Thank-You Report #005, #006

Thank-You Report #005

Thank-You Report #006


Thank-You Report #005

Reported by N.K. in Shimane on 14 May 1952


Electric shock kills a person so quickly and a countless number of people probably was sacrificed by this power. My wife and I were once drawn into the world of death by that power, too. However, we were very grateful that God saved us from electrocution. As a matter of fact, my wife’s pulse had completely stopped when my brother saved her. Here I report what exactly happened to us.

The electric shock

On 29 May 1951, my wife entered the rice field behind our house to clean up the pruned branches of windbreak pine hedge. When she picked up the branch, she mistakenly touched an electric wire that was cut and fell on the ground. She raised the voice and collapsed. When I knew it, I mindlessly jumped into the rice field with my bare feet, tried to remove the wire from her hand and end up grabbing it. I felt for a moment as if I was tied to an aeroplane and brown over for miles. I heard a roaring sound that seemed to break my ears and felt as if my body was put on the press. I felt unbearable suffering for a while and gradually became unconscious. I later heard from the witness that I lied down on my back while gripping the wire on my chest. My eyeballs turned over, eyes lifted and the feet became stiff. I looked absolutely terrible. On that day, the funeral was held nearby and most of the neighbours attended it. Therefore, it took time to discover us. Considering the situation, we fell under the water with electric shock at least for about forty minutes.
As for my wife, she buried her body more than half in water and formed at the mouth. The whole body became rigid, her tongue dangled long like a cow tongue and her eyes lifted like mine. Her figure looked strange like a monster. People surrounded us said, “They are over. No one has been saved from electric shock in the water. In such a situation, they must be dead.” Impatient people started to discuss the funeral arrangement for us. My brother heard about our incident and quickly came to us. He thought, “I just attended the funeral and now two family members of mine died. I will never have enough money.” Even so, thanks to my brother, he returned home and soon came back to us with rubber boots. He knocked off the electric wire I grabbed with a bamboo stick and saved me first. I don’t know my situation at that time as I was in a state of apparent death but he felt like cleaning up the corpse. However, how grateful it was! When he helped me up, I suddenly regained consciousness. My life action started again. At that time, my face was very pale as if I was a dead person. My brother raised my wife in his arms but her body completely stiffed and could only bend about 45 degrees. When measuring her pulse, no one seemed to feel it.

The revival of my wife

I thought that I had to perform Johrei to my wife but felt drowsy and couldn’t move my body freely. I just prayed to Meshiya-sama. I felt very lonely as none of my neighbours was a follower of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. I feel sadder about it than my wife’s death. However, God’s love was absolute.

No matter what kind of illness people suffer, Kanzeon cures it immediately when praying to one.

When praying to Meshiya-sama, I was given the power to revive the heart of the dead. Everyone cried with surprise and joy, “Her heart starts to move!” I heard their voice with tears.

My wife was driven mad by toxic medicine

I thanked Meshiya-sam in my heart. Soon after that, however, a doctor came. I didn’t know who called him. I didn’t expect that at all. I thought that we would have died if he had injected us. I desperately refused it but I couldn’t move the way I wanted. Since I was outnumbered, my wife was injected. I sadly gave up but left everything to Meshiya-sama. She was injected in the rice field once and then carried to my house. When she was about to be injected again on a stretcher on an earth floor of the house, she unconsciously struggled and the needle of the injection was broken. A few people held her arms and legs then. She was finally injected five times altogether. The toxin of the injections might have stimulated her brain. She became like a mad person. She stood and sit again and again, said something we didn’t understand and writhed in agony. Such a condition lasted for about five hours and she fell into a deep sleep.

She breast-fed after eight hours when she got an electric shock.

Thanks to God, we had a baby on 25 June 1951. When we got an electric shock, my son was eleven months old. He cried for milk. My wife had been in a deep coma but his voice might have stirred her soul. She suddenly regained consciousness after eight hours when she had an accident. She soon let her baby suck the nipple. What a surprise! She could give him breast milk as usual. She breasted him as if the fountain of God’s love continuously sprang up even though she got an electric shock eight hours ago and her pulse was already cut off! My wife and I looked at each other and cried with joy. I was overjoyed and felt so grateful. When a person gets an electric shock, it says that whole-body water is drained. She had a hole on the left elbow, where the electric current went throughout, and some parts of her body still stiffed. If that was not a divine work, then what was it? Since we live in an inconvenient place, it was quite hard to ask someone to come and perform Johrei to us. When we call Mr S in the branch office T, he had already gone to see Meshiya-sama in Kyoto. Therefore, we telegrammed Mr T in the local office A but he was out. He visited us at 3 a.m. on 30 May at last and performed Johrei to us.

