created. Therefore, by understanding this fundamental principle, we could not only understand Johrei but also see what will happen to the world.

When all of those are explained, the mysteries such as human life, health and diseases, which humans couldn’t know even if they tried to know for thousands of years, would be brought to light. A new moral world with universal brotherhood will be realized by Japan taking a leading role. If all people in the world are not perfectly healthy when it is constructed, it would be meaningless even though they were blessed and enjoyed peace together. Christ said, “It would be helpless if you lost your life even though you got the whole world.” That is exactly right. From the above, I never doubt the crucial period is coming to create a new order for human health in the world. It is because humans have no choice but to ruin their lives at the end under the old order called materialistic medicine that Jews created. Just like free nations never disappear if they are not collapsed!

I think I have thoroughly explained my research results. Here I would like to say I have no intention to defame western medicine at all. I just say what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. I think I criticised it with a fair view. However, I am concerned that some readers might think I criticised it too much. There might be some mistakes in my theory, too. In that case, please point out and correct it. So, please read the point of this writing as one of the theories. Needless to say, you just adopt what you find useful and discard what you think is useless. I just described the truth that I was able to know, which I believed to benefit the nation very much. I have no other intention than this. I think time will tell whether my theory is the truth or not.

This writing is not for sale as I think it’s too early for public distribution. If the writing were to have some effect on the mechanism constructed based on present western medicine, I think it wouldn’t meet my wish. Therefore, I am willing to wait for the time to come when the national community requires it. It is because I do believe that happens.

*) Jintan is a Japanese mouth freshener that contains crude drugs.

Translated by N.H.