Spirit Leads and Form Follows #05

The Universal Low: Spirit Leads and Form Follows

As I explained, the universal low is that spirit leads and form follows.It is natural, therefore, that the impure blood becomes pure by the removal of clouds in the spirit and, as a result, diseases can be cured. Our method of treatment is based on this principle. Diseases are fundamentally cured through purifying the spirit. The spirit is“rei(霊)”, and purifying is“joh(浄)” in Japanese, so this method is called“Johrei(浄霊)”.

Medical science, however, ignore the spirit and has been progressed as treatment aiming to cure only the body. Therefore, after all, it is not more than a limited curing method. The following fact shows that medical science is not the treatment to cure disease completely. After undergoing an operation, disease once seems to be completely cured but I would be sure to say that it is reappeared or another disease is developed, even though the original disease does not occur. For example, after removing the appendix, appendicitis never occurs as its diseased part is removed. However, peritonitis or kidney diseases are likely to be developed. It is because that these parts are close to the appendix and clouds in the spirit are still remained there. Worse still, impure blood is increased by additional toxic medicine and transferred to the spirit as clouds. This newly generated clouds are merged with the remained ones, transferred to another part of the body and become the root cause of disease.

As for the impure blood, some changes take place. It is concentrated through the constant purification action and that causes change in the blood components, then the colour of the impure blood gradually changes into white. That is so called pus, and pus mixed with blood shows the condition that changing from blood to pus is on the way. When this process is further progressed, all impure blood changes into pus. For example, whether or not sputum of a tubercular patient is mixed with blood depends on the amount of change. This action is also called phagocytosis of red blood cells by white blood ones in medical science.


“Creation of civilization” written by Meshiya-sama in 1952