Vaccination and Tuberculosis

God Reveals True Health
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1950

Honestly, I am reluctant to write this article because I will criticise the medical policy carried out by the government under absolute belief. However, I cannot overlook its terrible superstition. So, please refer to this writing as one of the theories without prejudice. It is up to you whether you believe it or not.

Today, there are various infectious diseases such as smallpox, measles, whooping cough, diphtheria and typhus. People are vaccinated against them. Vaccination can temporarily suppress the development of those diseases but it is impossible to prevent the onset of them completely.

According to our theory, everyone has toxins in their body and the disease is an elimination action of them. Therefore, the disease is a natural health promotion method to clean the inner body. Nevertheless, medicine interprets this purification action as just the opposite and regards that it should be stopped. To stop this action, vaccination is carried out. Originally, infectious diseases are vigorous purification actions so that young people often get them. It is because growing children have a fast metabolism. They are naturally prone to have the purification action of eliminating toxins as they disturb children’s growth. This purification action should be called the blessing of God. Nevertheless, medicine tries to weaken this good action by injecting foreign substances such as medicine. Children consequently get weak and purification action or the disease cannot occur as expected. Medicine misunderstands that the injection worked so that the disease doesn’t occur. Therefore, vaccinations are promoted like today. We don’t know the words to describe how wrong it is. Toxins, which should be naturally eliminated, is preserved and more toxins are added by vaccination. As a result, children become weak and therefore, intensive purification cannot possibly occur to them. They will, at most, just frequently catch a cold. Such a condition is still better. In the worst case, that causes horrible tuberculosis. A cold is mild purification action, which slowly discharges toxins from the body somehow as sputum, a runny nose or sweat. Nevertheless, medicine misinterprets a cold as bad and tries to stop such symptoms, which turns a cold into tuberculosis. I described it before.

In this way, vaccination, which is popular today, becomes a seed of tuberculosis. Unless medicine realises this, tuberculosis patients never decrease. They rather increase more and more.

On the contrary, diseases are surprisingly quickly cured by Johrei, which seldom be harmful to life. Johrei has an accurate and quick effect. For example, dysentery is cured by performing Johrei a few times in twenty to thirty minutes. It means it is completely cured in half a day. As for typhus, it is cured by Johrei in one or three days at the longest. That is the same as children’s dysentery and scarlet fever. Diphtheria is cured by Johrei a few times if a patient doesn’t take any injections. Whooping cough will be cured in one or two weeks. When reading this, you can hardly believe it. However, it cannot be helped because it is true. When reading thank-you reports, which our believers wrote about their experiences, you can imagine how Johrei works. Therefore, if Johrei is performed by general people, infectious disease patients will decrease to some fractions.

In this way, our method is an epoch-making divine medicine. Its pathology and treatment method have been already completed. However, people who don’t know this medicine conclude that it is a superstition and never take notice of it. From our point of view, they fall into terrible superstition. Since they believe that this truth is superstition and stick to their idea, it is quite hard to enlighten them of this fact.

Translated by N.H.