What I Am

New Philosophy of Life
Written by Okada Jikan Mokichi, 1950

I previously wrote the article titled ‘About Myself from My Viewpoint,’ where I described myself objectively. Now I will write about my own feelings subjectively.

I really think that I am the happiest person and always filled with gratitude to God. Why is that so? Unlike ordinary people, I was given a mission by God and work hard to carry it out every day. Therefore, every believer would know that so many people are being saved by my effort. However, there is a secret to happiness that not only special people like me but even ordinary people can easily do. Let me explain it. Before that, I will tell you what I always think in my heart first.

I have liked to make others happy since I was young. That habit has become almost my hobby. I always think about how I make others happy. For example, when getting up in the morning, I first wonder if my family is in a good mood or not. I don’t feel good even if just one of them has a bad feeling. This situation is just the opposite of the general household. People are usually concerned with the master of their family first and foremost. I am just the opposite. That is strange to me. I feel sorry for myself, too. In this sense, it is very hard for me to hear yelling and hissing voices or whining or complaints. I can hardly listen to the same things over and over. I want everything to be peaceful and happy without any attachment. That is my nature. What I described above consequently drives me happy. It is one of the factors that makes me a happy person. In this sense, I always say, “I will never become happy unless I make people happy.”

My biggest aim is to construct Paradise on Earth. I think that it would be achieved when my thoughts spread and everyone shares my feelings. I feel sorry that it sounds self-praised but I would be very glad if it brings you to benefit even a little.

Translated by N.H.