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Thank-You Report #008

Reported by A.T. in Tokyo on 15 August 1951

The real existence of spiritual beings

Among the believers in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo, I think that no one doubts the existence of spirits. However, they might feel confused as they have been planted the idea cultivated by so-called highly advanced study in their minds, even though they were saved by the great love of God and should have His blessings more and more.
As for non-believers in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo, they might enshrine Shinto or Buddhist altar. However, some of them are now suffering from disease, poverty or conflict while praying to evil god or Buddha in the night era for their afterlives. In an extreme case, some people think that gods and buddhas are the remains of the feudalistic era and call themselves an atheist. By doing so, they have a sense of superiority and prove that they are truly modern people. Such an idea is just an illusion and people in the intellectual class often have that idea.
For such people, I would like to report my experience of the last few years. I have little learning or ability but hope that it would help the former to awake to our religion and the latter to know a part of the teachings of Meshiya-sama.

The miracles occur every day

My wife and son and I became a believer in Meshiya-kyo in November 1944. Three years and three months later, the great miracle started to occur. Since then, three of them have seen the figure of Kannon every morning for four years until now. That morning, when we left the praying room together after having prayer, as usual, we saw the gold round light over the figure of Kannon. The light was so strong that I closed my eyes. The halo of light never disappeared and the image of Kannon appeared with its back to that light. It was standing diagonally to the left. We faced an unprecedented miracle. After that, seven coloured dim rainbows rose from the right side to the upper left. We couldn’t describe how surprised we were. It didn’t happen only that day. Whenever we had a prayer in the morning, the image of Kannon always appeared until today.
The image of Kannon changed three times until the 15th of this June. It inverted very slowly in a few months until then. I felt something mysterious as I make a living in the drawing. The change showed me an impressive beauty and I look forward to having a prayer every morning.

On 16 June 1951

The image of Kannon had a great change for the fourth time on 16 June. Two days later, I honourably met Meshiya-sama in Gora. He said, “The image of Kannon that you saw will change after the 15th of June if it does.” I expected that something mysterious happened and waited for that day. On that day, I was so shocked to see the unexpected change that I felt as if something was wrong with my body until very recently. Here I show the changes in detail in the following table.

Month/year appearance head belongings others
January/1948 a full-length figure facing diagonally on the left covered with a veil a scroll with both hands rainbows appearing
May/1948 a three-quarter length figure facing diagonally on the right same as above a lotus flower with the left hand and a sphere with the right hand same as above
December/1949 a full-length figure in sitting position facing diagonally on the left off the veil and wearing a crown a lotus flower with the left hand and a scroll with the right hand rainbows fading

The most significant change this time was that the big glittering gold cross shape appeared on the upper back of the image. I have never seen such a shape in Buddhist paintings of ancient and modern time. So, something very strange happened. The halo of light became very large at the same time. It used to be drawn upper the shoulders with a focus on the face but it spread from the sitting waist position to sixty centimetres above the head. It was totally unexpected. The whole figure was in the halo of light, which became much stronger. So, we see the image against the strong light.
The image is in a sitting position as same as the third change. However, it surprisingly faced straight ahead after four years passed. The whole image was illuminated by a strong backlight. We found that the image held a lotus flower in the right hand as it was away from the body. However, we couldn’t see what it held in the left hand as it was in the abdominal position. Furthermore, the rainbow completely disappeared on that day. The lotus flower in the right hand was gradually disappearing at the same time. Since my eyes were gradually adjusting the brightness, I recently found nothing held in the left hand. Except for Meshiya-sama, who knew that such changes happened to the image of Kannon?

The drawing of the image of Kannon

When it happened, I went deaf. My mouth trembled and my eyes turned over. I thought that the plus might stop. I was much more surprised than when I saw the image for the first time four years ago. I just went down on my knees in front of the holy alcove. I was sweaty all over the body and my whole body trembled. I soon had a fever of thirty-eight degrees. I also had a heavy headache. Even so, I wanted to tell this miracle to the church as soon as possible. I made a rough sketch of the image on Japanese paper with ink for the present. I asked my wife to take it to the church. As for me, I had a sudden great purification and had to go to bed.
Mr O at church was very surprised and called a special meeting on that evening. I had a fever but joined the meeting to report in detail what happened. When the meeting was over, Mr O took my sketch to the head church in Urawa. Then a chairperson Mr K took it to Gora a day after that. On the 18th, my sketch was finally delivered to Meshiya-sama before I knew it. When I knew it, I felt deep gratitude and was also ashamed.
As I wanted to have advice directly from Meshiya-sama next time when I visited Gora to have a prayer, I got up somehow and drew the image of Kannon on an about two-metre length Japanese paper called Torinoko. A few days later, however, I knew that Meshiya-sama had already understood what happened with my previous rough sketch. So, I didn’t think that he needed to see my new drawing anymore and burnt it not to make any careless mistake. I have never drawn a Buddhist painting (which is actually a god painting) except for when I reproduced one of the Buddhist paintings as the national treasure. I believed that Buddhist paintings and statues were just idols before I became a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. After becoming a believer, I knew that the power of such paintings and statues would become very week like that of the dim light world when Butsumetsu came unless they were put in the soul by Meshiya-sama. Even if a great monk opened their eyes, the result would be the same.

