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Medicine Causes Misfortune

  “Paradise on Earth, Issue 44, page 6”, published on 25th January, 1953   As for medicine, it has been already studied from various angles but here I describe how medicine is related to misfortune as I think I haven’t thoroughly explained it yet. In the first place, I explain where human good or bad fortune comes from. Of course, they do come from spiritual world so you should comprehend this. Then I explain the structure of the spiritual world. To begin with, it consists of one hundred eighty layers, all of which are divided into three of upper, middle and lower stories so each story has sixty layers. There […]

All Teachings United into One

‘World of Divine Light, Issue 5’, published on 25th January, 1936   There have been many kinds of religions until now, but they include serious errors. It is because that God was not able to reveal the truth under He’s universal providence. Therefore, no matter how human beings tried hard, they couldn’t find out the truth, so that they lost the ways. Consequently, human society could not be improved. In a word, human beings have not been informed of the truth until now. Such as religious doctrine and scriptures were provisional, as we say, only conditional teachings and theories. Therefore, since the time of Shakyamuni, even though holy and great […]

Meshiya-sama gave second chance to live for my husband.

The story of a 49 year old housewife, UK   In the beginning of December, my husband said “it was hard to walk, since I was out of breath”.  Nothing happened after a while, but same thing happened when he went to cinema. He had sharp pain on his left arm, too.   We researched what is wrong with him, but we could not pinpoint exact cause.  So I told him he had better got to see doctor, but he didn’t.


By performing Johrei, the followers of Meshiya-sama’s teachings were saved from their illnesses, troubles, problems and so on. Here, we present testimonials in eight categories. Allergic disease Cancer Female disorder Incident Incurable disease Lifestyle disease Mental illness Other illness