Main Disease: (7) Cerebral Anaemia and Others

Creation of Civilization
Science Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

Now I describe cerebral anaemia. It is caused by the opposite condition to what cerebral haemorrhage occurs. Cerebral haemorrhage is caused when toxic blood flows into the brain so that the blood in the brain is increased, whereas cerebral anaemia is caused when the blood in the brain is decreased. Then, why is the blood decreased? In the human body, the blood is frequently sent towards the brain. Nothing happens when a certain amount of blood constantly flows into the brain. However, if the amount of blood is decreased, the brain activity slows down. This condition is called cerebral anaemia. Why is the amount of blood decreased? It is caused when blood vessels sending blood to the brain are oppressed by the toxic substances solidified around the neck. Therefore, cerebral anaemia cannot be cured unless these toxins are dissolved. That is no doubt. However, medical science cannot cure cerebral anaemia and has no other choice to do something for it temporarily. As for symptoms of cerebral anaemia, they are headache, heavy-headed, oppressive feeling, dizziness and so on. Some people might be accompanied by nausea or vomit, and some feel dizzy and nauseous when they just hear the sound of trains and cars. As medical science even explains, this is a relatively slight disease so that you don’t have to worry. Considering this, however, it causes severe pain. Therefore, a patient becomes very nervous in the beginning. When a person suffers from cerebral anaemia, it is easily found out by following conditions such as closing eyes, sweating on the brow, feeling nauseous. Especially, when you touch the forehead in those conditions, it is colder than usual. When a person suffers from cerebral anaemia, one must have solidified substance around the neck. Therefore, you just perform Johrei towards there. Then, the substance will be dissolved and the patient will be soon recovered from the disease. When a person lies on one’s back without using a pillow soon after suffering from cerebral anaemia, the blood will flow into the brain so that one will get a little better. Nowadays, many people are said to suffer from a nervous breakdown. It is, needless to say, caused by cerebral anaemia.

Sleep Deprivation

People often say ‘insufficient sleep’ but must say ‘difficulty sleeping’. It is because difficulty sleeping causes a person to sleep insufficiently. It couldn’t be called a disease but often becomes the cause of disease so that it is a considerable matter. Sleep deprivation is a kind of cerebral anaemia. When a substance is solidified around the medulla oblongata, it oppresses the blood vessel and causes cerebral anaemia. Consequently, a person becomes unable to sleep. This toxin usually solidifies on the right side of the medulla oblongata rather than on the left. When it is dissolved, sleep deprivation never fails to be recovered. As for the cerebral anaemia causing sleep deprivation, however, it occurs only on the forehead. Then, why does it so? It is because spirits possess there. I will explain it later in the ‘Religion Part’ of this book. In any case, since sleep deprivation often causes mental disease, it is terrible and has to be cured as soon as possible. Of course, medical science doesn’t even find out the cause of it. More than anything, a person suffers from a lack of sleep for a long time. This symptom is the beginning of the mental disease. Therefore, if one becomes able to sleep, one is gradually recovered from the mental disease. This proves it well.

Ear Noises

This is also a common symptom but medical science does nothing to do with it. It is not a life-threatening disease and is usually left as it is, but it has a relatively severe symptom. This is also caused by the substance solidified around the medulla oblongata. When the substance is dissolved, the sound of dissolving it echoes in the ear. To cure ear noises, the solidified substance must be dissolved. When it is dissolved into liquid, the toxins are naturally discharged as a sneeze or runny nose. Then the symptom will get better. Ear noises might be caused when the substance is solidified around the parotid gland and then purified. This is, however, a rare case.


Generally speaking, it is common that a tonsil is removed to cure tonsillitis completely. According to recent medical theory, however, a tonsil has an important function and is not better to be removed. Medical science has finally found that other parts of the body are badly affected by removing a tonsil. In this way, what I have preached for a long time is finally recognised. I feel very satisfied. Now, I describe the cause of tonsillitis by explaining how a tonsil works. For everyone, toxins in the upper parts of the body are most easily concentrated into cervical lymph nodes. Therefore, there would be no one who doesn’t have more or less accumulated substances there. Then the accumulated toxic substances are dissolved and once solidified to be discharged. The place where toxins are once accumulated is a tonsil. When a certain amount of toxins is solidified, a person has a high fever, the tonsil naturally has a hole and the toxins are discharged. For this reason, it is not too much to say a tonsil is the exit of toxins in the upper part of the body. If a tonsil is removed, toxins have to accumulate in the other part of the body. Then these toxins cause cranial nerve breakdown, otitis media, toothache, nose disease and so on. It results in as if sacrificing small things to save great ones after all. The following fact shows it well; a person has not caught a cold for a few years after a tonsil is removed. It seems that the removal of the tonsil is effective. However, one suffers from various diseases as time has passed. Since medical science doesn’t find the cause of them, they have to diagnose the patient as an inaccurate cause of disease.

Other Diseases

This is not common but there is a symptom affecting the brain which is caused by heart diseases. A person, who suffers from such a heart valve disease or so, happens to feel dizzy along with a palpitation over slight things. Why does it happen? If the person has toxins around the heart, or specifically the chest, flank, lower scapula and so on, purification occurs and causes slight fever. Then it stimulates the heart and then reflects the brain. The next are diseases related to teeth. The brain is affected by such things as a toxin which is applied on the teeth and then rises into the brain, toxic medicine causing infection of the middle ear, disinfectant for the surgery of a tonsil, a lymph gland or so, eye drops for eye disease, injection and so on. All of them become the cause of chronic brain diseases. Here I explain another disease. When a patient has removed a swelling formed in the back, chest or so, the disinfectant used for the surgery even permeates into the brain and solidifies. When the operation is provided on the front side of the body, one will have some trouble with one’s forehead. When providing on the backside, one will have trouble in the back of one’s head. In short, you just know that brain diseases are caused by the disinfectant used for the surgery of the upper part of the body.