Harmful Effects of Vaccines

God Reveals True Health
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1950

Here I introduce a letter to a newspaper titled ‘Harmful Effect of a Vaccine.’ This is published in the Mainichi Newspaper on 21 September 1949.

We are the parents of the children who suffer from serious effects of pertussis vaccine. We appeal to readers about our difficulties. Last November, we received a notification from our town. It said that vaccination was carried out against whooping cough. As we wished for our children’s happiness, we followed it faithfully. Then terrible things happened. It is impossible for a mortal to know that sixty-four growing children were injected with mycobacterium tuberculosis. First, we noticed the place where they had an injection became suppurative. We thought it would be healed for a while and therefore, paid little attention to it. At the end of January, we finally knew it was caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis. This fact made us chills. Thanks to the sympathy of the G.H.Q and favour of related organizations, all patients were hospitalized to receive treatment at the beginning of March. However, one of them became a victim of this vaccination. We got extreme anxiety and lived a gloomy life with no laughter. On 2 August, all patients except for three, whose condition was relatively severe, left the hospital and started to get treatment at home. However, half of them have to go to the local hospital to have treatment for lymph node tuberculosis. From now on, we, of course, will take care of our children with our deep compassion. At the same time, we are forced financial burden to keep giving them enough nutrition and medical treatment. We are now facing such a serious problem. Fortunately, we had some subsidies until now but because of their long-term treatment, the family economy is in a state of destruction. We continue to appeal and cry out to our town, prefecture and the government for our relief. Nevertheless, they only say, “We cannot do anything until the authorities find out why it happened and who is responsible for it.” We agree that it is important to figure out who takes responsibility. As for the cause, however, it is obvious that the vaccination caused this problem. From a humanitarian point of view, those who met with misfortune should be relieved, shouldn’t they? This is a great issue. We would be happy to hear the opinion of the Minister of Health and Welfare.

Mori Yoshio. Representative of the parents whose children suffer from serious effects of pertussis vaccine in Miyazaki.

Regarding this incident, I can only think of three suspicions for vaccination; 1. Incomplete disinfection of syringe; 2. Medicine itself; 3. Mycobacterium tuberculosis mixed in the medicine. Let me examine all three further. The first one is unlikely. It might happen to one or two injections but it would be impossible that all of sixty-four injections were incompletely disinfected and invaded by mycobacterium tuberculosis. The second one never happens. Every medicine is toxic but it cannot cause the same symptom as tuberculosis. The third one is absolutely impossible. Many tubercle bacilli cannot exist in medicine. If that is the case, the cause cannot be found out. This makes people very anxious. If they know the true cause, they can take measures against it. However, if they don’t, they cannot avoid the danger completely. No parents would probably have their children get the vaccination. Therefore, I think that this vaccination should be temporarily suspended. Researchers should start over with this study. When they guarantee that there is absolutely no danger, vaccination should start again. That would be reasonable. Like this incident, I often hear that people are collectively damaged by various vaccinations. I also often hear that people in charge force people to have an injection even though they refuse it as they know its danger. From the above, we request participants that they research vaccination further and take all possible measures to prevent anyone from suffering damage of vaccination.

Translated by N.H.