Do We Have to Fear Bacteria?

God Reveals True Health
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1950

It is surprising to know general people fear bacteria today. Regarding this, people of today are very unhappy. They are trembling with fear all the time and living a life full of anxiety. From our point of view, they look like pitiful little sheep. Please imagine that you get on the train. You don’t know how many germs exist in the air. Thousands and tens of thousands of germs might exist. You cannot avoid touching straps and rails even though a tuberculosis patient might have touched them just before. If you go to a barber, scarlet fever bacteria might enter from a slight scratch. When you take a bath, you don’t know when spirochetes or gonococcal bacteria stick to and invade your body. If you catch them in your eye, you suffer from a terrible eye disease. When you eat out, typhoid bacillus might be attached to the tableware or food. When you talk to someone, tuberculosis or Haemophilus influenzae might jump into your mouth. Besides, you wash your hands and gurgle when you go home. Those things make you bother. This is a kind of bacterial phobia indeed. Therefore, what if you are free from this pain? How happy you will become! That feeling would be beyond imagination. Then how do we get it? Here let me tell you how to do it.

Please don’t worry. I never tell you to go to the distant sea far from the land or build a house in the unexplored deep mountain and live alone there. They would be the perfect ways but we cannot really take such unimaginable ways. We must be able to feel secure in our usual life. Then how should we do? First and foremost, you should become healthy enough not to suffer from any disease even if bacteria attach to your body. Let me give you an example of what it means. A militarily vulnerable country is afraid of war. If it equips enough army not to be invaded by the enemy, it won’t need to worry. Then I tell you the greatness of Johrei. When you receive Johrei, you will become truly healthy and therefore, you won’t need to worry about bacterial invasion. You will never feel fear. That sounds like a lie but it is absolutely true. You can learn that it is true when you become a believer in Sekai-Mashiya-kyo. When looking at only this point, you would see how great the salvation of Sekai-Mashiya-kyo is. If this is not God’s salvation, what would it be?

Translated by N.H.