My heavily injured thumb was recovered by Johrei.

The story of a 25-year-old male employee


On 6th December 2014 when I was at work cleaning a machine, my thumb was caught in a rotating roller by accident, and a part of my thumb was sliced off and started bleeding so heavily that I almost fainted. Soon after that, the president of my company took me to a prefectural hospital, but on the way to the hospital, I decided to keep on performing Johrei towards my injured thumb.

At the hospital, I had an X-ray examination, which showed that the bones in my thumb were fractured by about 2 millimetres, and after a thorough examination, the surgeon said I needed to have emergency surgery; otherwise, my thumb would permanently become deformed. However, I still refused to undergo any surgery despite the Doctor’s advice.

When I was about to leave, they tried to persuade me to have surgery and said if I did not have the operation, my thumb would become infected without any disinfectants, due to airborne infectious germs, and if I did not have any stitches, it would result in the infection to spread all over my body and stated, “we will not let you leave, if you don’t agree to have surgery”. However despite their persuasion even though I had only done the X-ray examination I decided to leave the hospital.

When I returned home, I continued to perform Johrei towards my thumb and decided to continue performing Johrei all through the night until my thumb would completely be healed.  As I continued performing Johrei, the pain gradually started disappearing and after almost three hours, I managed to fall sleep.

I am full of gratitude to Meshiya-sama, who gave me the power of Johrei to release my pain, enough so I could sleep. By performing Johrei, the swelling went down the next day, and on the third day the bleeding stopped completely after the incident, and the pain was almost disappeared within two weeks. I was now able to use chopsticks and even write with a pen.

I finally could return to work.


I was full of gratitude to Meshiya-sama and His Johrei, which saved me from this incident without any surgery or treatment. I would like to continue learning Meshiya-sama’s teachings and practising Johrei.


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