Thank-You Report #071


Reported by A.M. in Hyogo on 26 July 1953

I would like to report the grace that I received with gratitude. On 5 April 1953, I honourably became a believer in Sekai-Mehisya-kyo. I have worked as a farmer since I married. At the age of twenty-eight or so, I suffered from peritonitis. Since then, I was ill in bed and treated by a doctor for a long time. I became a believer in a new religion called Tenri-kyo and prayed for my recovery but I never got better. On 10 March 1953, I noticed three lumps in my belly and gradually felt pain. I went see the doctor and I was diagnosed with a hernia at first. However, the doctor diagnosed me with peritonitis after that and then uterine disease. I kept suffering from severe pain. Since I had believed in various religions, I had a conclusion that religion never cured the disease. So, I avoid any religion even though I heard about Sekai-Meshiya-kyo two years before. On 30 March, I had an unexpected visitor. My relative brought Ms N. She performed Johrei on me. I don’t know why but my severe pain gradually went away and completely disappeared in forty minutes. I felt better, too. Ms N told me about the power of Johrei in detail. So, I had woken up from the fallacy of modern medical science. On 5 April, I became a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo.

Because of severe pain, I lost appetite and couldn’t get up for twenty days. However, I didn’t know why but could get up on the first day of taking religious training. I could complete all three days of training without any pain. To receive a holy amulet, I could visit a branch church of Seaki-Meshiya-kyo by public transport. The distance from my house to the branch church was about 25 kilometres. I cannot describe how I felt grateful on that day.

When Meshisya-sama came to visit the Kansai region, I was told to have a meeting with him. However, I was very worried because I wouldn’t know when my severe pain returned. I stick to my idea and didn’t go to worship. I missed the chance.  I spent days with nervous feelings. On the morning of the 9th of April, my belly became swollen. I felt pain and whole my body got swollen in the end. I couldn’t pass water. As I was losing consciousness, my family and neighbours sent for the doctor. Ms N was out for Kyoto to worship. I could do nothing but relied on Meshiya-sama. However, I had no choice but accepted the doctor. I passed water under the medical treatment. Then I noticed their noisy voice. The doctor said, “She would be in danger if I came here one hour later.” He gave me an injection and left our house. Then everyone individually said, “Believing in God is good but now is the time for a doctor, indeed. You would die if the doctor came here one hour later. Your previous recovery was not true but temporary. We are tricked.” They sounded as if they invited me to the wrong path but I finally compromised with their words. I didn’t feel pain for a while. However, I gradually felt my body was heavy. The lumps also started to feel pain in my belly. On the 12th, Ms N visited me. I reported what happened on the 9th. She said, “You must have been painful. You would be relieved miraculously if you had received Johrei.” I clearly said, “I would die if I had been patient and waited. I don’t need you to come any more. I will be treated by the doctor.” She said, “Please take care of yourself.” Then she left.

Around 14 April, my pain was getting worse and the previous severe pain came back. I suffered very much and had a doctor come. I had an injection. I didn’t get better. On the contrary, my pain got worse. Then I came to think, “I did a terrible thing. I was rude to Meshiya-sama and made Ms N upset.” I apologised and prayed to Meshiya-sama in my heart but the pain didn’t go away. I thought that God never forgave me no matter how much I apologised. I had no choice but waited for death. Even so, I didn’t want to die yet. I spent two days in such agony. I finally took off the holy amulet on the morning of the 16th. I was in despair and threw myself on the bed. It was around 2 p.m. When I felt drowsy, the elder person with a beautiful face appeared and carefully performed Johrei around my belly for about an hour. Then I woke up and realised that it was a dream. When I thought back to my dream, the beautiful face I saw was identical to the photo of Meshiya-sama hanging in the church. How grateful! Meshiya-sama directly performed Johrei on me who was an outrageous sinner and even took off the amulet. He forgave me and eliminated lumps in my belly. My pain disappeared. Then I felt hungry and enjoyed a meal for the first time in decades. I received an overwhelming grace. I don’t know how to express my gratitude.

I soon hung the amulet on my chest and apologised to Meshiya-sama. I met Ms N later and apologised to her, too. She relied everything on Mehisy-sama and had kept praying to him for my protection since she left. She was very glad when she saw my healthy face. She said, “You have received such a great divine virtue. How do you reword it? You were given a new life. It is not yours but God’s. He can do anything with you depending on how you work.” I had kept in mind that I would work for Meshiya-sama to carry out his plan even a little no matter what kind of evil gods resist it. Now I broaden the Meshiya-sama’s gospel to people passing by and sick people.

Gods forgive all sins and also blame them.

As the poem above says, I was forgiven even though I took liberty very much.

The hell-like situation in the past was gone and now I feel like I am in heaven.

I sincerely ask Meshiya-sama to forgive my deadly sins and use me for your great plan of constructing Paradise on Earth. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.