I was cured from partial colour-blindness by Johrei.

Wasumaro Umeki

I gained countless benefits by performing Johrei about that time.

I had loved drawing miniatures since I was a child and wanted to become an architect in the future. However, when I had career counselling with a teacher in my second year of junior high school, I was told that I had no chance to do so as I was partially colour-blind. My dream had suddenly disappeared. I could do nothing but went through a barren period.

One day while I tried to regain myself somehow, I had a flash of a certain sentence like a revelation. That is ‘To read Meshiya-sama’s teachings is equal to perform Johrei towards one’s eyes’, which I had heard before. I decided to read His teachings for half an hour every day. From the beginning, I became sleepy after reading five lines or so and it meant I just opened a book for 30 minutes. Such days continued and I wondered why I got sleepy but awake in half an hour.

Even under such condition, I kept trying to read Meshiya-sama’s teachings.

I gradually coped reading one or two pages of them and a lot more, and finally could read them for 30 minutes in one year.

What surprised me was that I was cured of partial colour-blindness afterwards. When I was in my third year of junior high school, I had the result of colour perception test as ‘no problem’. I doubted it so I asked an eye doctor to take the test again and again. To my great joy, the results were all the same!

I had been diagnosed as red-green blindness until I was in my second year of junior high school, but no more. It was such a bolt from the blue.

Moreover, I was surprised that my dream had completely changed. My wish of becoming an architect was waning and I couldn’t resist my urge to learn Meshiya-sama’s teachings more and more. I decided to enter a senior high school nearby and continued learning His teachings.

At that time, I suffered from headaches and all the same when reading a book. However, I could read Meshiya-sama’s teachings without ache. I absorbed His teachings like dried earth absorbing water. I finally learnt them by heart. When I recall, I was guided by a strong will to acquire Meshiya-sama’s teachings while I was innocent.

[To anybody who doesn’t make sense of ‘Johrei’_4. I was cured of partial colour-blindness by Johrei.]

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