Maine Disease: (1) Brain Disease

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


From now, I describe the main diseases. It is recently often said that younger people are susceptible to lung disease and the elder ones are to cerebral haemorrhage. That is exactly true. I have already described lung disease or tuberculosis. Now I will explain cerebral haemorrhage in detail. Middle and old aged men and women are susceptible to this disease. As everyone knows, when suffering from a cerebral haemorrhage, a person’s head becomes dull and they cannot speak properly. When the symptom becomes severer, they have their eyes ruin. This disease certainly makes a person be paralyzed on one side.


There are various symptoms; from mild to severe. When the symptom becomes severe, the joints of arms and fingers become ridged and cannot be moved freely. A patient cannot walk. The ankles become dangled and cannot behold. Let me explain the cause of this disease first. It is caused by a solidified substance (or solidified impure blood), which has formed in either side of lymph gland since one’s youth. When this lump reaches a certain amount, purification action suddenly occurs. Then the lump melts and ruptures the blood vessel and then the blood flows into the brain. When it happens, the blood immediately flows down to the opposite side of the body and then quickly solidifies in the joints of an arm and a leg. It takes only a few seconds. It happens in no time. What a dreadful disease it is! When it occurs, the impure blood remains in the brain and it causes brain disorder.


Like other diseases I explained, most of the cerebral haemorrhage is healed; eighty to ninety per cent of patients are recovered by slow purification if it is left as it is without any treatment when suffering. Since people don’t know this fact, they rush in receiving receive various treatment as well as medical treatment. They consequently become incurable or eventually lose their lives. Needless to say, all kinds of treatments adapt to the hardening method. The patient who receives such treatments would recover for a while but the disease recurs as everyone knows. On the contrary, Johrei is melting therapy. When receiving Johrei, a patient is recovered in a few weeks at the earliest or three months at the latest. If a person has received medical treatment, they are recovered in a few months when secondly suffering and in a few years when thirdly suffering. Since most of the people haven’t known Johrei until now, people are given various hardening therapy. Therefore, it takes time to be cured even by Johrei. In other words, whether a person recovers quickly or slowly depends on how much hardenings they have.


When the symptom of cerebral haemorrhage becomes severe, a patient often dies even at the first onset. When the symptom is mild, they often suffer a few times after a while, even if they once become better. If that is the case, they are not supposed to be saved. On the other hand, when a person gets a little better after suffering from the first cerebral haemorrhage, medical science makes them rest as much as possible and less eat in order not to suffer from the second one. The patient becomes weak in these ways. The weaker the patient becomes, the less purification occurs. There are quite a few people in society who are alive somehow in such ways. This clearly shows how helpless medical science is.


I described normal cerebral haemorrhage as above. This is a rare case but people might suffer from reverse paralysis, which I named. In this case, the blood doesn’t flow into the brain but contrary down towards the body. Therefore, it doesn’t harm the brain but paralyzes an arm and a leg on one side. However, this is relatively and easily cured. As for doctors, however, they wouldn’t find this cause at all and just give an ambiguous explanation. When it is left as it is, it is relatively and steadily cured.


Then I move to meningitis. It often occurs in children. When a child suffers from meningitis, they have a high fever and severe pain on their forehead. Besides, the child feels so dazzling that they cannot open their eyes. When a child has such symptoms, you can easily find they must suffer from meningitis. It is sure to be cured in about a week when the child receives Johrei. It is often said the children who suffer from meningitis become mentally retarded and disable but they never become so. On the contrary, they become smarter than before. Their school grades also become completely different from before. It is because Johrei melts and discharges toxins. On the other hand, when receiving medical treatment, toxins are solidified and disturb brain activity.


Stroke is a similar disease to cerebral haemorrhage. It suddenly occurs and a person dies in a few seconds or minutes when suffering. It is the most terrible disease and used to be called Hayauchi catarrh. It is caused by the stiffness or solidified toxin around the neck. When it reaches a certain amount, the blood vessel is strongly pressed by it. As a result, it stops sending blood and a person dies in a moment. Therefore, people are relieved when melting this solidified substance. However, it was impossible so that they should be afraid of it. Fortunately, it can be easily prevented now because Johrei method has appeared.


Then I explain Japanese encephalitis. It is going around in recent years. Children from five to about ten years old often suffer from this disease. In medical science, it is regarded to be transmitted by a mosquito but it is wrong. The truth is that it occurs when a child is exposed to a burning sun in summer. The sunlight stimulates the toxins which are accumulated around their neck, shoulders and all over the back and then they are immediately concentrated and flowed into the bairn. When touching the medulla oblongata, you can find a stick-like lump so that you will understand very well it happens. For this reason, when performing Johrei, a practitioner should concentrate on melting that substance. Since it concentrates one after another, they have to perform Johrei very much patiently but the condition improves in usually several to tens of hours.


In this process, liquid toxin penetrates the brain and bloody pus comes out of the eyes or nose. After all of it comes out, this disease is completely cured. It is relatively easily cured and not life-threatening from my experiences. Like children who suffer from meningitis, those who suffer from Japanese encephalitis become smarter than before and never become disabled. So please don’t worry.


Cerebrospinal meningitis is also similar to Japanese encephalitis. Like Japanese encephalitis, when a person suffers from this disease, a stick-like lump forms in the medulla oblongata. Therefore, they cannot move the neck at all and become like a doll. That is you just think the condition before becoming Japanese encephalitis. It is easily cured by Johrei. On the other hand, it becomes severe or even life-threatening when medical treatment is undergone. It is because the toxin is solidified.


Other than those diseases, there are such symptoms as chronic headache, heavy-headed, dizziness, feeling foggy, feeling of oppression and so on. They are divided into two causes. One is caused by cerebral anaemia and the other is caused by slight fever in the brain on the contrary. They can be easily identified when touching the head. You feel cold in the former cause and warm in the latter. Both causes are often accompanied by a sick feeling. It is, of course, originally caused by the toxin around the neck. In the case of cerebral anaemia, that toxin presses blood vessel. When purification occurs to that toxin, heat is generated. That is the cause of slight fever in the brain.


In this way, purification has two types; one is to solidify toxins and the other is to melt them. You should fully understand them. Today many people suffer from a nervous breakdown and it is caused by either type of purification. They are steadily cured when it is left. However, when medicine or other methods are provided to solidify toxins, the condition contrarily gets worse. Because of the unbearable pain, it often happens that they commit suicide even who are promising people in society. It is not too much to say that they are the victims of medical treatment.


Translated by N.H.