Main Disease: (8) Oral Diseases and Others

Creation of Civilization
Science Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

Now I describe oral diseases and then start with dental diseases. The strength of teeth is in direct proportion to the general health of human beings. Therefore, modern people’s teeth are weak as they are in poor health. Then, why do they become weak? It is because toxic medicine is accumulated in their bodies. We cannot also ignore the bad influence of disinfection when dentures are put in or toxic medicine is used to fix a cavity. Since disinfection is regarded to be essential for fixing a cavity, dentists use disinfectant when filling the cavity with cement. However, it causes a completely reverse effect.

The disinfectant cannot fail to decay as time passes and then bacteria is generated. To discharge it, purification action occurs. When the purification is mild, it is discharged through the gum and nothing serious. It is, however, usually severe so that it causes harsh pain. This pain is caused by having a small hole in a rooted tooth. Once the hole is made and pus starts to come out, the pain will become milder, which everyone would have experienced. As for me, I don’t allow dentists to use disinfectants when the cavity is filled with cement. When doing so, you never feel pain. When I happen to have a toothache after the cavity is filled with cement, I ask the dentist to take it out. Then I am smoothly relieved from pain. This fact proves well what I explain. On the contrary, the dentist thinks the pain is caused by incomplete disinfection as he does believe in the superstition of medical science.

As for toothpaste for instance, the less it contains a medical substance, the better it is for one’s health. When I brush my teeth, I recently use nothing even salts and just rub my teeth with my finger pads. If you want to keep your teeth healthy, I conclude you should maintain your general health. To do so, you just cut the connection to medicine. However, those who have weak teeth or cavities and are aged at present won’t instantly make it. In this case, they should have dentures and make themselves beautiful.

Now I move on to the other oral diseases. Someone has a rash on one’s oral mucosa, feels sore when having something, has a sore throat, and has a boil on one’s throat. They are caused by internal medicine or mouthwash, which penetrates the mucous membrane, gets old and becomes a toxic substance. Then they try to be eliminated. Therefore, when you leave them as they are, they will be certainly cured. Most of the tongue cancer is caused for the same reason so that eight or nine out of ten cases will be cured when they are left as they are. Nevertheless, doctors first give medical therapy even to a person with suspected cancer. Because of their profession, they think there is no other way aside from whether the cancer is cured or not by medicine. However, this therapy contrarily often worsens the patient’s condition and causes real cancer. For this reason, I did describe this truth as above to let you know. On rare occasions, some tongue cancer cannot possibly be cured. That is the genuine tongue cancer, which is spiritually caused. Genuine cancer is caused to pay for one’s transgression of telling a malicious lie or speaking a hurtful word towards others. Therefore, it will be never cured unless one realises one’s guilt, repents of it and becomes a believer in the true religion.

Then I explain an inhaler to help to relieve the cough. It is nonsense and it doesn’t affect at all. You know that cough comes out of the trachea. Since most of the inhalation medicine enters the oesophagus, this treatment is irrelevant. Coughing is the pumping action to discharge phlegm as I previously explained. The more you cough, the better you get. For this reason, it would be clear how wrong to stop coughing. I describe one more nonsense thing. That is mouthwash. It is used to disinfect the mouth but the result is just the opposite. It is because there is nothing but human saliva which originally has bactericidal action. When you spit on a kind of insect which is much bigger than bacteria, the insect will become weak or die. This fact proves how saliva exhibits a bactericidal effect. Therefore, it is true that the bactericidal effect in the mouth is very weak while you are gargling. This is also the same when you wash your eyes. Some people frequently wash their eyes but that is very funny. Eyes run water which is a wonderful disinfectant, and the mucous membrane behind the eyelid is soft and ideal. If you wash your eyes with boric acid water or cloth, that is the wrongest way.

Here I explain the trouble of a face skin which no one realises. Many women feel a burning sensation, mild pain, itchy and pulled on their faces. They are caused by the frequent use of cosmetics. The medical substances of them penetrate their skins, become toxins and exude thorough facial capillaries without noticing it. Therefore, you should be very careful about them.

Translated by N.H.