Miracles of Johrei
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1953

This book is the atomic bombing on science and the educational book and also the gospel of heaven for modern people. Now I describe my theory and introduce miracles performed in Meshiyakyo as proof of my description. The miracles are chosen among a number of them. When reading them, you think that they are all surrealistic and wouldn’t immediately believe them. It is because there have never been so many wonderful examples like them since ancient times. As for religions, everybody knows that they must have a miracle. Even if they knew it, they wouldn’t understand why we have such wonderful miracles. Since all of the miracles are reported by believers who had experienced them, they leave no room for doubt. For this reason, we ought to introduce them as the great pride of Japan to all over the world as soon as possible.

Furthermore, this is the great wonder which no one has ever imagined until now in the second half of the 20th century. If it is carried out by me as a single man, this mystery can be beyond mysteries. There must be deep meaning. Then what is it? It is one of the realizations of God’s purpose. He is a ruler of the universe. Then why does this thing happen? It is because present civilisation has a great fault and it greatly prevents the development of culture. Therefore, the root cause of this fault should be removed. As you can see, the present culture has progressed so much but this cannot bring us happiness correspondingly. Happiness is our great desire but on the contrary, we suffer misfortune which is getting serious. That is the current situation.

Then what is that fault? It is the supremacy of science. It means that modern people overestimate science or they are rather captured in science superstition. They think that nothing is solved without science. Regarding this, God completely eradicates the superstition from them and tells them what the true civilisation should be through me. That shows that the time has come to do so. Needless to say, this superstition is due to people’s way of thinking, which is they believe only visible things and regard invisible things as nothing. In this way, they exclusively believed in materialistic things. Therefore, miracles are the only way to correct their wrong thinking and let them recognise the existing of so-called spirit which has been regarded as an invisible thing until today.

Here I repeatedly want to say, if material science were the truth, people’s sufferings would be reduced and they would become happier as it progresses. However, the reality is the just opposite. If so, we wonder why. When looking at a flamboyant cultural city, convenient transportation facilities, advanced livelihood, all kinds of mechanisation and so on, I admit that people must become happier in material ways. However, as for spiritual happiness which is essential for them, they have none of such happiness. This is a reality.

Having said that, it was all right until today because of the deep providence of God. That is, He aims to create an ideal world and therefore, material culture should be developed at a certain level. It is the first condition to achieve His purpose and materialism was essential for it. When looking back at history, human beings have experienced endless struggles of the rise and fall and all kinds of hardships, which happened, needless to say, to develop material culture first. However, it cannot last forever. The time will surely come when that is corrected and it is now. Therefore, material science becomes a secondary matter and spiritual science turns in the first. In this sense, both spiritual and material science follow the principle that spirit leads and form follows and move forward in line with each other. This is the universal truth to create a civilised world with peace and happiness. In a word, religion coincides with science when that world comes true. To create such a world, people should recognise the existence of spirit. For this purpose, miracles are needed and I am responsible to perform them. I just would like you to know it.

Then I would like to explain miracles performed by Christ, which are regarded as the most remarkable ones in religious history. He made a blind person visible and a lame person stand, warded off evil from a bad person, turned water into wine and gave it to dozens of gathered believers and so on. I think that the last story was made by someone after ages but others must have happened. On the other hand, most of the miracles introduced in this book are as same as or greater than those of Christ. Furthermore, all of them are performed by my disciples. Therefore, this would be a great issue which turns over history, to be honest.

Christ mentioned the end of the world. It means that the age of material culture ends. Then he said that Heaven is coming. This prophecy would suggest that the era of advanced culture is just about to be born. If people can believe it, there is no doubt that they become fortunate people. I would like to write more but have to stop around here. Otherwise, this book will become a mere religious book. In this sense, when readers learn our religion, they do away with the traditional view of religion and treat ours as a super religion.


Translated by N.H.