Written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


One of my followers, who studies abroad at a Catholic university named Notre Dame University in U.S.A., recently came back to Japan after one-year absence. As I had asked in advance, he brought the precise current disease statistics record in U.S.A. I was stunned by it at a glance. It showed that a surprisingly large number of people suffered from disease in U.S.A. It proves my theory very much. In terms of medical science, Germany hold supremacy in it until recently, but U.S.A. became superior to Germany. Therefore, every Japanese thought that the present medical science in U.S.A. must have been achieving the great result, and so did I. However, the fact betrayed our expectations. We couldn’t even bare to see such a miserable result. If this tendency continued, this terrible condition would become more serious and the day would come when the whole nation would face a great crisis. Who could say that it would not happen?

Furthermore, all nations in U.S.A. are now striving to take measures against Soviet army and a communist threat. It must be important but the health problem would be much more important than that in another sense. It is because that the union of liberal states could defend by military expansion no matter how communism extends the claws of invasion. However, the health problem couldn’t do like that because modern medical science is too helpless. It even hasn’t found the cause of the problem. Even if the cause was found, it would never find how to solve the cause. If that is the case, the way ahead is completely dark, that is the only word to describe the situation. From our point of view, medical science has a major potential defect. Despite of this, it proceeds in the opposite direction without noticing it. As the statistics which I mentioned above show, all types of diseases are now increasing at an accelerating rate every year. If this situation had not been changed, even the mighty U.S.A. couldn’t help but rapidly decline in a century. I can declare that. Here is one example. That is U.K. and France as the nations of highly advanced civilisation in Europe. Compare the health of their nations today with that of those at the era of Trafalgar War in U.K. and Napoleonic War in France, we cannot help being surprised how different they are. It is caused by nothing else but the false of medical science. When you read what I explain as follows, you would understand it.

When looking around the world, U.S.A. would be the best among civilised countries, which makes Christianity as a national policy at any rate and does justice and whose nations believe God. U.S.A. became prosperous based on them, which was also its motivation to become a great nation like today. In this sense, it is needless to say that nothing else but U.S.A. could have the power to keep the world peace today. For this reason, the health of this nation should be urgently improved, which would be the most important condition for the world peace and the human happiness. Therefore, in order to prevent diseases from spreading in U.S.A. as soon as possible and go further to make it a disease-free country, I try to promote awareness with this writings. Now I knowingly describe the cause, the healing and preventing method and the achievement of each disease in order of the statistics. Then I distribute the writings translated into English to a president, experts in various fields, medical workers and so on in U.S.A.

Here I want to say something to Japanese people. Even though American medical science is in such condition, they misunderstand that it is the most advanced one and try to take it in. What a terrible illusion they have! They would be fascinated with materialistic science and as a result, would be dazzled by its external progress. Considering this, Japan as well as U.S.A would be facing a crisis. Therefore, I hope that the related party in Japan also realises the truth by reading this book. I have a last thing to say here. The more medical science progresses, the more people suffer from disease. This very fact is thoroughly showed to the world by the present situation in U.S.A.


Translated by N.H.