What Is Disease? : (4) Tuberculosis and Mental Aspect

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Science Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952


As for tuberculosis, its mental aspect is not comparably concerned. However, nothing is more important than this. As everyone knows, once diagnosed with tuberculosis, whoever is mentally shocked very much and loses hope in the future so the whole world becomes dark. It is as if someone is sentenced to death, an execution date of which is not fixed. However, authorities and doctors highly promote the theory, which is the complete cure of tuberculosis depends on medical care or treatment in recent years. That is strange. They might try not to make a patient feel shocked but almost no one would seriously believe this theory. It is because that not many patients, who actually enter a sanatorium or so, would truly recover from tuberculosis and leave there. In rare cases, the patient might recover completely and leave the sanatorium but most of the patients enter the hospital again or have home treatment after leaving it and die after all. Therefore, it is natural that people don’t believe it, no matter how much they promote the complete cure of tuberculosis.

For that reason, just hearing tuberculosis, a person immediately feels disappointed and discouraged and loses appetite and energy. It is because he cannot stop feeling that he eventually dies. That is miserable. I do understand his state of mind as I have been diagnosed with tuberculosis by Dr Irisawa who was famous at that time when I was seventeen or eighteen years old. Therefore, it is not good to inform a patient of tuberculosis but it is inevitable due to its present treatments such as a rest method or other special ones. That is faced with a dilemma. In these days, a medical examination such as a tuberculin injection or x-ray photography is conducted as a safe plan. I wonder if it is good or not. I think it would not better do so. It is because once a person, who doesn’t have any symptoms and believes he is healthy at present, is diagnosed with latent tuberculosis, he is shocked as a bolt from the blue. In addition to this, a rest also makes him weaker and weaker and surprisingly exhausted in a few months. There was a muscle-bound tough fighter before, who had fourth dan grade in kendo. He was diagnosed with latent tuberculosis as the results of a medical examination. Worse still, he had to have a rest so he lied down with gasps. That was too ridiculous to bear to see him. He had no symptoms after all. He wanted to understand his miserable feeling that he was patiently in bed. After half a year or so, however, he became hollow-cheeked and ghastly pale. He looked as if he was suffered from tuberculosis at glance. Then, I heard that he died in the following year. It would be a serious problem. He must have been very much alive if he had not taken the medical examination. I thought so and that made me feel dark and gloomy.

There would be quite a few such cases as above today. Regarding this, however, medical statics shows there is evidence that about ninety out of one hundred persons were once suffered and then recovered from tuberculosis. That is interesting. Since it was found by the dissection, doctors must know it. Therefore, I always think that a medical examination would be rather not conducted. If it were not, I don’t know how many numbers of tuberculosis patients would decrease. However, doctors would say that, aside from non-infectious disease, tuberculosis is infectious and contains tubercle bacillus so it is highly dangerous. Therefore, it should be detected early for its prevention and early detection is also effective for its treatment. I already explained the latter in detail so I omit it. Then I explain the former of its infection. It is also a terrible fault. I guarantee that the tubercle bacillus isn’t infectious. When I advocate this, authorities keep an eye on me very much. However, they have not yet understood the cause of tuberculosis. I came up with the following thing before. During wartime, I had a request from the Navy Department. They asked me to solve the problem that many members of a flying corps were suffered from tuberculosis. I first sent my subordinate to the flying corps in Kasumigaura. Then he told me that tuberculosis wasn’t infectious. Hearing it, a military doctor got steamed up and said that tuberculosis spread over the whole army soon if such a person was permitted to enter. Afterwards, he was immediately fired.

However, I am sure of the theory I advocate. It is evidence, no matter how many years pass, there is no tuberculosis patient found in hundreds of thousands of my believers. The other is that I always accommodated a few tuberculosis patients at home before for an experiment. I continued to do so for about ten years. At that time, I had six children who were five or six to about twenty-year-old boys and girls. However, none of them was infected and they still looked perfectly healthy. While the patients were staying, they, of course, lived under the same roof, no disinfection nor other methods were done at all and they were treated as if they were normal people. I show another example, which happened a few years ago. An around forty-year-old widow was suffered from tuberculosis after her husband died. Since her relatives and acquaintances were so afraid of the infection that they kept away from her, she was at a loss. When I heard of her, I felt sorry for her so I decided to take in her and let her work at my house. She is still working but none of the other members of my house is suffered from tuberculosis. Moreover, she recently becomes as healthy as normal people and works hard. Even if someone is infected, he is recovered soon. Therefore, no one is concerned about such tuberculosis in my house.

For the above reasons, we are relieved that tuberculosis is not infected. Compared to others at even only this point, you would see how happy we are. On the other hand, however, people in society are so afraid of the infection that it causes tragedies everywhere and they are always in great fear. Even a spouse, a parent or child, a brother or sister cannot go near to talk with a patient and his tableware and bedding are prepared separately. He is like an outcast. If even so, it can’t be helped when people believe in medical science. There was an interesting story before as following. In a certain farm village, there was a sixteen or seventeen-year-old farmer’s daughter. She was diagnosed with tuberculosis and then lived alone at the cottage which was newly built for her. Since the cottage faced the main street, villagers and so forth quickly passed by it while they are covering their mouths. When I heard this from the horse’s mouse, I broke up laughing. No wonder why they did so if tuberculosis is said to be infectious but it is a real tragicomedy. Therefore, it would be interesting if ten or twenty thousand out of hundreds of thousands of my subordinates and believers are tested altogether at once.

I explain it as above more in detail. First of all, when one of the family members is diagnosed with tuberculosis, others are worried as they never know when they are infected by him and they can’t get such anxiety out of their heads. Therefore, they think they are finally infected even when they occasionally catch a cold, or they are really careful not to catch a cold. However, when they, unfortunately, have a little bit of cold, they are in a hurry to see a doctor and rely on medicine. For these reasons, in addition to their mental feelings of fear, toxic substances and suspended purification cause tuberculosis. Therefore, the theory that tuberculosis is infectious is still carried on. Another cause is a spiritual matter. A person is sometimes possessed by the spirit of the dead who was his close relative such as a parent or child, close friend or lover. Then he shows the symptom which the dead used to have. It looks as if he is infected with tuberculosis. I will explain the matter of spiritual possessing in detail later and you could understand it when you thoroughly read it. Recently, the mass infection of tuberculosis among elementary school students is often reported. In that case, when their teachers take a medical examination, a few of them must be diagnosed with open tuberculosis. It causes turmoil as they must be the cause of the infection. To tell the truth, there is no school where few tuberculosis patients are found in teachers when they are strictly examined. Taking those facts into deep consideration, you would find how unreliable the infectious theory is.

Translated by N.H.