The head of the power distribution company was startled

On that day, the head of the power distribution company in the Chugoku district came to visit us. When I responded to him, he asked me who got an electric shock. I said, “They are my wife and me.” He was very surprised and said, “Is that true?” He seemed to think that something impossible was happening. According to his explanation, electricity becomes more than triples when submerged, which means that 300-volt current had been running through our body for forty minutes. Many people got electrocuted with household current even when they just touched water hit with electric wire. “It is completely strange,” he said. A construction worker also said, “A person dies when a current of 50 volts or more flows through the body. In your case, 60-volt current flowed at least but you were saved. How strange it was!”

The process of treatment

We had an accident on 29 May. Since I held the electric wire with both hands, I burnt very much where I touched it. The electric wire deeply ate up to seventy per cent thickness of my right thumb, ring finger and little finger and violated even bones. As for my left hand, all fingers except for the thumb were injured. The electric wire burnt half the thickness of my fingers and the bones exposed. Despite such a heavy injury, I didn’t feel pain very much. As for my wife, only the right index finger and middle finger was injured. About half of the second joint of her index finger burnt and the bone exposed. She had two holes one centimetre above the left elbow, where the electric current went throughout.
On 30 May, my arms become swollen that afternoon. Several red lines appeared on both arms, which extended from hands to lymph gland areas under the armpits. The doctor said, “Your arms are infected by germs. You should be disinfected and injected with penicillin. Otherwise, you have to have your arms cut off.” I turned down his offer. Mr T performed Johrei to us at night. On the next day, our condition was almost the same as the previous day.
On 1 June, Mr S came back from Kyoto and performed Johrei to us at 11 p.m. He examined our body in detail and mainly performed Johrei to where we got an electric shock and had a fever and the stiffed part of the body and then lymph gland areas. Thanks to Meshiya-sama, we felt better. My wife was especially pleased to relieve pain as if she became a completely different person. We are very grateful that we felt revived every second when we received Johrei. We kept receiving Johrei the next day. The swelling went down and the red lines disappeared on 3 June. On 6 June, the fingers still bent and stiffed but pus came out of them and joints became soft. A strange smell came out of the burnt parts.
On 8 June, the monthly ceremony was held in the headquarters. I went to the nearest station four kilometres away from our house by bicycle. At the ceremony, I told what happened to us and how we were saved. All attendants were surprised when I showed where I got an electric shock. Mr I said, “Because of the great purification power he got from God, he regained consciousness earlier than his wife even though he got shocked more intensively than her.” He also performed Johrei to me. He did mainly towards fingers, burns on my palms and scapula and kidney parts. Since then, purification intensely occurred. Bloody pus frequently came off and the smell became terrible. Everyone said, “The smell is like burning a dead person.” I felt so sorry for them.
On 17 June, I visited the headquarters. The fresh started to form on the affected rotten area due to burns. The terrible smell reduced but nerves like a white string came off after all pus came out, which made me feel pain very much. On 28 June, I visited the headquarters again. My left little and ring finger was almost healed. They were so quickly and beautifully cured that everyone was very surprised. It took just one month from that day. During this time, I changed a spiritual paper and received Johrei from someone every day.
From 29 June to 3 July, I had played the role of performing Johrei to natural farmworkers for 5 days. I finished it smoothly and became very confident that my physical strength had recovered. On 4 July, I performed Johrei to my wife for the first time since we had an accident. Around 8 July when a monthly ceremony was held in the headquarters, I became able to use chopsticks. The most seriously injured part or the base of the right thumb became eighty per cent healed. Other parts also got healed and I saw fresh forming every day. On 17 July, I was almost cured. I got able to use a pen for the first time since the accident. I no longer felt inconvenience. God made flesh, skin, bone and even nerve for each of my finger. The power of Meshiya-sama is like God’s one. I didn’t have any trace of terrible injury. I was completely healed. I am full of gratitude and happiness in living every day. My wife was also cured in the same process as mine and started to cook on that day.


I would like to report my experience and express my gratitude more and more but I have already exceeded the number of default papers. Here I finish my report. I am very sorry that I couldn’t explain my experience enough as I was full of gratitude and tears. Now I was given a new life by Meshiya-sama and would like to serve a good purpose in all sincerity. My wife, son and I would be died without you, Meshiya-sama. Thank you very much indeed.

Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report #006

Reported by M.F. in Shimane on 30 July 1952

Our family has believed in Tenrikyo for decades. After my father passed away, my mother became enthusiastic about this religion more and more. I grew up while hearing from her how grateful Tenrikyo was without any change. We have visited the church nearby every night. I heard how much difficulty the founder had gone through. I also heard about the miracles which she performed. However, nothing is related to my life. The followers seem to have idealistic faith and chop logic, which I felt strict and stereotyped. Because I was young, I almost denied it many times but rethought that I had to obey my mother. So, I just formally kept believing in it.

In the spring of 1949, I started to feel pain in the joints of my right leg and couldn’t walk. The instructor of Tenrikyo immediately gave me a treatment called “Help” but it didn’t work. He said, “Since you neglected to worship, your leg hurts. This is the reason for the act.” My mother scolded me and said, “You are not religious enough.” She became hysterical. The doctor diagnosed my symptom as rheumatism. I had an injection twice a week but my pain was getting worse. I gradually became unable to move the joints of my legs and arms. I thought that I might have lived like a corpse at this young age. When I got that idea, the face of my husband and child came to my mind one after another. The more I thought about them, the deeper I felt as if I was thrown into the abyss of despair. I thought that I had to cure my disease somehow and tried to have acupuncture and moxibustion treatment but nothing changed.

Four or five months before that time, my uncle visited us and told us about Meshiya-kyo. He eagerly told us that it had absolute power of salvation. Since we believed in Tenrikyo which my mother and husband thought the best religion, we didn’t care about what he said. However, “Please come to see me, when you got ill and troubled,” he said and left. I remember his visit and asked my mother to see him but she could hardly accept my request. She contrarily scolded me. Because of my illness, my husband accepted my uncle. My uncle performed Johrei to me soon and I felt so much better. He just put his hand over me but the pain was reduced by half after several tens of minutes even though I had worried and suffered for about a year. This is an unthinkable miracle. I was so grateful that I unknowingly put my hands together. I thought that was what true faith should be. Pure prayer never arises until the invisible power of God shows. I felt as if the light shone in the clouds in the depth of my heart. My legs were completely recovered in a week. My family was glad but having faith was a different matter. I wanted to become a believer in Meshiya-kyo but they opposed variously. They said, “We are sorry for the god of Tenrikyo. The instructor of Tenrikyo has looked after us for decades. It is ungrateful if you leave.” I thought that nothing was wrong if I prayed to God who saved me. Therefore, I took lessons at Meshiya-kyo. The teachings of Meshiya-sama resonated with me more and more every time I listened to them. I felt like walking on air when I received a holy amulet. I was convinced that I would be saved by this divine power. I was so glad that I wiped my tears so many times.

After that, my husband was opposed to me all the time, which gave me so much pain. I asked a branch chief Mr I to give me an advice. He said, “You just pray to Meshiya-sama and wait for the time to come. You also serve your husband more than ever. He is sure to be saved.” Easy to say but difficult to do. Since he is a son-in-law taken into our family, I thought that I was giving him so much. Discontent began to show in my heart, which made me suffer. Whenever such feeling rose, however, I told myself so many times that God polished me and my husband was a whetstone to polish my soul. I just hung in there while praying to Meshiya-sama. My mother no longer opposed me as she felt better when she received Johrei but my husband never changed his mind. The greater I took care of him, the more he opposed me. How shameful human beings are! I sometimes thought that God never listened to me even though I did my best. The cloud of anxiety spread in my heart so many times. The devil whispered on the one hand that I was abandoned by God but the innocent encouraged me on the other that I was not enough to do yet. So, I sincerely did my best for my husband.

I never forget what happened on 15 March. When I received Johrei as I had a purification in my hip, I was possessed by a spirit. Our matter finally reached God’s ears. The message was conveyed by automatic writing. “Who are you?” “I am a founder of Tenri-kyo.” “Why do you possess her?” “It is because my power is not strong enough. I would like the believers in Tenri-kyo to be saved by Meshiya-kyo.” Since it happened in front of my husband, he sincerely swore that he would depend on the mercy of Meshiya-sama. It was the greatest joy of my life. I had endured the unendurable for a year. When I recall that, I cannot stop tearing up. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. Now my husband and I forget narrow-minded faith. We have the great light of God’s love in our heart and live a life with joy. We don’t think that we can reward for this grace but decided to devote ourselves to the divine work of Meshiya-sama. I am sorry that my writing is not good enough but here I finish my report with gratitude. Thank you very much again, Meshiya-sama. By the way, I heard that the spirit possessing me was that of the fox. It was told to do so by the founder of Tenri-kyo. My hip was cured by Johrei in ten days.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.