Realization of Truth

New Philosophy of Life
Written by Okada Jikan Mokichi, 1950

Needless to say, the true purpose of religion is to realise the truth. Then what is truth? It is a natural figure itself. The sun rises from the east and sets in the west. Humans must die when they are born, which is equivalent to “all livings must die and they only meet to part” in the Buddhist theory. Human beings live by breathing air and eating food. This is also the truth. I have to say such obvious things because the current state of the human world is very inconsistent.

There are full of confusions, struggles, disorders and guilt in the current society. When we look at such abominable matters from the viewpoint of truth, it cannot be denied that there are more conditions that make humans unhappy rather than happy. In that case, we have to think about why it happens. From my point of view, it happens because the fundamental idea for everything is far from the truth. That is obvious. People leave from the truth. They just don’t realise that they do. We have to consider the reason why it happens. It is because they don’t understand what truth itself is. I think that their lives are too tight to have any room to think of it. Even religions have not made clear very much what truth is until today. They sometimes preached non-truth as they considered it to be the truth. If they have unravelled the truth, human society would have got better or Paradise on Earth might have been realized. Now the time has come. God’s will has been exerted. He has me preach the truth and carry out its realization. Therefore, I explain various things to make clear what truth is to all the people. So, please read my writings carefully with an open mind. You vividly see the truth there.

Then let me explain a familiar subject first. Why do humans suffer from diseases? It is because there is something contrary to the truth that they do. As for medicine, it cannot cure their diseases. It is because medicine is out of truth. Bad politics, bad thoughts, an increase in crimes, lack of money, suffering in inflation and deflation and so on. Such things happen because there is something out of truth. If everything is done according to the truth, it means that humans do the right things. Therefore, things must go as they wish. God created human society to become so. For this reason, it is not difficult for humans to realize a society of good thought and to become rejoicing and happy citizen. It means that there is a possibility of the realization of Paradise on Earth, which I advocate.

In this way, you might think that my discourse is unusual. However, it is not unusual at all but contrarily quite reasonable. People think that it is unusual because they see it with their eyes of non-truth. The more they think my discourse is unusual, the more the common opinion in real society is meant to be unusual.

God gives human beings infinitive freedom. This is the truth. Except for humans, plants and animals are given limited freedom. That’s why humans are precious. Then what is the freedom that humans have? Human beings exist between both ends of gods and beasts. It means they become a god when they improve and become a beast when they deteriorate. When we advance this theory further, it means that this world could become a paradise or contrarily become cruel hell. It depends on what humans do. This is the truth. If so, which should humans choose, a paradise or hell? Not even have to think, everyone naturally wants for the former except for a genuine devil. In this case, the ultimate purpose of humankind is to realize Paradise on Earth. The truth will be achieved when humans reach this goal. Since this is the original mission of religion, I preach the truth with letters and words. I also work hard every day as much as possible as the embodiment of truth.

Translated by N.H.