The instruction from Meshiya-sama

Because of the purification, I got on 16 June, I had excessive bleeding with bowel movements on 6 July. Such symptom is usually associated with stomach ulcer but I have never suffered from stomach disease. After that, I felt refreshed in my mind and body. On 8 July, I visited Gora in high spirit to have a special meeting with Meshiya-sama. He answered my various questions carefully and clearly as following;

  1. The latest image is the figure of Sho-Kannon that appears on 15 June when the world changed from the night era to the day era.
  2. The cross shape on the back represents that vertical and horizontal are connected, which shows the great God’s providence. Kannon also plays the role of Christ at the same time.
  3. The lotus flower as a belonging represents that Kannon saves the world of Buddhism. Gradually fading its shape means that Butsumetsu has come. When Kannon holds nothing, he goes back to the world of gods and becomes a real nature of Sho-Kannon.
  4. Facing the front has a meaning. He showed me his various figures. In this way, God let Meshiya-sama know various things.
  5. The disappearance of the rainbow symbolizes the decline of the spirit of water.
  6. Regarding the ability of spiritual vision, it is critical if a person always see spiritual beings as I previously taught. In my case, there is no problem. I should be rather pleased.

The existence of spirit beings and visible figures are neither illusion nor a hallucination. I see the holy light and figure with my eyes every morning. They shone so brightly that I have red eyes. Through this experience, how can I deny the close cooperation between the spiritual and the real world?

The reason for being a believer in Meshiya-kyo

I am very sorry for going back and forth but I would like to explain a little why I became a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. It was March 1944. At that time, we didn’t know how terrible toxic medicine was. As my wife especially depended on medicine, we gave our single son various types of tonic medicines every day. Then he suffered from an unknown disease. He became weaker and weaker and finally nearly dying. We took him to many doctors as well as hospitals but their diagnoses were all different. Therefore, we were not deciding. At that time, one of my relatives told us about the predecessor organization of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. As he recommended it, we visited Mr S in Nakano. The stories he told us were very dramatic but his sincere and enthusiastic words touched the heartstrings of us. My son got better by receiving Johrei day by day and became completely healthy in about a month. We were deeply moved and filled with gratitude for the greatness of Meshiya-sama. We were very grateful for Mr S, too. All three of us immediately became a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo.
The second miracle immediately happened on that very day when we became a believer. I was conscripted into the army on that day. At that time, even general people started to realize that the course of the war would not be changed. Since I was a recruit, I didn’t even know how to hold a gun. I was a thirty-nine-old private who was seen off with a pathetic cheer. I bravely went through the gate of the Akasaka Three Regiment. I passed a strict physical examination. After wearing a cold polyester-blend military uniform, I prayed to Meshiya-sama for my protection while hanging a just received holy amulet on my chest. Now that I was conscripted, I thought that I should do my best as the Japanese nation. Then the military physician suddenly read out my name. I didn’t know why but I was chosen as the one who should return on the same day. The number of them was just about twenty out of three hundred. If that wasn’t a miracle, then what should we call it? I once passed the physical examination but how did I look to the inspector?
Needless to say, I asked Mr S to accompany me to go to Atami and give thanks to God through Mr N. In this way, I was saved. I was also made me realise the false of medicine and understand what a miracle is. I was not only saved but also gave the power to save people. Then how can I keep living in the world of the old idea? Since then, we have completely broken off with doctors and medicine. My son, who was previously mentioned, became seventeen years old. He is now in the 2nd grade of high school. His height is 168 centimetre and his shoe size is 27.5 centimetre. Whenever I remember the time he was ill, we always give thanks to Meshiya-sama. We also feel happy when serving for Meshiya-kyo as a believer. This feeling of happiness cannot be replaced by anything. Furthermore, following the divine plan of creating the world of truth, beauty and virtue, I devote myself to draw. I cannot help feeling more joy.
Meshiya-sama has a great knowledge of art. At the opening of Kabuki theatre, I unexpectedly met him with his wife sitting in the front seats on the 2nd floor. I honourably had his kind words and even my wife was granted a bow from the wife of Meshiya-sama. We were stunned and felt as if heaven just appeared in front of us.
Everyone, the world of the night has already converted to that of the daylight. The dawn of salvation has begun to shine from the east sea. The brilliant great road to glory has been infinitely opened. Let’s move forward to construct Paradise on Earth together while receiving the divine light in our bodies and engraving the teachings in our hearts.

Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report #009

Reported by Y.T. in Tokyo on 13 September 1950

I was fragile since I was born but changed so much when I met Sekai-Meshiya-kyo by chance. I received Johrei from an instructor Mr N and now became very healthy. I have been belonging to Head office S. I don’t know how helpful I can be but am working hard for divine work. My whole family received training and enshrined a holy object of worship “Dai-Komyo-Nyorai-sama” in my parents’ house this summer.

When I went back to my parents’ house a few days ago, my mother surprisingly said to me, “When I chanted a prayer in front of the holy object four or five days ago, something like starlight sparkled out of the Japanese kanji character of “Dai-Komyo-Nyorai. When I soon told all the family what happened, my grandson said that he saw such light three times shortly before I saw it.” My nephew is ten years old and has already received training to become a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. Then I asked him how it was like. According to him, one night when he displaced offerings to Dai-Komyo-Nyorai-sama, he saw something like stars falling from the whole hanging scroll for the first time. When he saw something secondly, the Japanese kanji character “Komyo” shone in gold and sparrow-sized beautiful birds flew around there. For the third time, he saw the image of Dai-Komyo-Nyorai-sama when he displaced offerings. The image clearly appeared in the place of the Japanese kanji character “Dai.” As he was a child, he couldn’t explain what the image was exactly like. So, my mother showed him the photo of Senju-Kannon in the book written by Meshiya-sama. Then my nephew said that the image he saw was just like that. He even saw a lotus-shaped pedestal shining in gold. There was dazzling light overflowed around there. He was so surprised and scared that he ran away from there to where his family was.

I was overwhelmed when I heard that such a miracle happened in my parents’ house. We belatedly understood that there are none of the mistakes in what Meshiya-sama always says. We tend to get discouraged but various miracles like that encourage us. From such an experience, I fully realise now that we should have a strong belief to follow the way of the faith more and more and put in work to construct the world of the light.

Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report #010

Reported by M.S. in Kanagawa on 15 March 1952

I humbly report that we received grace through my son. He saw the image of God in the holy object of worship and the Japanese calligraphy written by Meshiya-sama.

It was on 3 November 1951. My second son had diarrhoea for a few days and said that he wanted to lie down. He is six years old and received a holy amulet in August 1949. When I performed Johrei to him, he said, “I see Him. I see Him.” I was surprised but soon understood that he saw the image of God. I said to him, “The holy object is just written in letters, isn’t it?” He stared at it and said, “Mun, God is looking over me. He is properly looking over me.” He repeatedly said so. I asked him, “Where is He?” He pointed out “Myo” which is one of the letters for “Dai-Komyo-Nyorai.” He said, “He is there!” My son’s words directly touched my heart. It was so precious that I held my hands without noticing.

When we visited the headquarters to worship on 11 November, I reported our experience to a chairperson. We worshipped the holy object in the headquarters. My son stretched himself and pointed out the place between the letters of “Myo” and “Nyo” in “Dai-Komyo-Nyorai.” He said, “There are two gods. There are two gods.” Then we worshipped Japanese calligraphies written by Meshiya-sama. When he saw “Myo-Jo,” he pointed out “Myo.” When seeing “Nichi-Getsu,” he pointed out “Nichi.” He also pointed out “En” in “En-Tsu-Jizai,” “Chi” in “Chi-Jo-Ten-Goku,” “Kai” in “Ten-Chi-Kai-Mei” and “Dai” in “Dai-Kei-Rin.” They were all horizontal writings. As for vertical writings, he pointed out “Riki” in “Dai-Shin-Riki” and “Ketsu” in “San-Ka-Ketsu-Jitu.” I lifted my son high and we watched over where he pointed out. Other than those, he saw God in Meshiya-sama’s signature and seal in the square and strip of papers. He also saw Him in a chair person’s qualification, where he pointed out the letter “Shu” in “Mei-shu-sama (who is now called Meshiya-sama).” In a branch office and our house, he pointed out “Myo” in the letters of the holy object of worship. He also pointed out “Chi” in “Chi-Jo-Ten-Goku.” As for square and strip papers, they were all the same as those in the headquarters.

After that, we visited the holy garden to worship on 21 November. When he saw the Japanese calligraphy “Ken-Setsu” written by Meshiya-sama, He pointed out the letter “Ken” and said, “I see God there, too.” During that time, he was the same as usual. As his purification was not severe, he spent the time without receiving Johrei. After that, I didn’t ask him if he saw anything. In January, I asked him again if he saw something. He said, “I don’t see God anymore.” I asked him what he used to see. As he was only six years old, he couldn’t explain what it was like. He just crossed his legs and licked them to explain what he saw. He said that the image he saw in the headquarters was different from that in a branch office and our house. Since he didn’t understand letters, he just tried to show the shape of the letters he pointed out.

Until now, I have read many thank-you reports which said that the divine light was seen. At this time, I was shown a miracle through my son’s mouth. I was very surprised and also full of gratitude. One of the Japanese short poems says, “When I cross the river, my child tells where shallows are while being carried on my back.” Our experience is just like that. God let us know His existence thorough an innocent child. God showed His grace to us. I don’t think that I would never receive such a miracle again. So, I realised that we had a great experience. Whenever I worship God, I always remember what we experienced and pray to Him that we can work harder and harder for this faith. We have noticed that we receive great spiritual power from not only the object of worship but also all the letters written by Meshiya-sama. When thinking of it, we feel happy that we can work for God. We just shed tears of gratitude. Our ability is limited but we hope that we would sincerely work for the faith. We also would like to tell many people about this great faith. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.

Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report #011

Reported by I.T. in Niigata on 30 October 1950

I would like to report on behalf of a believer in Meshiya-kyo who experienced something that was beyond general knowledge. We don’t know how to describe it; the divine power, the divine light, the divine virtue or the miracle but he did see it in the photo. He was in tears of joy.

In the afternoon on 17 October 1950, a young man, who is a barber in the neighbourhood, visited Mr K’s house. As the barber is also an amateur photographer, he took several photos of Mr K’s family inside and outside of his house. The barber took their photos until his film run out. The last photo was taken in front of the holy object of worship at about 3 p.m. There, Mr K’s second and third daughter sat together. They are six and five years old. A few days later, the barber brought all the photos he took in the early morning. Unfortunately, Mr K was busy that morning so that he couldn’t see them soon. So, he and his wife saw them one by one under the light at night. Then she suddenly shouted with surprise. She found a miracle in a photo. It was in the last photo taken in front of the holy object of worship. As his daughters were sitting in front of the holy hanging scroll, half below the last letter “Rai” of “Dai-Komyo-Nyorai” should have been behind the third daughter’s head. However, it clearly appears through it in the photo. Furthermore, she was sitting about 1.5 metres away from the holy hanging scroll but the letter looks much thicker than his daughter’s hair. They were clearly shown the miracle. Since the photographic plate is smaller than half of the name card, they couldn’t recognise it unless they saw it closely. Mr K soon asked the barber to enlarge the photo. When seeing the enlarged one, the picture was taken much clearer than the small one. In this way, they vividly saw the divine power.

Since he became a believer in Meshiya-kyo in 1945, he received countless graces. Now there are thirteen people in his family including the children of his dead brother. Having a purification sometimes, they all don’t have to worry about disease nor need any costs for medicine at all due to the power of Johrei. They just follow the law of nature and lead fulfilling days with spiritual peace and enlightenment. Villagers, relatives and friends of his never believe in invisible things nor recognise the effect of Johrei at all. They rather try not to believe it somehow. Even such people were amazed at that fact and reality which is beyond general knowledge. Therefore, their stubborn materialistic thought seems to be gradually dissolving. Mr K is living in Niigata where everything is covered with snow in winter. When spring comes, the piled snow is melted by the warm sunlight of spring. Likewise, he would like to melt the heart of people who stick to materialism. For that purpose, he is working hard to let people know as much as possible the great divine virtue he was taught with joy. He believes that such his persistent work contributes to awaken all the people in the world to the infinite love of God and complete the construction of Paradise on Earth.

