Spirit Leads and Form Follows #02

Purification Action The essence of the spiritual world is a complete fusion of “the spirit of the sun”, “the spirit of the moon” and “that of the earth”, and its world is a miraculous and wonderful realm beyond our imagination. The point is that impurities accumulate in the spiritual world, as the dirt accumulates on the human body in order that the human play its own role. Therefore, the so-called purification action occurs to purify the impurities, as the dirt of the human body is washed off by bathing. This process also occurs to all things existing in the universe. For example, impurities accumulate in the spiritual realm of the […]

Spirit Leads and Form Follows #01

Spirits and Forms Let me explain about the relation between an inorganic world and disease in humans. The inorganic world is, what we call, the spiritual world. A human body is made up of two elements: the spirit and body, and they are inseparable. Whereas anyone can recognise the body as it is visible, the spirit has not been understood for long time. It is because that the spirit is invisible but do exist as kind of ether. In that case, it can be comprehended in a certain way. As the body is a being in the world of air, the spirit is a being in the spiritual world. The […]


By performing Johrei, the followers of Meshiya-sama’s teachings were saved from their illnesses, troubles, problems and so on. Here, we present testimonials in eight categories. Allergic disease Cancer Female disorder Incident Incurable disease Lifestyle disease Mental illness Other illness