What Is Disease? : (5) Respect Nature

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Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

Medical science regards rest as the most important remedy, especially for tuberculosis patients. However, it is very wrong as I previously described. Then, what would be the best? It is nature that is more than anything. Nature means not to restrain your body and to act as you like without pushing yourself too hard. For example, when you have a fever and feel listless, you should sleep as if your body directs you to sleep. You should also stay up when you don’t feel to sleep but want to stay up as if your body directs you to do so. You should walk when you want to walk, run when you want to run, sing loudly when you want to sing loudly, work when you want to work and so on. You indeed follow everything that your heart says. You should not do what your unwilling heart is not satisfied with. In short, it is infinitely natural. The same is true of any kinds of diseases as well as tuberculosis.

Food is also the same as above. You eat what and when you want. This is the best way. Medicine is, of course, not good. It is also wrong that you eat something not to want with patience just because it works as medicine or it is nutritious and you also resist eating what you want. People are motivated to eat what their bodies are needed and should not eat what they don’t want. As for tuberculosis, animal protein is especially bad. A small amount of it is all right but it is better to eat vegetables as much as possible. However, present medical science recommends eating fish, poultry and meat as they are nutritious but this is a big mistake. A person once feels uplifted but must grow weak if he continues to eat them. It is Vegetable food which has originally rich nutrition. Think about this; when a person has only animal products, it causes septicaemia or so and he must become ill, which might be life-threatening. On the contrary, you can probably become healthier but never become ill and live longer no matter how many vegetarian meals you eat. These facts prove how nutritious Vegetable food is. Concerning this, I describe my experience. When I was young, I was diagnosed with tuberculosis and informed to die. Then I stopped eating animal products which I had eaten a lot until then. It is because that I realized my eating habit was wrong for a certain reason. Then I started to have only vegetables and I was remarkably getting better. I also stopped having medicine as I got to know that medical science was wrong. I continued to have only vegetables for three months, which completely cured my illness. Moreover, I became healthier than before when I suffered from tuberculosis. Although I have suffered from other illnesses afterwards, no tuberculosis symptoms appeared. I still enjoy green old age and work as energetically as any of the young men even when I become sixty-eight years old now. If I had not realized that, I must have left this world. Whenever I recall that, it makes me chill.

The other case is hemoptysis. As for it, the vegetable diet is the best to heal it. There was a patient before, who never failed to spit-up blood on the following day when he had meat. However, he immediately stopped spiting it up when having vegetables. It was really clear. From this point of view, it must be good to have vegetables.

The other wrong idea is that doctors consider fatigue and insufficient sleep as bad and they caution about them. It is because, however, they don’t know the principle of them. Fatigue is, of course, caused by exercise. When a person exercises, it makes his legs and loins active. Then the purification action occurs on the toxic substances in there, which generates slight fever. This slight fever gives a sense of fatigue. It is called tiredness. It is, however, good because the toxic substances are reduced by this amount. You will know that, among others, people who actively exercise and repeatedly become tired all the time are healthy. Therefore, if you touch around your legs and loins when you are tired, you must have a slight fever there. The toxic substances in there are dissolved as much fever as you have.

Then insufficient sleep does not affect tuberculosis at all. It is rather good for it. The following fact shows this. When you see the society where people are sleep-deprived such as the employees of ‘ryokan’ or Japanese hotels and people in ‘karyu-kai’ or the world of the geisha, even medical science says that they don’t suffer from tuberculosis more than anybody.

I explain this more. When a person becomes sleep-deprived, he is awake for a longer time and can act longer. Therefore, the more purification action occurs, the more he becomes tired. Medical science, however, interprets this by contraries so that it regards that insufficient sleep is not good. It is known by the other fact that people usually have a lower temperature in the morning and get a fever at around three or four p.m. For the same reason as above, the purification action occurs even when people are asleep. It is because their nerves are active while sleeping.

Translated by N.H.