Mr K reported this miracle in branch office S on 3 November. He was permitted to enshrine the holy object of worship on 17 May. The month is different but the date of 17 is the same when Mr K had photos taken. I think that it is no coincidence. Furthermore, the girl who is in the photo had intensive purification in the whole body on 19 August. Her symptom was like a complication of Japanese encephalitis, meningitis and dysentery rather than simple Japanese encephalitis. She was saved by Johrei just before death or in small difference.

On 19 August, I had a phone call from Mr K. He said, “My daughter has purification and looks something wrong. I keep performing Johrei but she is getting worse. I’m not confident this time. So, please come to see her.” I immediately took the train to Mr K’s house. His nearest station is about forty kilometres away from that of ours. It took an hour by train. Getting off the train, I had to walk four kilometres to his house. It was 5 p.m. but already hot. I walked under the scorching sun of midsummer. As I have strong legs, they took me to Mr K’s house in only twenty-seven or eighty minutes. I promptly went to see his daughter lying down in the room where the holy object of worship is enshrined. I asked how she was. Mr K said, “She said that her head and tummy hurt more than yesterday. Her temperature can hardly go down. As we are in a busy time now, we cannot perform enough Johrei to her. Then, her symptom suddenly got worse. So, I called you.” She had convulsions a few times before I came. The toxins seemed to flow to the brain.

Her whole body was hot like fire. Her temperature was 42.3 degrees. The back of her head was especially hot and the part of the medulla oblongata became stiff like a stick. Her tummy was also hot very much. She had purification in her whole body. She had already become unconscious and made delirious sounds. I immediately asked Dai-Komyo-Nyorai-sama for her protection and started to perform Johrei at 6 p.m. While receiving Johrei, the part of her neck and medulla oblongata became soft but soon got hard again when I perform Johrei to other parts. Then, it became soft by Johrei but soon got hard without it, which repeatedly happened dozens of times. When I stopped performing Johrei even for a short time, the pulse weakened, her lips became pale, her temperature raised even if it temporarily went down and the purification became intense more and more. So, I couldn’t stop performing Johrei.

I have many experiences in performing Johrei for encephalitis, dysentery, meningitis, pneumonia, diphtheria and so on but never experienced such intense purification. Until then, I was absolutely confident about any kinds of diseases. By performing Johrei, the most fever goes down in about twenty to thirty minutes or one hour at the longest. However, I had already performed Johrei to her for three or four hours. I suddenly thought that this might have been serious purification and terrified. I came to realise that it was important to perform Johrei persistently. Then I decided to stay up all night to perform Johrei. I tried to dissolve toxins flowing to the brain by Johrei while praying to Meshiya-sama and also trying to get rid of mosquitoes. The toxins flew into the brain and then were dissolved by Johrei. Such a condition repeatedly occurred. It was after 2 a.m. Her whole family slept like a log after nursing her the night before. Her temperature was still high or rather became higher. She suddenly got cramps and convulsions at 3 a.m. I was usually not surprised with such symptom as high fever was always associated with cramps. However, in her case, purification intensely occurred in the whole body. The worst situation came to my mind. I immediately woke up her family and we all performed Johrei to her. Her pulse became weaker and her lips became purple. She vomited pinkish filth. She looked like a dead person. “The last five minutes are critical. Hung in there.” I encouraged them and asked Meshiya-sama for her protection. We made all effort to perform Johrei to her. Her pulse was weak but didn’t stop. Dead or alive? After about an hour, she discharged eye mucus. The pulse started to beat again about that time. She was all right.


We made eye contact. Our nervous faces with bloodshot eyes changed into a smile. We were relieved to know that she was saved by the great power of God. Do we feel joy more than this in the whole human life? I experienced again the joy sinking into the soul and the happiness which only people who lived in this faith knew. When looking at the sun rising above the horizon with bloodshot drowsy eyes. I look at the sun every day but the sun of that day looked different to me. It was as if I saw the light of hope in the dark night. I wanted to thank the sun.

We continued to perform Johrei after that. Since then, the temperature went down and she returned to conscious and could talk around noon. We continuously performed Johrei to her for about eighteen hours. We once prepared for her death but she recovered enough not to be worried when I left at 1 p.m. She was given the divine virtue and saved in small difference. Now she became clearer in her head than before. She is thankful for living a life every day with more energy than others. Two months later, the photos were taken to commemorate this incident. Then the miracle appeared in the head of my saved daughter sitting in front of the holy object to worship. This miracle made people, who have never believed in invisible things, believe them. For believers in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo, it is a good opportunity to deepen their belief. In this way, the reverse process of the X-ray photo occurred, which is beyond common sense. I imagine that this might give a hint to the science of spirit photography. I have a lot of divine virtue every day but particularly wanted to report this miracle to general people as well as believers in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. Here I conclude my report. Thank you very much.

Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report #012

Reported by K.K. in Tokyo on 11 May 1951

The following report was written by Ms K, who was very sceptical about Johrei for the first time. However, she had completely changed when she saw the light coming out of her palm. We said nothing to her after she received training. On 23 December, Meshiya-sama told anew us how to perform Johrei. He said that Johrei worked very well when we relaxed and got rid of self-consciousness. As for her, she didn’t hear nor know what Meshiya-sama-said. Even so, she realised it and wrote it at the end of the report. We should pay attention to it. (Written by M)

I was repatriated from Manchuria three years ago. Since I stayed there, I had had a headache. As it bothered me very much, I went to see a doctor and had a hormone injection. I also had a painkiller but it didn’t work at all. I had stayed at Mr M’s house since last autumn. He told me about Sekai-Meshiya-kyo but I was sceptical about his words and could hardly believe it as I was not a religious person. However, I received training from Mr A at one of the churches of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo as recommended from the 6th to the 8th of December.





