What is Disease? : Introduction

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Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

It is finally time to explain all about diseases. In the first place, what is disease? In a word, it is the action to excrete filth that should not be in the human body. If only there is no filth in the body, blood circulation will be improved and therefore, people will be able to live in good health and act lively all year round. If so, what on earth is filth? That is old medicine. It becomes toxic blood or purulent filth as time passes. Why then did people start to use the medicine even though it causes diseases? There is an important reason for that. Let me describe it in detail. Except for primitive times, human beings faced food shortages as the population gradually increased. Therefore, they searched everywhere for food and ate whatever they got. They collected nuts, seeds, insects, shellfish, small fish and so on all around fields, mountains and rivers. Needless to say, their farming and fishing skills were immature. People didn’t know if they were edible or not, either. They just ate all of them to satisfy their appetite. Therefore, people were poisoned and felt pain. That pain was called disease. To free themselves from the pain somehow, they tried to have roots of herbs and the bark of trees. People happened to find some of them to relieve pain and appreciated them as medicine. Pangu is a famous discoverer of medicine. He appeared in China in the era of the Han dynasty. As everyone knows, he is also called Shennong the founder of Chinese medicine.

As mentioned above, it is obvious that people suffer from food poisoning because of its purification. On the contrary, medicine eases suffering because it stops the toxic substance from discharging. This is called the medical effect. In that way, people had already misinterpreted the meaning of purification since those days. They thought that they recovered from diseases by stopping purification. What a surprise! People have believed this fallacy for more than two thousand years. As for people in western countries, they also collected all sorts of things, as well as roots of herbs and bark of trees for medical purposes. They still do so. In this way, people still think that disease is cured by medicine even in this age of civilization. It means human knowledge has not improved at all since primitive times, which surprises me.

From now, I thoroughly explain the actual diseases. Let’s start with a cold. It is because every human being will surely catch a cold. When a person catches a cold, they have a fever first and then some of the symptoms such as headache, cough, sputum, night sweat, joint pain, tiredness and so on. Why do people have such symptoms? It is because purification action occurs to remove toxic substances in the body, which is accompanied by such phenomena. However, the reason why it occurs is unknown in medical care. Therefore, medical care tries to suppress the symptoms. That is a serious mistake. Let me explain in detail why purification action occurs. If a person has a toxic substance in the body, it interferes with the activity of bodily functions. Therefore, the excretory action naturally occurs when the toxin accumulates in the body to a certain amount. The excretory action means to liquefy the solidified toxins by heat and to excrete them from the body as sputum, runny nose, sweat, urine and diarrhoea and so on. If a person endures a slight pain while that action is taking place, it will proceed smoothly. Toxic substances will be reduced and the person will get healthier. However, pain is interpreted contrary and badly in the medical field, where it is considered to be a sensation to damage bodily functions. Therefore, the pain is tried to stop as much as possible. That is a terrible mistake. Originally, the more a person is energetic, the more the purification action easily occurs on them. Therefore, the best way to stop purification actions is to weaken them. Medical care has appeared for this purpose. The weaker people become, the more symptoms get relieved. That is obvious. Therefore, it is inevitable to interpret it as such but in fact, it is nothing but ignorant. Taking medicine is the most effective way to weaken the human body. In other words, the human body is weakened by using a toxic substance called medicine. As for the human body, it generates heat to liquefy toxins and eliminate them. This action stimulates nerves, which brings pain and suffering. I don’t know when and why people misunderstood the meaning of this action. They consider that it worsens their condition. They try to harden the toxins as they were by using such methods as ice-cooling, a wet compress, antipyretic and so on. I am astonished by their ignorance. Those methods never cure the diseases but contrary try not to cure them. People have misinterpreted the temporary relief of pain as the healing process. As mentioned above, however, those pain relief methods themselves contrarily cause diseases. That is a serious problem. The disease is the benefit of health promotion given by God. Nevertheless, people get it backwards. They try to stop and expel it. Medicine is the way to do it. There are no words to describe such ignorance. These days, people often say, “A fight against the disease.” This expression would be derived from what I described above.

As mentioned above, if a person takes medicine when catching a cold, it immediately stops toxins from discharging. It also adds more toxic medicine to the body. As a result, toxins harden and the pain is temporarily relieved. People think that the cold is cured. This is an outrageous misunderstanding. The toxin was about to discharge first. However, medicine contrarily stops it from discharging and then adds more toxins. As a result, it is obvious that a more intense purification action occurs than before. This is proved by the fact that very few people recover from a single cold. Most people catch a cold when the season changes. There are many people who have a cold as a chronic disease. If such people read this, they would agree. In this way, a cold is the easiest action to clean the human body. There is nothing better than catching a cold. Nevertheless, people have said since a long time ago, “A cold can lead to many kinds of diseases.” This is the most wrong explanation. But above all else, the number of tuberculosis patients recently increases because they try not to catch a cold. Even if they accidentally catch a cold, they try to harden toxins not to discharge. In this sense, the best way to prevent people from getting tuberculosis is to encourage them greatly to catch a cold. If they do so, the tuberculosis problem will be easily solved. However, since people don’t know this solution, they take the opposite approach. Naturally, the number of tuberculosis patients increases more and more.

As mentioned above, solidified toxins cause diseases. They are formed by both congenital and acquired causes. Needless to say, the congenital toxin means the inherited toxic medicine and the acquired one is the toxic medicine taken after birth. As a matter of fact, both of them concentrate on and solidify in the parts of the human body where nerves are active. The body parts where nerves work most are the upper body, especially the eyes, ears, nose and mouth centred on the head. Toxins once solidify around the neck to focus on those parts. Everyone can easily find hardenings if they examine around the neck and shoulders. Very few people would not have them there. Moreover, people have a slight fever there because purification action is slightly taking place. Because of this action, they have a headache, heaviness of the head, stiff neck and shoulders, ear noises, eye mucus, nasal discharge, sputum, pyorrhoea and so on. As a matter of fact, purification naturally occurs when the solidified toxins exceed a certain amount. People also catch a cold for other reasons; when the human body becomes energetic by exercising or so, when the natural adaptation action occurs due to an extreme climate change and so on. We often hear that a person catches a cold when the shoulders become stiff. Coughing is the pumping action to discharge liquefied toxins. This action can occur on the toxins in any part of the body, not just around the neck. As for sneezing, it is the pumping action to discharge liquefied toxins behind the nose or around the medulla oblongata. If you know the reasons why people catch a cold as above, you will see that they very well match actual circumstances.

As I explained above, a cold is an intense purification action that occurs in the upper body centred on the head. If you understand this theory, you will feel relieved even if you catch a cold. All you have to do is to leave it as it is. It cleanses your body and you recover from the cold steadily and relatively quickly. Needless to say, just knowing this will make you very happy.

Translated by N.H.