Sanctified Medicine

Healing Art for Tomorrow Part Ⅱ
Written by Mokichi Okada, 1943

Regarding present medicine, I cannot understand why non-experts of medicine or the third party cannot interfere with the field of medicine, especially clinical practice. In other words, it is considered to be rather dangerous that the third party engage in all fields involving disease, health or hygiene. In extreme cases, amateur doctoring is often considered dangerous. Practitioners of folk remedies tend to be rejected because they are not medical doctors. In this way, other therapies than medicine are regarded as dangerous and their value is not recognised. Why does that happen? It is probably because they are not based on science. It means that it doesn’t matter whether they are effective or not. How self-opinionated that is! I think that medicine has been almost sanctified.

On the other hand, we just say, “It will be fine if the disease is cured.” “People recover from a disease and become perfectly healthy.” That’s all. What else do we need to ask or hope for? How to keep human life and body healthy is a practical question. No theory nor science can solve this problem. In this sense, if something cures disease, it should be true medicine. If not, it wouldn’t. In the same sense, if you believe in a medical art that cures disease, it means that you believe in true medicine. If you contrary believe in medicine even though it cannot cure disease, needless to say, you are fell in superstition. True medicine can explain the cause of disease thoroughly without any contradiction in reality. On the contrary, if medicine can neither find nor explain the cause of disease and uses a medical technique that doesn’t fit the reality, it is not true medicine.

Medical doctor Kihachiro Kunishima wrote the book titled ‘Tuberculosis and Life.’ In his book, he says, “It took four weeks to cure typhus one hundred years ago and as yet takes the same weeks. The same is true in pneumonia. It still takes a weak to cure. It means that no progress is recognised in medicine regarding medical treatment.” His words prove what I described above.

Medicine has been sanctified. Therefore, even if a disease doesn’t get better after treatment as a doctor said, few people ask the reason. When a person has an unfortunate result because of misdiagnosis or wrong medical treatment, they don’t protest or complain about it even though they are deeply suspicious about it. It is because the protest seems to be blasphemy against the sanctitude of medicine. Besides, such a protest tends to be legally unquestioned because it interferes with medical treatment. We too often hear that a patient died soon after getting an injection. There are also many cases that a person infects with typhus after getting its vaccination.

Academic supremacy also has other harmful effects. They appear in the surgery or application of new medicine for research, which seems too bold. How many precious lives would be sacrificed by them? If such hidden facts were revealed, how surprised people would be! However, they are still concealed. That is inevitable because we have no way to look into the mysterious hall-like mechanism. Medical doctors would say that it would be fine because one sacrifice saves many lives. However, I think that they wouldn’t save any person no matter how many people they killed.

Needless to say, present Japanese medicine is based on the German one. When you open the first page of the book to study German medicine, you will find it says, “Cut open the skin and the flesh with a scalpel if you cannot find the cause of disease.” A faithful doctor would accept this teaching without questioning and perform surgery. We often hear that they cannot find any disease after the incision. I feel very sorry for the patients who suffered such damage. No disease is found after the incision and then the wound is sewed back together. Then what would happen to the patients? According to my many experiences, that has a considerable effect on their general health even if their wound heals.

As I repeatedly say, western medicine is going straight on the evil course. Therefore, as it progresses, it increases the risk of endangering human life. Such a consequence is inevitable. Nevertheless, people do believe in western medicine blindly. They cannot find any hint of its false. That is a matter of regret. Now, many people engage in medicine and lots of medical materials are consumed. However, if the medicine hasn’t made any progress in a hundred years as doctor Kunishima says, we cannot find any benefit of such efforts and consumption for humans at all. Frankly speaking, the great wastage as above brings no benefits to human beings. On the contrary, it makes them weak, creates many sick and threatens their lives. If so, we have no choice but to be surprised.

I believe that the time will come soon when people who engage in medicine should wake up. When they wake up, we must consider what to do. I know that many doctors are aware of a medical impasse. They are well trained and have many medical experiences. Therefore, I also do believe that such doctors will agree with Johrei at some point and think they should solve the national health problem with Johrei. However, some doctors hesitate to do so now due to circumstances beyond their control such as status, financial problems and so on. I would like to encourage conscientious doctors like them to determine as soon as possible. The problem is there are many doctors who still believe blindly that western medicine is absolutely superior and there is no superior medicine to exist or create than it. We would need the maximum effort to enlightenment them from now on. However, they will know that it is impossible for anyone to be against the number at a turning point for all. So, we don’t have to worry about it.

Translated by N.H.