What Is Disease? : (3) Lung diseases and Toxic Substances

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Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952


When I describe a present treatment of tuberculosis, there is a point to note. That is about pneumothorax treatment, which is regarded as the most effective method now. This method is to restrain the lung activity by atrophying and shrinking alveoli as much as possible when there are vomicae in lungs. In a word, this is the rest method of lungs. If using this method, thick sputum which causes vomicae is hardened and the vomicae themselves are also shrunk. As a result, the symptom once becomes lull. However, when a patient goes back to his normal life, purification action recurs and he goes right back at the starting point. Most cases are like this. If so, it is certainly not to be a fundamental treatment.

Other than tuberculosis, I also briefly explain lung diseases. Pulmonary gangrene is the disease that a tumour forms between the lung and the lung membrane. When you leave the tumour as it is, it swells as much as possible and naturally makes a hole. Then a large amount of bloody pus comes out as phlegm so that pulmonary gangrene is completely cured. It is a kind of purification. Since medical science stops this purification, it is hardly cured and ends up with a bad result. Then, miliary tuberculosis is the disease that alveoli have a rush. It is like eczema on the skin and also a kind of purification. When you leave them naturally, the pus comes out of them and miliary tuberculosis is completely cured. The next disease is lung cancer which is caused because a person has lots of meat. Meat contains a kind of poison which makes blood cloudy, and then it stays in the lung and once becomes a hard swelling. It comes out as sputum one after other by purification action. However, this disease has obstinate characteristic and it is obvious to take time to be cured. It is caused by the lack of a vegetarian meal. Therefore, it is completely cured by only having more vegetable. You would agree with this since lung cancer is more common for western people who have lots of meat. The next is pneumonia. It often co-occurs when a person has measles but is nothing. You might be surprised at frequent breathing but it is caused as measles form on alveoli and the volume of the lung is decreased. If you leave it as it is, it will be surely cured in a few days.

Then, laryngeal tuberculosis is a disease related to tuberculosis. It occurs at the last stage of tuberculosis. Its characteristic symptoms include patient’s voice becoming hoarse and the difficulty in swallowing as he has a sore throat when eating. Since the patient’s phlegm is highly poisonous, it simulates the mucous membrane of trachea and throat, which causes catarrh when it goes down through his throat. This phlegm is the oldest and highly decayed. Therefore, it is hardly cured while the phlegm is coming out, so there’s no hope. Furthermore, the patient becomes severely weak at that time. For these reasons, a doctor gives him up as hopeless, when he is diagnosed as laryngeal tuberculosis. The next disease related to tuberculosis is intestinal tuberculosis. When a patient suffers from this disease, they have countless consolidated materials forming around the whole abdominal region with a focused on the navel. It is, of course, easily found as it hurts when you press it. It also has a little fever. These consolidated materials are excreted as diarrhoea almost every day. Since these materials are hardened toxic substances, it cannot be cured unless a patient stops having medicine. Because of diarrhoea, it debilitates a patient more, so even a doctor is afraid of this disease.

At the end of this chapter, I describe why tuberculosis is especially persistent and hardly cured with comparison to other diseases. Once a person is suffered from tuberculosis, various medicines are put in the body from the beginning as medicine is mainly used for the treatment after all. It causes the patient to prevent recovery, so he becomes impatient and wants for all kinds of medicine. It is such a cat-and-mouse game. The toxic substances are gradually accumulated in the body and nothing becomes possible. Since such toxic substances poison the body, the disease finally cannot become cured. At this stage, even phlegm smells like medicine. What a terrifying fault it could be! Therefore, the third stage of tuberculosis would be said ‘a toxic substance disease’. I often treated such patients and the purpose of treatment is only to eliminate toxic substances. As toxic substances decrease in the body, the patient is gradually recovered. It clearly shows that my treatment does work. Note, however, that this way of eliminating toxic substances is Johrei method which I found.


Translated by N.H.