The cancer was healed by performing Johrei and improving the diet. 

The story of an 80-year-old housewife


In 2013, I started feeling nauseous with a feeling of heaviness in my chest, and ever since then, I vomited whenever I ate and started losing weight. Despite such condition, I forced myself to eat, hoping it would help me get better. Finally in autumn 2014, I could not even drink any water and decided to go to the hospital for an examination. As a result, I was diagnosed with cancer between the oesophagus and my stomach. I also suffered from anaemia due to bleeding caused by the scratches made by food passing through.

I was checked and examined for cancer tissues, and much to our surprise, they found necrosis, and the doctor advised me to have another examination and if necessary to have surgery at another hospital with better facilities. I discussed my situation with my son, who attended the hospital with me, and we decided not to have an examination or surgery, and I stayed at my son’s house for about a month to keep a balanced diet. I also performed and was given Johrei frequently by my son and daughter-in-law who had kindly devoted her time to cook for me, using mainly fresh natural organic farmed vegetables every day. Although I had grown organic vegetables without any pesticide or fertilizer since 2012, I did not know how to cook them and ate fish instead.

To my surprise, I stopped vomiting since I had Johrei performed on me at my son’s house, and gradually there was no blood in my faeces and it became normal after one week. I return home a month later, and was very glad to be at my own house and had gained a good appetite again.

In the past, I used to have unbalanced meals, and as I loved to eat fish, I always had it regularly.

Thank my daughter-in-law, I have now become a good cook using a lot of fresh vegetables. I am also grateful to my son who continues to perform Johrei on me regularly. I promised them I would have a balanced diet and learn Meshiya-sama’s teachings and practice His Johrei every day.  Throughout this experience, I learnt how wonderful Meshiya-sama’s teachings and his Johrei were, and the importance of fresh food.

I will continue to practice Johrei and will try my best in growing natural organically farmed vegetables for keeping a healthy balanced diet. I am forever full of gratitude to Meshiya-sama and His Johrei.


[Testimonials:cancer January 2015]

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