On 13 January 1951, a grandchild of Mr M was in bed for a few days as he caught a cold and had a headache. He was nine years old. At about 3 p.m., I casually performed Johrei to him for the first time. Then I realised that something like white light came out of the fingers of my right hand. It penetrated his back from his neck. I was surprised. I thought that it was very strange. When I looked closely at it, it was like the sunlight coming out of clouds or the car headlight. The right came out of all five fingers. When I just held four fingers, four streams of light came out. When I held a finger, only one stream of the light came out. That was very strange to me. I wondered if it was an optical illusion or spiritual phenomenon. I was afraid that I might have divine punishment but I tried to perform Johrei without a holy amulet. The light first came out a little but soon disappeared. I could see nothing anymore. I thought that I did something very rude and soon performed Johrei with the amulet. Then the light intensively came out as before. I felt so grateful that I couldn’t describe how impressed I was. I never made things up nor said so because I pandered to Sekai-Mashiya-kyo at all. After a while, his mother came home. I immediately told her what happened and showed her to perform Johrei. However, she couldn’t see anything. Only I could see the light. I thought that it was an illusion again. Then I tried to perform Johrei in various ways. I could see the light whatever I did. By that time, I could see the light much strongly and clearly than before.




I saw the light coming out of Mr M’s hand, too. I can see the light even in the room which gets sunshine but not see the place without any light. The light also comes out of the back of the hand. When I perform Johrei, the light comes out of the opponent and me, which shows that not only the opponent but also oneself can receive Johrei when one performs it. The light looked white but it was actually gold. The light comes out of the holy object of worship, too. The gold light comes out of the letters, which seems to scatter. The light seems to come out of the other side of letters. The light that comes out of my hand goes through clothes. It comes out of the other side. I am afraid that I tried to perform Johrei to many things. The light easily went through the thick telephone book of the Tokyo area. I could see the strong light coming out of the backside of the book. In this way, I could see the light from many sides. By the way, the light was weak when I put strength to perform Johrei. On the contrary, the light became stronger when I relaxed and performed Johrei.

Until now, I just hung around the holy amulet around my neck. I doubted that the divine light came out. However, there was no room for doubt when I saw it. I repeatedly thought that it was an illusion or spiritual phenomenon but I did see it. I cannot doubt this fact. As Mr M said that he couldn’t see it, I didn’t understand why he didn’t. I once wondered if I was possessed by an animal spirit. However, Mr M said to me the other day, “Meshiya-sama says that it is natural to see the light as it comes out.” So, I was relieved. In any case, it is very trusted and reliable for me to see the light flowing and going through objects. I am overjoyed. Thanks to Meshiya-sama, my headache was recently gone and I gained colour very much. Now I can work well. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. I deeply and sincerely appreciate your great grace.

Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report #013

Reported by M.S. in Fukuoka on 28 February 1951

My family lives on the second floor of my wife’s parent’s house. We enshrine the holy object of worship in the alcove but the back of the wall on which it is hung is rotten. We thought that we had to fix it but left it as it was due to repair costs. When the typhoon came in the last autumn, the electricity went out, the second floor was shaken. We couldn’t even sit down, much less sleep. I chanted a prayer in front of the alcove and asked Meshiya-sama for our protection. Then the light turned on. When I looked up the holy object, what a terrible thing happened to it! We were very sorry that the object got wet and dirty with muddy water coming out of the crack of the wall. We had had countless grace until that time. I forget that the house was shaken by the typhoon, immediately removed the holy object and rolled it up. I carried beddings downstairs and put our children to sleep on the first floor. Then I went up stars, held the holy object tightly and went downstairs with it. We had no choice but apologized to God. The strong wind still blew outside and the electricity went out again. I just sat down in the dark. My mother-in-law looked at me in such a state and said, “It is not good for the holy scroll to be rolled up in wet. You’d better hang it to dry.” I followed her advice. I took the courage to hang it on the wall in the dark and crept into bed. I felt so nervous that I couldn’t see the holy object. As my house is used as a branch office of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo since the last summer, instructor Mr A comes to our house every day when believers nearby visit us to worship. I didn’t know what to say to him. I thought that I was not religious enough. So, I worried about appearance and spent the night with the desire to escape.

The wind calmed down at dawn. I got up early and saw the holy object. Then I cried out. As I didn’t trust my own eyes, I called my wife. Did such a miracle happen in the world? There was nothing wrong with the holy object of worship even though it became dirty and wet yesterday. It was clean and had no evidence of getting wet at all. I just prayed to God repeatedly. I got encouraged and went upstairs to see the alcove. I found that the wall of the alcove fell and the pillar and tatami-mat got dirty with muddy water. It was absolutely messy. Then I went down again and earnestly prayed to God. It was a dream-like miracle. My mother and brother-in-law didn’t know the circumstances and said, “We don’t believe that. It was hung in such a dirty alcove, wasn’t it?” They were wondered why so. We had had countless grace from God but I thought that it was the greatest one. I couldn’t help crying. The day after that, Mr A or believers didn’t visit us. So, I quickly fixed it and hang it in the alcove on the second floor. Then I reported to Mr A what happened to the holy object of worship. He told me to work harder for the divine work. I was so grateful.

I suffered from incurable heart disease but got better after having a sudden and intensive purification by receiving Johrei last year. My sixty-year-old mother-in-law also saw various miracles. We got very impressed and discarded our previous long-time belief and became a member of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo at the end of the last November. Soon after that, I had a purification of diarrhoea which I have never experienced for thirty years. I’m grateful that I got very much better.

