Approach to Solidify versus Approach to Melt

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


As I mentioned, all existing treatments until today are based on an approach to solidify toxins. Therefore, you would understand that an advance in medical science merely means that in the solidifying method. Other than medicine, there are electrotherapy, X-ray, various phototherapies and so on as a solidifying method. Ice treatment, a compress and ointment are all the same. On the other hand, moxibustion, acupuncture and a cupping-glass are different, which stimulate and move purifying toxins to towards an affected part of the body. The pain is temporarily relived but disease is not cured. Therefore, for example, moxibustion is applied regularly such as every month. In this way, purification is stopped with all existing treatments until today. They are not the methods to cure disease but not to cure it after all.

For this reason, in order to cure disease truly, toxins should be contrarily dissolved and discharged from the body. This is the only true treatment. From now, I describe it in detail theoretically and practically. Before that, you should know what humankind really is. In medical science, they are just regarded as a thing. It is natural to think so as medical science was born from material science. However, this view was fundamentally wrong.


It is because it doesn’t make sense if a human being consists of only substances. They have the will and thought which are invisible and untouchable but do exit. Any kind of scientists would not deny this. If that is the case, this nothing would be actually a principal thing to control humankind freely.


In recent years, people in the field of psychiatry try mental treatment to heal disease. It is said to be unexpectedly effective and gradually becomes interested. This fact shows even some doctors have recognised that a human being doesn’t consist of only substances. As I mentioned above, a human being has an invisible heart other than the body and I call something covering the heart spirit. Therefore, it is all too obvious that a human being consists of spirit and body together.


Nevertheless, medical science has ignored such spirit, which is a main part of humankind, and studied only body. That is a one-sided and imbalanced study. In other words, it ignores vital spirit as a leader and only target at followers. In other words, human body is a shell but not content which means invisible spirit. Only after targeting at this, the true medical science is established. This is why medical science regards that all causes of diseases come from bacterium.


Since spirit cannot be seen with naked eyes nor measured by machines, medical science couldn’t recognise it. Even though the level of present science is low, people are blinded to this fact, believe it is more advanced than it actually is and assume everything it cannot grasp is nothing. That is caused by overestimating science. Spirt will be recognised when science becomes much more advanced. Until then, however, there will be a great number of victims of such wrong medical science. Thinking of that, I strongly feel to awaken them form this fallacy.


As I described above, since what I found is far advanced than the current level of science, people can hardly believe it. However, it is the immortal truth. I think it is not so far that all human beings will comprehend it even if it comes soon or later.


Now we go back to the previous subject. If disease is caused by the illness of spirit, why does spirt become ill? It is caused by the cloud generated in the spirit and the way of removing this cloud is called Johrei. In other words, when the cloudy spirit becomes clear, it transfers to the body and the impure blood becomes pure. As for the thickest impure blood, they are discharged as various excretions from the body. Then disease is cured. When impure blood becomes old, it is called pus. Therefore, there are three types of excretions; they might be mixed with pus, impure blood or a mixture of two.


As mentioned above, if impure blood makes spirt cloudy, how on earth is impure blood caused? It is surprisingly caused by medicine. Hearing that for the first time, everyone would be jaw-dropping. Since people have not recognised this fact until today, they think it is good and keep taking it. Even in the field of medical science, its toxicity was admitted to a certain degree but unclear. It means that toxins derived from medicine are supposed to be discharged naturally.


Let me explain why it does so. All kinds of food such as serials, vegetables, fish, animal and bird meat are created to suit human palate. When people just eat them and enjoy their taste, people can naturally take enough nutrition they need and nurture their lives. They are naturally created without intention. It is like sexual reproduction. Without intention, a baby is born by other purpose.


In this way, what to eat are naturally determined and fully processed by digestive function in the body. It is clear that nothing else can be digested. Since medicine is foreign substance, it cannot be processed and most of it is remained. Worse still, it is strong enough to stop purification so that its toxic component is remained and absorbed into blood. It causes impure blood. When doctors and patients know this theory and look through a medical history, they recognise the cause. They realise that the current disease was caused by that medicine and that injection which the patient took for the treatment of the past disease a few years or decades years ago.


It means the toxin derived from medicine is persistent and not easily detoxified. I tell you my experiences as the example. I was suffered from peritonitis fifty-two years ago. The toxic substance I took at that time is still remained in the body. I have dissolved it since a few years ago and it is mostly discharged but some are still remained. Let me describe another experience. It happened thirty-seven years ago. At that time, I had toothache and my tooth applied medicine almost every day. Even now, I feel pain and keep performing Johrei every day. These experiences show how terrible toxic medicine is. It is beyond our imagination.


In this way, toxic medicine distresses people for their lifetime, which would be difficult to be solved completely. Since our method of Johrei can dissolve and discharge toxic medicine, you would see that people become better as their toxins in the body is reduced.


Translated by N.H.