My son’s Secretory Otitis Media was cured by Johrei.

The story of a 40-year-old Japanese housewife


My son was hard of hearing when he was at nursery school. He was unable to comprehend and respond immediately when someone spoke to him and, as a result, learnt to speak much later than other children. When he was playing, he could hardly release the pressure in his head, because his ears were blocked, and at the time he must have had a hard time.

Soon after he entered elementary school, he had an audiology test and was diagnosed as hard of hearing, and hearing ability in both ears marked at 35db. I took my son to otolaryngology and he was diagnosed with secretory otitis media. The otolaryngologist told me that he needed an operation in the eardrum incision, but although I was advised to have an operation, I decided to seek a second opinion and took my son home without any treatment.

Secretory otitis media is a condition that fluid and pus collects inside the tympanic membrane and disturbs its vibration which disables the power of hearing. Many patients who suffer from secretory otitis media need a repeated operation to the eardrum incision, which may result in their condition to become chronic.

My son suffered from atopic dermatitis during his infancy and to eliminate its toxins, the matter would collect in his ears with age. He had discharged matter for a week when he was at nursery school. After taking my son to the otolaryngology, I worried about what I should have done.

At that time, I found the HP of “Meshiya-kyo”, and started learning Meshiya-sama’s teachings and started practising His Johrei. Whenever I prayed to Meshiya-sama and performed Johrei to my son, I felt tired. After continuing to perform Johrei, I realized that my son’s head gradually started to clear, and he started gaining back the power of hearing. It took only one and a half months.

When he took the next audiology test at school, it showed “no abnormalities”. He had completely recovered only by performing Johrei without having to go through any other medical treatments. Now he is a normal junior high school student and keeps himself fit and works hard.

I am full of gratitude to Meshiya-sama and His Johrei. I am also very happy and grateful to bring up my children under his advice and teachings.


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