What is Disease? : (1) Cold

Creation of Civilization
Science Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

From now on, I explain what the disease is. Modern medical science regards a human body as just a substance and has advanced materialistic treatment. I will describe what the great fault is in the medical science step by step. First of all, I take up and explain the actual examples of the disease since it is the easiest way to understand.

Then, there would be no one who has not experienced to have a cold. In medical science, however, the cause of a cold is still unknown or a few causes are recently discovered such as an airborne disease caused by a virus or an allergic disease. From our point of view, they are insignificant and immature doctrines and could become pointless in the future.

To begin with, even medical science recognises that human beings have many kinds of innate toxic substances in the body. For example, they would be smallpox, measles, whooping cough and also unknown toxic substances. As for those toxic substances, natural physiological action occurs and they will be excreted to the outside of the body. We call this process ‘purification action’. These toxic substances once gather into particular parts of the body especially where nerves are concentrated: needless to say, in the upper part of the body, especially in the areas closer to the brain. While a human is awake, the brain, eyes, ears, nose and mouth work all day long, whereas hand and feet don’t. Therefore, toxic substances concentrate in the same parts of the main brain as well as the shoulders, the neck, the lymphatic glands, the oblongata, and near to parotid gland. Such concentrated toxic substances in the parts of the body gradually congeal as time passes. When this congelation reaches a certain level, elimination action occurs. Here you can see the bounty of nature. It is because the congelation causes poor blood circulation, stiff shoulders and neck, headache, heaviness in the head, loss of eyesight, bad hearing, sniffles, foul odours, pyorrhoea, weakening of teeth, shortness of breath, loosening of hands and feet, lumbago and edemas and so on. All symptoms reduce human energy to act so that they cannot carry out their mission. Therefore, the Creator creates such wonderful purification action as a disease.

As I described above, if the pain derived from the elimination action of toxic substances is called disease, this is the purification action of the blood and essential for human beings to maintain good health. It should be recognized as the greatest gift of God. Therefore, if diseases are removed from human species, they may become weaker and weaker and finally perish. However, I advocate the creation of a world without disease. You might find the discrepancy between them but they are fundamentally different matters. It is because that there should be no need for purification action when human beings have no toxic substances in their body. Along with this, it is obvious there will be no disease occurred in the body. Now I will explain this meaning as clearly and thoroughly as possible.

We go back to the topic of a cold. I named ‘purification action’ that is elimination action of concentrated toxic substances from the body. When you catch a cold, you have a fever first. Under the law of nature, concentrated toxic substances are dissolved and liquefied by heat to eliminate them from the body easily. This toxic liquid promptly enters the lung. This action is a really mystery. For example, when concentrated toxic substances are dissolved by performing Johrei (the name of our treatment), they instantly enter the lung. In this process, they even pass through muscles and bones. If there are concentrated toxic substances (referred to as ‘toxins’) in only a few particular parts of the body, the symptom of a cold is mild. However, as such parts of the body increases, a cold gets worse. In this sense, a cold, which is thought to be mild from the beginning, gets gradually severe.

As I described above, the toxic liquid promptly enters the lung, then it is immediately eliminated from the body in the form of phlegm, in the case that it is thin. When it is thick, it stagnates once until pump-action called coughing occurs, and then it is discharged from the body through the windpipe. It is obvious from the fact that phlegm always follows a cough and for the same reason, nasal discharge follows a sneeze. Pain such as headache, sore throat, inflammation of the middle ears, lymphadenitis and pain of hand and foot joints and groin joints and so on are caused because toxins in these parts of the body are dissolved and start to move to seek the way out of the body, and that stimulate the nerves. The concentration of toxic liquid varies from thick to thin. Thick one is eliminated as sputum, nasal discharge and diarrhoea, while the extremely thin toxic liquid is eliminated as watery substances such as sweat and urine. In this way, purification action is done quite naturally and rationally. We cannot help but marvel at the divine feat of the Creator. Since the Creator or God has created human beings, He cannot have bestowed such disease upon them as tormenting humans and disturbing their activity. Despite that humans should always be healthy, they create toxins and accumulate them in their bodies with a wrong idea. As a result, those toxins unavoidably need to be brought out of the body. If this action is called disease, as for a cold, there is no treatment needed and leave it as it is, then purification is done completely. After that, the cold will be steadily cured and humans become much healthier. For this reason, humans should have a cold as much as possible and a loathsome disease called tuberculosis is exterminated.

However, I wonder about when human beings happened to interpret this purification action by contraries. Therefore, they try to stop this action as much as possible when they become ill. It is unbearable that humans mistook the pain of purification action for that of deterioration. They fear fever so that they try to lower it. When a fever is down, toxins stop being dissolved. As a result, all sorts of symptoms including coughing become milder. It looks exactly that disease is healed. To put it simply, they try to harden toxins which started melting as it was before. This is the way of the present-day medical treatment. Cooling a fever, putting a compress, taking medicine, and injections are all the same. All symptoms disappear at the same time the toxins are solidified, so humans are relieved that disease seems to be healed. However, the truth is that is like holding a hand to start cleaning. It is proved by the following fact; People often say a cold grows worse. It is because the purification action of the human body is disturbed. In other words, the friction between purification and non-purification action prolongs illness. It is clear to see that a cold, which once seems to be cured, must recur after a while. Therefore, in conclusion, the medical treatment is not the way to cure the disease but to prolong it instead of curing. The true cure is to eliminate toxins from the body. As a result, the inside of the body is purified and there’s no cause of disease found. Therefore, true medicine is, when purification occurs, to dissolve consolidated toxins as fast as possible and eliminate them from the body as much as possible. There’s no other true treatment than this. Let me describe one example of the theory I described above. It is the case of being in debt. The interest of debt is gradually accumulated and the creditor presses to pay when a deadline comes. As it is hard to pay all at one time, the money for the interest is borrowed from outside to tide over a temporary difficulty. Then, another deadline comes and another money for the interest is borrowed, and so on. In addition to the original debt, the interest is increased and pressing for payment becomes harder, whereas repayment becomes increasingly difficult. Then, creditors don’t put up with this, they distrain or accuse of bankruptcy but debt cannot be paid so that the debtor goes bankrupt. This condition is as same as a cold. If debt were paid when the first deadline comes, it would be done even though it was hard. Nevertheless, payment is postponed temporarily because of not enduring its hardness even if the debt is increased. This is the way of medical treatment including prescribing medicine. Therefore, toxic medicine increases every time to postpone and it is finally charged at once. This condition is pneumonia. However, a creditor might consider debtor’s payment ability and demand slowly. You will imagine this condition is tuberculosis.


Translated by N.H.