We had an unexpected income soon after that typhoon came. My brother-in-law and I repaired the wall of the alcove. We were amateurs to repair something but unexpectedly made it very beautifully. Now the roof stops leaking and we have comfortable days. Our family used to live separately from my mother and brother-in-law but now we live and eat together. We live brightly and peacefully. My brother still works for the previous religion that we used to believe in. We hope that we will believe together in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. We appreciate this grace and would like to let people know about this faith as many as possible. By doing so, we hope that they would live a happy life in Paradise on Earth. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.

Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report #014

Reported by Y.M. in Saga on 20 August 1952

I would like to express our deepest gratitude for God’s protection. It happened after 11 a.m. on 30 June. My neighbours called out my name with a high-pitched sad voice. When I went out onto the veranda, they said that a child drowned in the river. I soon jumped off from there and went to the river on bare feet. Then I found that the three-year-old daughter of Mr S, who is living near my house, was rescued from drowning by her grandmother. She shook her granddaughter’s body to try to revive her on the roadside but she couldn’t. Several other neighbours surrounded them with a worried look. My daughter also rushed to the scene almost the same as I arrived there. Every one individually said, “We cannot do anything. She’s already died. Poor thing.” She defecated maybe because she was shaken so strongly. We didn’t feel her body temperature. Her lips became purple and pules, of course, stopped. I thought that we couldn’t do anything but my daughter told me what we could do was to pray to God. She immediately held her hands and started to perform Johrei to her.

I was always taught that Johrei should be performed by one person but I unknowingly performed Johrei with my daughter. After ten minutes or so, we thought that we heard her faint heartbeat once. After a short time, we heard it three times. After another short time, she started to cry and her heart kept beating. Her colour gradually became improved. We didn’t know how to describe our joy and gratitude. We were moved to tears. “Good, good!” Everyone was glad as if their own daughter was saved. They said, “Without you, she won’t be saved.” They individually expressed gratitude. Her parents were out for farm work at that time. They thought she was dead when they heard the sudden news and rushed to see her with tears. They were so surprised again to see her reviving. Her grandmother told later that she decided to die if her granddaughter died because she thought that it was her fault. So, two precious lives were saved by this miracle. The Mr S family always laugh at us and say that we got lost because we believed in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo even though our ancestors believed in Buddhism. Nevertheless, they shed tears of gratitude at that time.

A miracle happened and one girl was saved. However, this miracle not only gives the grace of God to her but also deepens our faith which tends to become shallow. That is God’s great mercy. Our whole family expressed our deep gratitude in front of the holy object of worship. Now, this miracle has become a hot topic in the village. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama for protecting us. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report #015

Reported by T.T. in Osaka on 25 October 1952

My husband had suffered from infiltration of the lungs for about one and a half years. He tried all possible things but they didn’t work at all. One day, one of his friends told us about Sekai-Meshiya-kyo and performed Johrei to my husband five times a weak. Then he completely recovered. He did admire the power of Johrei and soon became a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo in March 1951. In April, I also became a believer and we have received various divine virtue and protection until today. My husband will shortly report them. Here I report another thing that is about my youngest son who was saved from the well. My writing is not good enough but I would like to report it with joy.

It happened at about 3 p.m. on 21 July 1952. When I was about to wash clothes around the well near the gate, the youngest son followed me. When he cried out towards the well, he could hear the echo. As it seemed to be interesting to him, he gradually tilted his head into the well and cried repeatedly. I thought that it was dangerous. When I looked back, it was too late. He fell head over heels into the well. I tried to catch him but I couldn’t. Oh no, what should I do? My husband and my eldest son had already gone to a branch office of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo to attend a monthly ceremony. I hurried up to get the ladder, got back with it and looked inside the well. What a surprise! He was floating above the neck on the surface of the water. He extensively asked for help while rising the hand holding a tomato. The depth of the well is about 120 centimetres. He couldn’t get his feet on the bottom of the well and of course, didn’t know how to swim, either. However, he looked as if he trod the water. The water was coming to his mouth. I soon dropped a sweep-bucket to let him hold a rope and then lowered the ladder. Then my son, who is in fourth grade in elementary school, and I pulled him up somehow.

I soon apologized to God and checked his holy amulet. He received it last February. The outer bag of it got wet but the inside didn’t at all. I thought that we received grace. I immediately thanked the holy object of worship and then performed Johrei to my son. I asked him what happened to him while performing Johrei, he said that he didn’t drink any water. He didn’t have any scratches, either. He slept well that night. I was so glad that he had received the amulet. Concerning this grace, the situation might have been completely changed if my eldest son hadn’t gone to the church with my husband. He told us to want to go there the day before going. As He told so, I had to stay at home instead of going to the rice field to weed. It is because we were short of hands in the house. If he had not told so, however, I might have worked with my elder son in the rice field and only our grandmother would have stayed with my younger son. What would have happened in that case? When thinking of it, my eyes were filled with tears. I was taught that worshipping is much more important than working. From now on, I attend any ceremony held in the branch office and church as much as I am permitted. As for my husband, he tries as hard as he can so that he can give back to Meshiya-sama even a little. I cooperate with him, too. My writing is not good but I sincerely report the miracle we got. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report #016

Reported by S.K. in Ibaraki on 10 January 1952

I spend the days full of gratitude and joy with the great love of Meshiya-sama. I became a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo last March. I have received various grace before becoming a believer and this time, I had the greatest one which awakened my faith.

