Human Causes Low Pressure

New Philosophy of Life
Written by Okada Jikan Mokichi, 1950

It has been said since a long time ago that typhoons, heavy rains and floods are natural calamities that people cannot avoid. From our point of view, however, they are not natural but human-made disasters. Let me explain why we say so. Now, people in the scientific field are working hard to advance meteorology to reduce the damage from those calamities as much as possible. In Japan, the government, of course, invest a large amount of money in the facility for that purpose every year. I don’t know if it is getting any results. It seems that the original purpose has not been achieved. Look! The damage caused by those calamities becomes huge year by year. Kitty Typhoon recently caused great damage. About 310,000 tons of rice was lost. 4,229 houses were collapsed or washed out. 144 people were dead or still missing. Tens of thousands of people were injured. In addition to them, this typhoon caused damages to farms, road revetment, houses and other buildings and so on. The authorities say that the damages are estimated at eighty-seven billion yen. What tremendous damage it is! Furthermore, other large and small storms occur several times a year. When we consider all of them, the intangible and tangible damages would be enormous.

Therefore, we have to make effort for minimizing damage as much as possible even if we cannot eliminate all of them. Both the public and private sectors are certainly taking all possible measures. However, they are far from reaching the goal partly due to being under budget and so on. This situation is not allowed to leave as it is. Now we just depend on only meteorological research. That won’t make it in time for immediate response. It would be equal to wait for something which is most unlikely to happen. Scientific research is physiological. It studies only the surface of matters so that it cannot find their insides. The root cause must be in the deep inner part. If it cannot be found, the problem is never fundamentally solved. Then how can we find the root cause? That is the one we want to tell you now.

In the first place, what exactly is low pressure? It is a cleaning action for the space on the earth, which is what we call the spiritual world. Filth always accumulates even in the spiritual space. When we explain this materially, that is as if dust is gathered in towns or individual houses. The spiritual world is invisible so that people cannot see the accumulation of filth, either. Therefore, they have not been able to realise it occurs until today. This is the result of the study up to now. People have almost exclusively concentrated on the materialistic study but neglected the spiritualistic one. This is a kind of sin. We always advocated that it is the greatest human fault. The principle of law pressure cannot be easily understood as long as people recognize the existence of the spiritual world and study it. In this sense, the primary mission of religion is to make people recognise this unrecognised spiritual world. Nevertheless, established religions seem not to go through it or rather unconcern it. I don’t know why.

To return to the subject, since filth accumulates in the spiritual world as I described, the cleaning action must occur. Low pleasure generates to blow it away by the wind and washed it out by water. It is not different from the cleaning work in the real world. Therefore, the key to this absolute solution is to find out the source of filth. Then what is it? It is the cloud created by human thoughts, words and deeds. That is, the evil words and evil acts of humans affect the spiritual world and as a result, clouds generate. Big storms frequently strike nowadays. It means how bad human minds become and how many bad deeds humans do and the bad things they say. If that is the case, is there any way to eliminate clouds? Yes, there is a very easy way. People just do the opposite of the above. That is, humans just improve their minds and say and do good things. In that case, goodness becomes light and clears the spiritual world that is clouded by evil. For example, the Christian carol or hymn, Buddhist chant and Shinto ritual prayer are all ‘Zen-gen-san-ji’ or the expression of the praiseful and good words. So, they work to clean the spiritual world somewhat. If there are no such expressions, lower pressure generates more than now.

In this way, humans have created low pressure and suffered from it. This is the truth. Nature is really well made. It is just the same as a purification action called the disease. It occurs when filth accumulates in the human body. From the above, to prevent low pressure, people should understand what I explained above and fix evil and do good deeds. They should know that this is the only way to solve this problem completely.

Translated by N.H.