Nephritis or Kidney Disease

Johrei Saves America, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


Everyone knows that the kidney is an organ of processing urine. Since toxic medicine accumulates and solidifies on the backside of the kidney first, it presses the kidney. The kidney consequently cannot process all of the urine. This symptom is called nephrosclerosis. Because of this, unprocessed urine oozes out of the kidney membrane and spreads all over the body. This symptom is called swelling. The unprocessed urine solidifies in a certain part of the body and causes various diseases. Among them, the most common diseases are the stiffness of a neck and shoulders and the diseases related to a brain, ear, eye and nose. Surprisingly, alveolar pyorrhoea is one of them. When thinking about it, it is very filthy. When solidified urine is purified, the heat is generated. This symptom is called Nephritis. Renal tuberculosis is a disease which causes severe pain. When this disease becomes severe, a patient might have urine mixed with blood. This is caused by toxic medicine which forms a swelling on the kidney wall and pus and blood ooze out of it. A kidney stone is originally caused by a small piece of gallstone which flows down and go into the kidney. It is coated by the urea and gradually glows larger while staying in the kidney. It becomes a kidney stone. It is occasionally stuck in the urinary or the urethral opening and prevents urine from discharging. Therefore, the lower abdomen becomes bloated. It cannot be helped when it becomes too big and sometimes leads to death.

Here I have one thing to note. Medical science is cautious about the protein found in the urine of a kidney disease patient and they are banned to take salt and forced to drink a lot of milk. That is nonsense. It is because this protein is urea which is dissolved by purification as I described above. Therefore, the more protein comes out, the better the patient becomes. It means that the disease is completely cured when all of the protein comes out. I would like doctors to try this from now on.


Thank-You Report for Curing Nephritis or Kidney Disease


Translated by N.H.