It happened on 14 September. On that evening, I couldn’t find my single daughter. She is four years old and always gets bored when only I keep looking after her. So, she goes to the office where my husband works as his office is on the premises of our house. She does mischief there every day. She always says in the evening, “I will pick up my father.” Then she goes out to his office. Therefore, I didn’t worry about her on that day and ran a bath as usual. However, only on that day, I started to worry about her. I felt uneasy and couldn’t hang up on the bath. I went to my husband’s office in a hurry and asked him how my daughter was. He said that she didn’t come. Then I soon went out and searched for her here and there but I couldn’t find her. I asked the children in the neighbourhood. They said, “She went towards the railroad tracks with T to go fishing.” A six-year and a four-year-old child cannot catch fish. When I heard that they went towards the railroad tracks, I remembered that the train came at 17:22. That time was nearly coming. I was stunned.

Children in the neighbourhood looked for them together. We went at a run towards the railroad tracks. I didn’t know how to get there. When I look forward and back from the railroad crossing, I saw small figures on the iron bridge in the distance. My daughter wore a red jacket but the only skirt looked red to me. Even so, I asked Mshiya-sama not to let the train come and mindlessly hurried to the bridge. My heart was pounding so rapidly that it seemed to stop finally. I felt impatient but I couldn’t run so fast. I cried out “Stay there!” When I reached there, I was horrified again. Both of them held to the rail while holding their clogs. Their bottoms got between railway sleepers. They nearly fell in the river. The river was full of water. If they had fallen, they would have died even if the train had not come.

Although they were a child, they really wanted to go fishing. So, they forgot the fear and started to cross the bridge while holding the clogs. As they took a step forward one by one, they got frightened of the flowing river more and more. They finally held the rail. When I repeatedly told them not to do it again, the train passed in front of us with tremendous speed.

My daughter was saved. What a grace we had! I held my hands without thinking and shed big drops of tears in front of many children. If had been five minutes late to remember her, what would have happened? It was God who made me feel uneasy unusually. That was the grace, indeed. I have seen an about three-year-old girl nearly run over by train before. When remembering that, I was very glad that my daughter was saved.

When I went back home, I just saw the dim evening sky vacantly while sitting on the veranda for a while. My mouth watered and I kept getting cold sweat. I just put my hand on my chest. I couldn’t prepare for dinner. Even now when I was writing this report, I just remembered that incident I went out and saw how my daughter was in the office. Whenever I hear a train’s steam whistle, I clearly remember that incident and feel various emotions. Now we spend the days of gratitude. I suffered from infiltration of the lungs but get better day by day while receiving Johrei from believers as well as instructor Mr A. Thanks to their sincere performance of Johrei, I have a mild cough and sputum but feel almost no pain now. As my writing is poor, I feel sorry that I cannot describe at all how I moved when my daughter was saved. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. I do appreciate your infinitive grace and protection we got.

Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report #017

Reported by H.M. in Osaka on 7 June 1952

I sincerely report what exactly happened. I became a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo on 18 September 1951 and so did my wife afterwards. It is not long since we started to have this faith but I got numerous miracles and graces. Thank you very much, Meshyiya-sama. As my wife is having a great purification in the chest now, people who don’t know this faith are treating her with various kindness. However, we rely on Komyo-Nyori-sama and single-mindedly depend on it.

On 3 April 1952, a four-year-old second son carelessly put a needle in the milk bottle and a ten-year-old eldest son drunk the milk without noticing it. The second son told the eldest son about it. He started to cry. I didn’t know why but he swallowed the needle without any pain. I told him not to worry because God would save him. Having said that, I got very worried. After that, he didn’t feel any pain. On the next morning, he went to school and returned home afternoon. Soon after that, he told me, “Dad, my tummy hearts. Maybe, a belly bag.” I replied to him, “Could be.” However, I got terribly anxious. After one o’clock, he cried and said, “It hurts! It hurts! The needle sticks my tummy! Johrei, please.” “Oh, no! What should I do? Should we go to see a doctor? No, I am a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. We don’t need any medicine. I won’t give in.” Then I unknowingly chanted a prayer and performed Johrei to him. In less than three minutes, my son, fortunately, felt better. “Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.” I cried out without thinking.

He felt pain in the left side under the navel. When he felt pain again, I performed Johrei to him. Then his pain relieved. I asked Mr N in the neighbourhood to perform Johrei to my son. He said, “Please don’t worry. Your son is sure to be saved. You should go to the branch office A soon and ask a chief officer to perform Johrei to him.” We visited Mr N the next day but he was unfortunately out. Then I explained the circumstances and asked his wife to perform Johrei to my son. When receiving Johrei, he once jumped up and said, “Auch!” I thought that the needle came off. I gave a prayer of thanks to Dai-Komyo-Nyorai-sama. When we were about to leave, my son told me that he had pain again. He had pain in the lower abdomen and couldn’t walk while fastening his belly. I thought that the previous strong pain indicated that the needle had started to move. What a great power Johrei is! I tried hard to perform Johrei to him. Then he soon could walk and we went home. On that next day, we visited Mr N again. I asked my son how his tummy was. He told me that he felt no pain at all. I thought that he would be saved and thanked Meshiya-sama. However, I still worried. I thought that he might have pain at school. So, I let him skip school.

I have a brother who lives in my hometown. Since I told him what happened to my son, I thought that he was worried. I visited my parents’ house on the way back home. My father as well as my brothers worried about him and individually said, “We don’t deny your faith but you’d better take him to a doctor. Otherwise, you will be in trouble if anything happens. He swallowed the needle, didn’t he? But you left it as it was.” I deeply thought that I believe in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo which is the greatest religion in the world and saved my son somehow. Even so, I told them that we would do it after checking his stool once again. Then we left my parents’ house. When we got home, everyone welcomed us and I felt relieved. My son said to me, “Dad, I got a poop so check it out.” “You did it!” So, it would become clear. I nervously checked his stool but I couldn’t find the needle. It didn’t work out but I tried to search through it once again. Then I found the needle! I burst out “Thank you very much, Dai-Komyo-Nyora-sama and Meshiya-sama!” I repeatedly said so.

