The Construction of the World of Miroku

New Philosophy of Life
Written by Okada Jikan Mokichi, 1950

We advocate the construction of the world of Miroku. Miroku is written as three numbers of five, six and seven. I am writing about what that is exactly like. I will publish my writing when I complete it. Here, I tell you the process until this construction starts.

The world of Miroku is the heaven that Christ prophesied. Sakyamuni also advocated it as the world of Maitreya. This ideal world is about to be born. Following my inspiration, the foundation of the world of Miroku has been completed in the spiritual world. Therefore, there is no doubt that it will truly emerge on this earth. We were born at a grateful age, weren’t we? Thinking of it, we feel a surge of joy.

Regarding this construction, I tell you what you need to know. What if we construct a new magnificent building? We should destroy the existing building at the planned construction site. We will, of course, use the old lumbers for the new building if possible. In that case, they are washed and re-shaved. This process would apply to the construction of the world of Miroku, too. Regarding this, something that doesn’t make sense or seems to be useless or destructive to the human eye might happen. You should know that it happens to sweep out all the filth. Since everything is done to manifest God’s will, humans cannot judge it by their ordinary eyes. They should adapt to any transition with a humble attitude. As we were informed of this by inspiration, we always have to be careful not to distort the great divine will. From now on, unprecedented terrible things or collapse actions would occur. Even so, we should have the right idea of what God is and get over the difficulties. At the same time, we should enjoy our life with spiritual peace and enlightenment and wait for the time when the world of Miroku is realised. Such a state is given as a privilege to those who devote themselves to faith.

I told you a gigantic story. It is because I am not allowed to describe specifically the profound hidden intention of God. I just mentioned how to prepare for yourself for what you must go through before the world of Miroku is realised.

Translated by N.H.