Thank-You Report #084

Reported by Y.N. in Saga on 5 on February 1952

On 26 March 1950, I had an unexpected visitor. I was listening to all their stories and asked to visit Mr S in Kishima County. He was fifty-eight years old and suffering from stomach cancer. When I visited him, he looked in a critical condition. I performed Johrei to him. He seemed to think that he was not able to be healed by receiving Johrei only once. I was turned down and went home. To tell the truth, I was relieved as I thought that it would have not been worth it if something had happened. Besides he was not a believer. Four days after that, two children of Mr S visited our branch office (which is used to be a teaching place) together and asked me to visit him to perform Johrei in an apologetic manner. They said, “We have left my father to a doctor since the 27th but he became very weak in four days. The doctor also seemed to be surprised. He asked us to gather our family and let them see my father. Then we asked why we did and he replied that he wanted to inform us to hospitalise our father and had to have an operation. We asked the doctor again if our father would recover when he had an operation. The doctor said that there would no guarantee. Therefore, we told him that we don’t let my father have the operation if he was not able to be saved whether or not having the operation. Then we refused the doctor.” They continued to say, “Our father told us that he had nothing to regret if he died and wanted to totally rely on God for once. We are very sorry that he was selfish but please do visit him.” Then I visited Mr H on the 31st and said, “I will come for three days. Please let me know if you would like me to visit more. Otherwise, I won’t.” On the third day, Mr H asked me to visit again. I told him the same thing that I said before and continued to visit him. For the next two days, he couldn’t drink even 20ml of milk and constantly had a cold sweat. I was visiting him for promised three days while always wondering if there might be a notice paper of his mourning on the doorway when I visited. Mr H became eased very much on the sixth day. I was relieved and thought that he would be saved from death. I also keenly aware of the exceptional virtue of Meishu-sama (whom we now call Meshiya-sama, and hereinafter, referred to as “Meshiya-sama”) and the greatness of Johrei, which are beyond human knowledge. I visited and performed Johrei to him four more days, or for ten days in total. On the tenth day, I told him, “I won’t come for the next three days as I go to Beppu to worship. I think you will feel not to lie down anymore when I come back and see you next time.” Then I left. On 13 April, I visited Mr H again. When approaching his house, I saw him going to the bathroom with his wife’s help. He became better than expected. I was happy as if it happened to me. So is he and his family. Their joy was beyond my description. In the meantime, Mr J in the next house of Mr S was dead. He also suffered from stomach cancer. I heard a rumour of the neighbours, which saying who would die first, Mr S or Mr J. Mr J went to a hospital, had an operation and died on the very day of the 13th. He was brought back home on the board.

I don’t know where people’s lives differ. I sometimes visited him to perform Johrei after that. He started to work from that harvest season. It was no change before he suffered from stomach cancer. One year and eight months have passed since then. He is working in a good health even today. When looking at him, I understand that the disease never recurs as he recovered by Johrei. I sincerely do apologize that I didn’t report soon. As Mr H asked me to report his experience after making sure nothing happens to him for the following year, I have postponed reporting for about twenty months. Now I finally make a report and hope it helps even those who just started performing Johrei.

I would like to express my gratitude to Meshiya-sama.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.