Healing Art for Kidney and Its Effect

Healing Art for Tomorrow Part Ⅱ
Written by Mokichi Okada, 1943

We can say that Johrei is a healing art for kidneys. As I previously explained in detail, all diseases are caused by three types of toxins; inherited toxin, uremic toxin and toxic medicine. They have the most negative effect on the kidneys. Then let me describe how they affect them. When a human being is born, inherited toxins highly possibly become the pathogen. It means that they first accumulate on the backside of the kidneys. Even babies are no exception. This accumulation happens in almost all of them. Because of this, some babies take time to stand up or walk. Therefore, this problem is easily solved when the accumulated toxins are removed. As humans get old, those three types of toxins accumulate and solidify in the region of the kidneys and lumps of solidified toxins gradually gets bigger. They press the kidney, which causes renal atrophy. Therefore, as I previously explained, the excess urine exudes and makes the lumps of toxins bigger. Then the lumps press the kidneys more and more, which further causes the excess urine. The lumps consequently become much bigger. As a result, the excess urine moves to the spine and accumulate in its both sides. It further moves and causes the stiff shoulder and then reach the eyes, ears, nose, gums and throat as well as around the neck and the head. Some may have the excess urine accumulated around the chest or in the armpits, the stomach, the liver, the peritoneum and so on. The excess urine may move down and reach the legs. As I previously explained, the excess urine accumulates where nerves are gathered.   

In this way, all pathogens are caused by kidney disorders due to toxins. Therefore, the solidified toxins on the backside of the kidneys must be dissolved and eradicated. That should be done first and foremost. By doing so, all diseases naturally get better.

Here I must tell you that purification action occurs on average. If the solidified toxins in a particular part of the body are dissolved and eliminated by purification action, self-purification action occurs to balance it. It means that the toxins in the other parts get dissolved. Because that is a self-purification action, it is sure to cause a fever or pain. In this sense, if purification action occurs to the toxins in the kidneys, which are the root cause of diseases, the other purification actions naturally occur to those in the other minor parts on average. Therefore, the cause of diseases is sure to be totally eliminated from the body. For this reason, activating the function of the kidneys is the only way to cure all kinds of diseases and promote human health.

After the toxins are removed, the kidneys get active and bring various positive influences. The most significant one is that people become younger; at least ten to twenty years younger than the real age. It is because the kidneys have the function not only to process internal toxins into the urine but also to produce hormones. Today, people get hormones by injections or so as medical treatment. It may just temporarily work, which dazzles people. As a matter of fact, it rather weakens the kidneys. That is as if domestic industries decline if foreign products are imported. In this sense, Johrei can produce domestic hormones infinitely. They are much more excellent than foreign ones. I think that Johrei is really great healing art.

People consequently feel refreshed and become energetic and positive. Their lives have completely changed. The feeling of anger, tantrum and short temper is naturally gone. People become peaceful and harmonious. As they keep working pleasantly and patiently, their work efficiency increases. That is too good to believe for you but there is no exaggeration in my words. You would see that it is true if you try it out. I always think that productivity will increase due to the improvement of work efficiency first and foremost if Japanese people have healthy kidneys. People become less pessimistic or depressing, which creates a bright society. They can enjoy their lives. In this sense, our medical healing for kidneys is a method of modifying mind and body, which is much better than million words sermon.

Here I think I need to further explain that purification action occurs on average. As I previously described, it is as if the body itself points out where the toxins solidify. Therefore, all places that toxins solidified are found and they are eliminated. As a result, people perfectly become healthy. If a person receives Johrei for the first time, they might feel dull on the next day or so. In that case, they don’t feel dull in the place they received Johrei but in the place where they didn’t. It is because purification action occurs there to balance the previous one. Needless to say, it causes slight fever and therefore, they feel dull. In this sense, if they receive Johrei in the place that they didn’t on the previous day, they are completely healed. Recently, authorities encourage people to walk with their chests out. If the problem of the kidneys is completely solved, they will do so naturally. On the other hand, if people cannot walk with their chests out even though they are young or bend the waist when getting old, they have uremic toxins that solidify in the back or waist. Therefore, no matter how they encourage such a thing, it brings people pain. It is because they have to force to do it as long as their kidneys don’t become healthy. It might work for a while but they probably cannot continue. Even at this point, our medical healing for kidneys has a great effect.

Translated by N.H.