The Door to Mysteries Has Been Opened

New Philosophy of Life
Written by Okada Jikan Mokichi, 1950

I have explained various theories and most of them have never been disclosed. Regarding this, most people would have doubts in a positive way. Let me explain briefly why I could disclose them. I always advocate the construction of Paradise on Earth. This idea is, however, not come up in my mind. The time has come and God showed me what Paradise on Earth looked like and how to realise it. He also gave me the absolute power to execute His plan. One of the powers that I got is the ability to know things. Using that power, I clearly see the spiritual vision of things that have been veiled until today and that were dimly seen in a fog. Then I describe just what I saw. In this way, the time has come when everything is revealed. It was a night era until today. It means that it was impossible to see things on a dark night. Even if the moon shines, we cannot see things clearly. That was the reality of this world until today.

As a matter of fact, the dawn was coming to the world from around the middle of 1931. From that time, the sun was steadily rising and we have entered the daylight era. It means that the World of Daytime is coming and the Paradise on Earth will appear. For this reason, all mysteries, secrets and social ills are exposed to the spiritual light. In other words, the time has come when opaque things become transparent and evil cannot hide anywhere.

Disease, poverty and conflict are the three great sufferings of humans and they are caused by evil. If so, there is no wonder that the world without them is born by expelling evil. The disease is, of course, the main problem among them. The cause of the disease is obviously cleared under such a condition. Then the world without disease will be realized.

Until now, we couldn’t understand all matters perfectly but only to some extent; such as philosophy, education, thought as well as religion. We couldn’t get to the core of them. Sakyamuni said that he had reached the state of Ken-shin-jitsu at the age of seventy-two. Nichiren said likewise at the age of around fifty. Ken-shin-jitsu is the condition in which a person gets to the core of all matters. Reaching such a state, Sakyamuni found out that Miroku Bodhisattva would appear in the world after Buddhist teaching was died out. As for Nichiren, he discovered that the world of Gino would come when Jogyo Bodhisattva would appear six hundred and fifty years later. Christ prophesied that Heaven was approaching and the second Christ would come. He didn’t say that he had reached the state of Ken-shin-jitsu but he would have not known them if he had been not in that state. I can imagine that some saints got close to the state of Ken-shin-jitsu. To put it simply, Ken-shin-jitsu is the condition that a person stands at the top of the pyramid. When they overlook from there, the higher the pyramid is, the wider perspective they have and the more they see things.

As for me, I have reached Ken-shin-jitsu at the age of forty-five. Reaching such a condition, I can clearly see everything in the past, present and future. I, of course, see all the faults in the past emerging. I also clearly see what the future will be like and how humans should live there. However, I cannot tell you everything that I knew now. If I told it, Satan, Aryadeva and Pharisees would continue to prevent what I knew from being realized. Therefore, I have no choice but to disclose only a certain range of the whole vision. This leaves things unfinished, which might bother me. Since that is God’s providence, I cannot do anything about that. Even so, when reading my writings, you would see that what I described so far are completely different from what my predecessors did. In this way, the mysteries have been already unveiled.

Translated by N.H.