Saved from an Ill-degree Intractable Disease

The story of a 55-year-old Japanese homemaker


In 2001 at the age of 43, I suffered from Sarcoidosis.   Sarcoidosis is an ill-defined intractable disease, forming malignant granuloma on various organs of the human body. In my case, the malignant granuloma appeared on my eyes, which causes an enormous rise in the pressure of the eyes, and once the rise in the pressure is very high, it might damage and cut the optic nerves which will eventually result in blindness.

When I had a test for intraocular pressure, it marked at 54, whereas it should usually only be no more than 15 or 16 on an average Japanese. In this case, the pressure was so high that my doctor panicked and cried out “you will go blind! “ At this point, my intraocular pressure unexpectedly marked at 60, and in February 2001, I started having irregular pulse which resulted in my sight going completely blank.

The doctor only prescribed eye drops and told me, “As you are getting old, your eyes can hardly endure such high intraocular pressure, which might completely cut your optic nerves, and you would go blind. He went on, “In your case, Sarcoidosis has only damaged your eyes, which can never be cured and will finally cause total blindness.”  At this point, I lost all hope.

In October, the doctor told me that eye drops cannot work anymore and I had to be admitted in the hospital for steroid therapy. But I decided that even if my eyes did not get any better with all these treatments, I would rather not use any more medication. After giving up using eye drops, the symptom went better a little and I decided I would only used eye drops sparingly.

However, in December 2006 my intraocular pressure rose once again, and I was in serious danger of going blind. At the same time, I suffered from severe conjunctivitis and my left eye was swollen, and I became dizzy and could hardly stand. I gave up hope and just lied down waiting to lose my eyesight, which was like being in hell.

In January 2007, I learned and was introduced to Meshiya-sama and His teaching through a friend. I stopped using any medicine following his teaching and started to receive Johrei, and three weeks later, the severe conjunctivitis virus disappeared and was cured. Every time I received Johrei, it relieved my pain.  I was very surprised that the process which cured my eyes was exactly what Meshiya-sama has taught us; in his book, he says “Vision gradually disappears and one goes blind, but then you regain your sight. Your eyes become severely bloodshot, but then it gradually disappears, but in puss is formed and toxaemia which is caused by the medicine is discharged.”  I was also cured of dizziness which enabled me to do some housework.

In July 2007, I had another intraocular pressure test, and the doctor told me that my pressure marked at 13 and there was much less inflammation. It was a miracle that Sarcoidosis was cured in only six months! I have so much admiration for Meshiya-sama and His greatness of teaching of Johrei.

Now I put all my effort into promoting Johrei and would like to let people know about Meshiya-sama and His teaching of Johrei to as many people as possible.


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