I cannot describe how I was glad. My son clapped his hands in delight. It was about half-past five in the evening. He was saved. He no longer needed to go to the hospital nor have his belly cut. After this incident, I showed the needle to my neighbours and co-workers and told them how great the power of God is. I don’t know how helpful I can be but I try to do my best to work for this faith. My writing is not good but please read through my report. I will be grateful if it can be useful for the faith even a little. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.

Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report #018

Reported by K.M. in Osaka on 1 May 1952

As reported in newspapers and radio, a taxi crashed into my house around midnight on 28 February 1952. At that moment, the house was shaken with tremendous sounds and things fell off the shelves. We slept on the first floor in a separated house but thought that earthquake stroke. We jumped out of bed and went downstairs. I got surprised again. The taxi was stuck in the room facing the road, which is next to the store. It was smashed into pieces. Two pillars were broken, bookshelves fell, things fell off the shelves and the floor got broken. Then I cried out, “That’s done it!” That was the room where my second son and a salesclerk usually sleep.

The bookshelves, the sawing-machine and so on fell one upon another on a futon. I got agitated but tried to be calm. When I moved them out, I found the salesclerk. He was unconscious. I immediately performed Johrei to him and kept calling out his name. He came to himself. Then I tried to find my son. He is eighteen years old. I removed the futon but he was clean gone. I was so startled that I nearly fainted. My husband was at a loss for words after calling our son’s name. I didn’t know what he thought but he said, “We’ve got grace. We really appreciate that.” He held his hands without thinking. “What happened?” I asked him. He said, “It was really a mystery. I saw him at 10 p.m. yesterday. He held a futon. So, I asked him what he was doing. He told me that he didn’t feel like sleeping on the first floor of the store. Then he went upstairs. So, he must be sleeping there. This is God’s protection indeed. If he had slept here, he might have been instantly killed because where he usually sleeps was the most damaged. Furthermore, he moved two hours earlier. This is an absolute miracle. We got a great grace.” He was moved to tears.

Regarding this accident, I remember what Mr T said when we were permitted to enshrine the holy object of worship. He is a branch manager of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo and he said, “Purification appears as not only a disease but also any forms. When we accumulate virtue by constant thought and deeds of good things, the spiritual aura becomes thick and the spirit rises in rank. In that case, sins disappear and we can escape form any disasters. So, all of you should depend on Meshiya-sama.” Since then, we have obediently followed his words and been working for Sekai-Meshiya-kyo as much as possible. We think, therefore, that my son was saved a life just before the accident. We experienced even not to encounter the scene of the accident when the spiritual aura becomes thick and we are greatly protected. What a great experience we had! Now I learnt how great the power of Dai-Komyo-Nyrai-sama exerts. It was beyond the description.

My husband runs a wholesaler of sweets for the Hokkaido and Hokuriku region. When hearing the news on the radio and in newspapers, many customers came to visit us. Whenever they came, he always told them this miracle. “The faith means that we always polish the soul to receive the grace in case of emergency,” he says and leads them to Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. We are convinced that my son could escape from the accident before it occurred because the spirits of our ancestors or his guardian spirits let him escape with the great power of Dai-Komyo-Nyorai-sama. My whole family, of course, became a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. We enshrined Komyo-Nyorai-sama and led some people to this faith. From now on, we would like to tell customers and professions about this faith more and more and brush up together for it. I am sorry that my writings are poor but here I reported my experience. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.

Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report #019

Reported by N.A. in Miyazaki on 21 March 1951

It was about 7 p.m. on 29 October 1951 when I came across a young couple on the way back from the branch office of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. I overheard the part of their conversation and concerned about them for some reason. So, I went to Miyakojima Park and looked around the meadow. I found someone lying down there. He was wearing a school uniform like black clothes and seemed to be suffering. I first thought that he collapsed because of drunkenness. It was nightfall. So, I told him to go home soon. However, he said nothing. When I touched him, he was already cold but his upper body was cramping very much. I tried to raise him in his arm but couldn’t do it alone as he lost his strength. I found two books sticking out of the pocket. I happened to look at them. Those titles are “Thought” and “Deadly Disease.” I thought by intuition that he killed himself by taking poison. I soon turned his body up and performed Johrei towards the top of the head and the belly. I also chanted a prayer. Soon after that, he started to vomit. He vomited a lot twice. Then he moved his upper body, arms and legs a little. He took two boxes out of the pocket of his jacket. They were for Adolm and Carmotin and both of them were empty. He must have drunk them. Then he lost strength again. I single-mindedly performed Johrei while asking Meshiya-sama for his protection. After fifteen minutes or so, he vomited a lot again. He got his voice back, too. I could catch what he said. He was in second grade at senior high school in town H.

He swallowed ten tablets of Adolm and sixty of Carmotin. I tried to carry him to the branch office just in case. As he was large and lost strength, I ran to the office and got Mr Y. Then we carried him to the office and performed Johrei to him. After two hours of Johrei, he continuously vomited yellow liquid and that amount became about half of a washbasin. He could speak a little. Because of such an incident, we notified the police. Then the doctor came to see him from the hospital. Without knowing that we performed Johrei to him, the doctor told us that he would be alright because he vomited. He prescribed internal liquid and left. Meanwhile, his mother and a classroom teacher came to see him. The young man recovered enough to talk anything. His mother was nervous and told him to take the medicine that the doctor prescribed. I said to her, “He no longer needs medicine as he has recovered like this.” His mother replied to me, “All right.” He didn’t need to take medicine.

On the next day, he completely recovered and went home by himself on foot. I was delighted as well as his mother was. He became very well and appeared in a play as a theatre member at the school festival on 3 December. His family and he himself were, of course, overjoyed. As for me, I was so impressed that I could see the great power of God’s salvation, which deepens my faith more. Now I would like to receive the grace of Meshiya-sama and deepen my faith more. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.

Translated by N.H.