Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


The two main desires of human beings would be, no matter what you say, health and longevity. It is needless to say there is no meaning without them even if any other condition is satisfied. Therefore, human beings strongly attach to their lives and cannot escape this attachment. That is a human characteristic. Having said that, they just gave up as it is impossible to escape it until now. If we found out the way of solving this problem, it would be the greatest gospel for humankind and also the big issue.


As a matter of fact, you would be glad that our desire has been completely fulfilled. It means that I have created a remarkable new healing art. By using this, all diseases are cured and people can die a natural death. When it is known throughout the world, the existing medicine should be revolutionized and the ideal world without disease comes true.


Then I explain the history of medical science until now. First of all, the present medicine was started by Hippocrates in BC, who is known as the father of medicine. After that, other than medical treatment, various treatment methods appeared in Europe such as religion, astrology, spirit therapy and so on. In the East, fortune-telling and incantation including faith healings of gods, Buddha and Confucius were born. Then herbal medicine appeared during the age of the Han Dynasty. This medicine was frequently adopted in Japan as well as all over China. As you know, before western medicine was introduced, herbal medicine became popular among general people as western medicine does today.


However, science came to the forefront in the late eighteenth century. It vigorously spread to all over the world as well as Europe. The scientific age like today has finally come. Everything is solved by science and everything seemed impossible became possible. The flamboyant modern civilisation has been established.


Therefore, people share in the bounty of science, trust it as the great thing and think nothing is solved without science. In this way, science has become a kind of religious idea. People especially regard medicine as the most important field of science. As a result, science has held the key to human life. It is as if religious followers so devotedly believe in religion with the reverence that they regard somebody who looks away as a heretic. As you know, our world has finally become the age of science for worship.


When you look at medical science superficially, it has surprisingly progressed and the welfare of human beings seems to be promoted step by step. Once you take a cold look at its contents, however, it is far from progressing. On the contrary, it blindly takes the opposite direction. There are no words for that fallacy. The following facts prove it well. As you see, diseases get more varied and increased year by year and the morbidity rate also increases more and more, rather than decrease.


Consequently, people live in a state of constant fear. The life expectancy for ordinary people is sixty to seventy years old to the oldest and living longer than those years is said to be impossible. It has just become an old dream that people live to be more than a hundred as written in the old literature. When people die before the age of a hundred, all of them die from the disease. It means they die an unnatural death. On the other hand, it is natural people live to be more than a hundred when they naturally die.


In this sense, human beings have become in poor health. Nevertheless, they don’t realise it and think they are fated to suffer from disease and live not longer. Furthermore, religion encourages their thought. In teachings, death is inevitable and the true enlightenment is to give up being against it. Sakyamuni preached the four sufferings of birth, ageing, sickness and death. You would understand why he included the sickness.


Therefore, human beings are now convinced that it is impossible to cure disease without the progress of medical science. They do rely on it so much that they think it cannot be helped if by any chance disease is not cured under the medical treatment. However, God disclosed the truth to me that is such a great fallacy. I knew medical treatment cannot cure the disease but contrarily causes and worsens it and finally leads the humans to death. It is an incredibly negative presence. Besides, I was given the power to cure all kinds of diseases. It is a great mission that I was given by God to save all human beings. The dream given up until today has come true in this world. You would not doubt it when you see that my followers are now healing hundreds of thousands of the sick day after day. If you doubted it, please don’t hesitate to visit us and see it for real.


As I explained above, the astonishing new medical art appears. It cannot be compared with any other great inventions and discoveries. If it enabled to eliminate the disease from human beings and make them live longer, it would be nothing other than the Gospel of Heaven prophesied by Christ. When it becomes known to the world, it causes a great sensation and turns itself completely around. It is plain as day.


Comparing this, atomic science, which shocked the world as a recent great discovery, does not matter. I call out that the great concern of human disease has finally and completely been solved. Therefore, a person has already entered the gate of heaven if they read and believe what I describe in this book. On the other hand, when a person doesn’t believe it but hesitates to do so, or neglects it for some reasons, they are willing to miss a chance of happiness given by God. They will repent it bitterly someday. I have no hesitation to say that.


Translated by N.H.